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Share Jesus Without Fear

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Share Jesus Without Fear

By Sherman Nobles – My wife, Chantal and I were introduced to Share Jesus Without Fear at a Church Army Evangelism Training weekend we attended in Pittsburgh, PA. Over the course of the weekend we had several opportunities to share our faith. The most memorable of which involved a young man, whom I'll call John. It was July 3, 1999, and fireworks were going off at the stadium across the river from the house where we were staying. Chantal and I ran across the road to a park to watch. At the park we met John.

After casually introducing ourselves, the following conversation ensued:

John - "So why are you in Pittsburgh?

Myself - "Well, to be frankly honest, my wife and I are here learning how to share our faith in Jesus without being obnoxious."

John - "Oh really, would you show me?"

Myself - "Ok, first I'd like to ask you a few questions. Do you have any spiritual beliefs?"

John - "Yes, I believe in God."

Myself - "Ok, if you don't mind me asking, to you who is Jesus?"

John - "To me Jesus is the element in society that is missing that would pull everything together if He was included."

Myself - "Ok, do you believe in Heaven and Hell?"

John - "Yes."

Myself - "If you were to die tonight, where would you go?"

John - "I'm not sure."

Myself - "If what you believe were not true or complete, would you want to know it?

John - "Of course I would!"

Myself - "Great, but for the next part I need a Bible to show you a few key verses. Would you walk across the road with me to the house we are staying at?

John - "Sure, lead the way."

For the next two hours, my wife and I openly shared the Gospel with this young man who wanted to know more about God." It turned out he had recently accepted Jesus into his life after attending a Charismatic Catholic worship service and was truly born-again. But he had no understanding of salvation or what it meant to be a Christian. He did not even know that he could study the Bible for himself.

This was my first experience using the method taught by William Fay in Share Jesus Without Fear (SJWF). Having used this method on numerous occasions since that night, I believe SJWF is a must-read for anyone who desires to share the Gospel. For pastors interested in mobilizing their church or small group, the SJWF leadership kit is concise (only 4 lessons), interesting, challenging and easy to use.

The method William Fay teaches is equally effective with your closest relative or an absolute stranger. Through a series of 5 simple questions you will learn to determine where God is working. You will then learn how to let God speak through His Word and how to lead someone to a point of decision. It is a very non-confrontational, relational and natural approach to sharing the Gospel. The method relies very heavily upon the inherent power of the Gospel and the conviction of the Holy Spirit, not at all upon the messenger's charisma, persuasive words, or even their testimony.

Personally, before I studied the SJWF material, I was relatively active in sharing my faith, but I constantly struggled with the fear of rejection and of offending others. SJWF helped me overcome these fears and taught me a simple, yet powerful way to share my faith. Since then, the SJWF method has become an integral part of my life. I've used the leader's kit to teach in several small groups and a few churches. It has proven to be very effective in mobilizing a broad range of Christians, from the new believer to the seminary student who has never personally lead someone to the Lord.

I've actually had a total stranger beg me to share with him my understanding of the Word of God.

Through this method, a very close relative realized that everyone has sinned, not just him, and that he could live in a right relationship with God even though he is not perfect. He then asked me if I knew of any churches that taught the Gospel. Of course, I was glad to point him in the right direction. If a person has a heart open to receiving from God they will hear Him speak to them through His Word. If not, persuasion or argument will rarely lead them to change.

Through the truths presented in SJWF, you can become confident and obedient in sharing your faith! Along with William Faye and the Apostle Paul, it is my prayer that you become increasingly active in sharing your faith, so that you will know all the good things we have in Christ Jesus (Philemon 6).

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Sherman Nobles is an evangelist and a graduate of Regent University School of Divinity.

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