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Why Did Jesus Have to Be a Man?

By Sharon Houk
Guest Writer

CBN.comJust as each of us has some sort of family history, Jesus does too. His Jewish history, heritage, and lineage can be traced back to ancient writings of both religious leaders of that day which are supported archaeologically .  This history reveals a dynastic rule of the Jewish nation, of which Jesus was an heir. Consider these three points, and although they are mentioned here briefly, the subject matter is anything but brief. It is however, an insight into the mystery of God through Jesus.

First, Jesus Christ had to come as a man to rule on the throne of David, the first king of Israel (Isaiah 9:6–7). The Bible teaches that a king would come to save God’s people from their troubles and set the world right.  This king or “anointed one” would also be known as Christ. The one who came from the line of David and commissioned by God to this office was Jesus the Christ. The importance of Jewish genealogy is crucial in this matter.  The New Testament book of Matthew reveals that Jesus is the son of David by birth. Therefore, he has the right to rule on the Davidic throne (Matthew 1:1–17).

Secondly, Jesus Christ became a man to reveal the Father (John 1:14, 18). The Word became flesh and dwelt among us (literally placed His tent among us). No man has seen God in all His glory except the very unique, special Son who has a special relationship with the Father, and He has clearly explained Him. The writer of the New Testament book of John declares we have seen, touched, and held the very Son of God who became a man to reveal the Father (1 John 1:1–3).

Lastly, Jesus Christ had to become a man to redeem mankind. Jesus had to have a body in order to pay the penalty for sin (Hebrews 10:1-18). Without the shedding of blood there is no removal of sin. Jesus had to be a man to pay the penalty for sin, but He must be God to satisfy God’s perfect demands for sin.

Therefore, Jesus became a man to rule, to reveal, and to redeem.

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Author's Note: Thanks to my Bible College professor, Tim Smith, for his input.


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