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Man Re-Discovers God--On the Web

By The 700 Club - We are seeing the evolution of mass media: radio, television---and now, the Internet.  The worldwide web is everywhere.  With "," you can find just about anything you want to know on the Internet.  

Is the Internet good?  Is it bad?  The answer may be both.  

Take the story of Internet expert Curtis Daugherty.  Though a believer most of his life, Curtis felt frustrated and bitter, because the God he grew up with seemed to ignore him and disregard any prayers, especially the ones begging God to heal his severe migranes.  Curtis began to ask how a God who claimed to love him, could ignore him and leave him in so much pain.

"I started thinking about my life and the problems I was having with my life, and I was saying I'm wasting my time reading the bible," Curtis said.  "I said to God, 'Are you listening to me Lord?  I have migranes.  Show yourself to me!  Why won't you listen to me?'"

"Who is God?"  Curtis wondered. Determined to find out who God was, he started his search in a familiar place---the Internet.

There Curtis found more than he expected---new age, mysticism, even websites telling him that he was his own god.

Curtis thought, "maybe I'm failing because I'm not knowing God on all these different levels of religion?  Maybe if I'm a little bit more open to the world and what the world is saying on the Internet, maybe I'll get to know Him more.  Maybe the Bible is a lie like some of these websites have said."

But, despite all the information Curtis obtained from the internet, he still felt unsettled.

"I just said, 'I'm going to put it in God's hands.  If He loves me, He's going to show Himself to me,'" Curtis said.

Curtis went back to that familiar place---the Internet, and that's where God revealed himself on a website called ""

"I decided to go on the Internet, and instead of looking for new age stuff, I decided to go to the "700 Club" website," Curtis said.

It was on that Curtis learned the truth.  The CBN website encouraged Curtis and helped him restore his relationship with God.
"It was really a blessing to me," said Curtis.  "It was refreshing because this was stuff that I knew.  This is what I grew up on, and it made me feel good inside to see something I could relate to."

It's for people like Curtis that CBN continues to move forward in a changing world.  Using every avenue possible to bring forth the message of Jesus Christ.
One of those avenues is CBN's flagship program, the "700 Club," which was the instrument God used to heal Curtis.

Led by the Lord, Pat Robertson had a word of knowledge.

Curtis recalls, "God healed me at that very moment, and that was the most incredible feeling I ever had!"

Curtis is now free from migranes for the first time in several years.  He was so grateful to God for using and the 700 Club to touch his life, that Curtis Daugherty became a 700 Club partner.  And it's no surprise, that Curtis pays his  monthly pledge on the Internet.

The principle of change says, God's plan never changes, but the methods of carrying out His divine plan always change.  For Curtis, God used

"It blessed me so much that I decided to give to this website," said Curtis.  "It helped me during this time.  It made me feel comfortable.  They brought me back to the basics."

Thank you, CBN heroes for supporting the unchanging work of God--in a constantly changing world.  And for helping CBN meet the needs of people where ever we find them.  Even on the Internet!

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