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Why Are There So Many Do's and Don'ts in Christianity?

By Connie Strasheim
Guest Writer

CBN.comChristianity isn’t supposed to be about a set of rules to follow. As a natural outflow of growth in Jesus Christ, Christians should live a holy life according to God's Word.

Growth in relationship with God is stifled when people think that following some set of rules is how we are supposed to live. As if it were a game! There is nothing whatsoever that any human being can do to please God, except believe in Him and the sacrifice of His son, Jesus Christ, for our sins.

That said, the Bible does outline standards of conduct for Christians to follow. This is for our own good and is possiblefor those who have been enabled by God to love others according to the measure of faith and love that has been given to them by the Holy Spirit. Simply attempting to follow some prescribed formula of behavior, in order to obtain acceptance by God and others, is not God’s way.

Also, viewing Christian behavior as a series of ‘do’s’ or ‘don’ts’, is to believe that God’s standards imprison, rather than liberate. Correspondingly, to view Christians as living a life of confinement is to misunderstand the blessings of obedience to God’s Word.

‘Do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ are God’s way of providing a more fulfilling, peaceful, and joyous life to His children than the world’s way of living. But unless those in the world trust God and truly believe that He wants the best for His creation, they will tend to view God’s commands as a series of rules, rather than a way of life that brings peace and joy.

Often, until someone is convinced that his way of doing life isn’t working, will he or she be open to the possibility that God has a better way.

God doesn’t send down a bolt of lightning upon His followers whenever they are unable to ‘do’. Rather, He is loving and merciful and understands that His children are imperfect. Those who know God understand that He has established standards for the sake of our happiness, because obedience leads to a greater knowledge of God's love.

And there is no greater joy on Earth than knowing God and His love.


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