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Mom and son hugging


Five Ways Parents Ruin Teachable Moments

Avoid these common fumbles in the moments you have with your kids.

Family at the beach


Five Ways to Teach Kids about God at the Beach

Discover natural ways to give your time at the beach a spiritual quality that will inform your kids about the God who made them.

Why Stepparents Need Help from Jesus


Why Stepparents Need Help from Jesus

Author Laura Petherbridge, a stepchild and stepmom herself, understands the frustrations of stepfamily life all too well.

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Christian Advice for Moms and Dads

Parenting Out of Faith, Not Fear

Learn how to be a faith-filled parent.

Be a Positive Parent

Perfectionist mom Melinda Means asks some difficult questions that will reveal if you are a picky or positive parent.

Parenting a Rebellious Child

When you have a rebellious child who tests your patience, it's important to rely on God for direction.

Help for Single Parents with Teenagers

Counselor Mark Gregston offers advice to single parents who are raising teens alone.

Is My Teen's Behavior Normal?

Author Mark Gregston advises parents on how to determine if their teen is just acting up or is in full fledged rebellion.

Parenting Insecurities

Are we too hard on ourselves as parents?

Getting Control of Anger in Your Child

Teen counselor Mark Gregston on the warning signs parents should notice in their angry teens.

My Stepdad: A Man of Character

Author Laura Petherbridge shares how his godly character means the world to her.

Establishing Family Rules

Create rules for your household that teach your children discipline and respect.

Conflict with Your Teenager

Learn how to properly handle conflict in your relationship with your teenage child.

Is Homeschooling Right for You?

If you're considering a home-based education for your child, here are a few things to consider.

Teaching Teens Boundaries

Learn how to establish boundaries to which your teen will happily abide.

How to Talk with Your Kids about Fantasy

While it seems to be one of those topics that are “to each his own”, at my house we have never encouraged or discouraged it.

Where Character Begins in Children

Character doesn’t just appear when teenagers mature. It comes from the experiences they have in life and from observing those around them. 

Parenting with A.W.E.

This long-term parenting strategy is made possible by loving your kids unconditionally – even as Christ has demonstrated His own love towards each of us.

Undoing Parenting Mistakes

Don’t you wish there was a great big “Undo” button in life; where you could completely erase your parenting mistakes?

Are You Raising Confident Kids or Cling-ons?

Family counselor Dwight Bain shares how parents can help their children become more confident.

Families That Play Together, Stay Together

This is one simple area of life that can yield incredible benefits for you and your family.

Trusting God Through Infertility

It all began eight years ago, when she met John Carpenter at her pastor’s home.

Getting Kids Involved at Church

A staggering number of college students are leaving their faith behind. Here are some ways parents and youth group leaders can keep this from happening to their kids.

Parenting an Unmotivated Child

Learn why some teens give up within weeks of the end of a semester, and how to help them get back on track.



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