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33Miles: There Is a God

The musical duo performs live from their new album, Today.

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A7: Inspirational Urban Soul Music

A7, the musical group, consists of five brothers, one godbrother and Almighty God makes 7. They're passionate about ministering in music and other outreach efforts to tell about Jesus' love and have earned a Gospel Choice Award in 2006 for Best Song, Don't Walk Away.

Naghmeh Abedini Provides an Update on Pastor Saeed's Imprisonment

Naghmeh Abedini shares how the imprisonment of her husband in Iran is affecting her faith and family.

Donzaleigh Abernathy: 'Gods and Generals'

Donzaleigh discusses her faith and the role of her late father, Rev. Ralph David Abernathy, who led the Civil Rights Movement after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. died.

Ranjit Abraham: Expanding God's Kingdom in India

Founder of New India Church of God discusses how Christianity is spreading in his nation.

Jon Acuff's Formula for a Do-Over

“Rescue Monday, reinvent your work, and never get stuck.” Author Jon Acuff gives you the power to change your life and career with his new book Do Over.

Mike Adams, PhD: Fighting the Academic Persecution of Christians

“Rescue Monday, reinvent your work, and never get stuck.” Author Jon Acuff gives you the power to change your life and career with his new book Do Over.

Dr. Arthur Agatston: The South Beach Diet Goes Gluten-Free

The South Beach Diet's Dr. Arthur Agatston shares how being gluten-aware can improve your health and weight.

Michelle Aguilar: Becoming Fearless

Author and reality TV star Michelle Aguilar shares her experience of winning Season 6 of The Biggest Loser, and the role that her Christian faith played in her time on the show and beyond.

Che Ahn: When Heaven Comes Down

The senior pastor of HRock Church in Pasadena, CA, shares five components to receiving God's glory.

Jonathan Aitken: From Disgrace to Amazing Grace

Jonathan Aitken knows what it is like to have it all and to have it all taken away. Not long ago, his public scandel unfolded in the tabloids of Britain costing him a career and much more. But it was his fall from grace that eventually transformed his life. 

Randy Alcorn and The Treasure Principle

Randy Alcorn says giving is an essential of the Christian life. He also says it’s the guarantee of a joyful existance. If you think you can’t give any more than you already do, you need to hear how Randy learned to live on 10 percent and gave away the rest.

Wendy Alec: 'The Fall of Lucifer'

She's the co-founder of God TV, but now she's telling a different story about the angel whose jealousy released evil into the world.

Chef Devin Alexander: Budget Friendly, Tastebud Friendly Meals

Chef Devin Alexander from The Biggest Loser, shares her strategy to keep healthy without depriving yourself of food and demonstrates preparing a budget friendly, waistline friendly meal.

Dari Alexander's Quick and Clean Diet

News anchor, author and chef Dari Alexander discusses the benefits of eating clean foods.

Eric Alexander: The Summit

He is a mountaineer who led the first blind man up the world's highest mountain.

Megan Alexander: Inside Edition's Megan Alexander Talks Faith and Purity

Megan Alexander made it a priority to avoid sex before marriage and today she encourages young people to recapture God’s intentions for marriage and sex.

Shaun Alexander: Walking the Walk

The former Seattle Seahawk and NFL MVP Shaun Alexander shares his faith.

The Fundamentals of Steve Alford

The basketball coach for the University of Iowa has one game plan for life: God first, family second, and work third.

Jeff Allen: Jesus Laughs

Jeff Allen is a comedian who gets paid to make people laugh. But before coming to Christ, his life was anything but funny.

Rebecca Nichols Alonzo: The Devil in Pew Number Seven

The Devil in Pew Number Seven tells the story of an amazing true saga of relentless persecution, one family's faith and courage in the face of it, and a daughter whose parents taught her the power of forgiveness.

Dr. Manny Alvarez: A Healthy Plan to Grow Old With

Have you ever wondered what kind of effect your health choices now will have on your body later? FOX News Medical Contributor Dr. Manny Alvarez answers this and more.

Dr. Manny Alvarez: What Are Fast Food and Stress Doing to Your Body?

That hectic schedule and daily trip to Burger King may be doing more harm than good. Dr. Manny Alvarez shows you how to keep your family healthy.

Dr. C. Thomas Anderson: Lessons in Prosperity

Over 100 members of Dr. Anderson's church congregation are now millionaires, and they did it using financial advice straight from their Bibles!

Greg Anderson: Cancer is Not a Death Sentence

Due to his advanced stage of lung cancer, doctors gave Greg Anderson 30 days to live. That was over 20 years ago, and Greg is alive and well. Hear how he beat the odds.

Worship Leader Jared Anderson and his wife Megan Work to Rescue Hatian Orphans

Worship leader Jared Anderson and his wife Megan share their emotional and difficult journey trying to adopt two Haitian orphans.

Jim Anderson: Heaven Can Wait

He died several times during his heart attacks. When he was at death's door, he asked God for one more chance at life.

Moll Anderson on Decorating for the Holidays

Lifestyle expert and designer Moll Anderson offers tips on how to transform your dining room into a happy home for your holidays.

Sandra Anderson: Widow Recalls Columbia Tragedy

The widow of astronaut Michael P. Anderson talks about her faith and her life since the Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy.

Marty Angelo: Live to Tell

Marty Angelo was known as one of the top music industry executives. He partied with some of the greatest rock legends. But it came at a high price.

The Annie Moses Band: Pilgrims & Prodigals

The Annie Moses Band joins us to perform live and share details on their upcoming music video project in conjunction with Regent University.

Kim Anthony on the Balance Beam of Life

During the late ‘80s she was Kim Hamilton, a powerhouse gymnast with natural beauty and phenomenal talent who taught herself how to fly.

Live Stronger: Kristin Armstrong's Divorce Recovery Journey

What appeared to be a perfect marriage ended after five years of marriage when Lance and Kristin Armstrong announced their divorce in 2003.

Sara Jane Arnett: Thriving Military Families

Author and military spouse Sara Jane Arnett discusses the importance of faith and how to thrive as a military family.

The Arnotts: Spread the Fire

Don’t miss the blessing! The message the body of Christ needs to hear lies in the supernatural. The anointing is accessible.

Dr. Alan Arroyo & Dr. Carlos Campo

Regent University's Dr. Alan Arroyo and Dr. Carlos Campo discuss the importance of The Secret Kingdom principles and how they can be applied in educational settings with the new book, 'The Secret Kingdom for Educators.'

Kay Arthur: Author Kay Arthur on Heaven, Hell, and Life After Death

Kay Arthur, Founder of Precept Ministries, offers hope for a life beyond death’s door in her new book Heaven, Hell, and Life After Death.

Jenny Atkinson: Beat Breast Cancer

This lumberjill was diagnosed with cancer last year. She's beating the odds and getting back on the log.

Audio Adrenaline: Goodbye Old Friends

After 16 years, the Audio Adrenaline tour bus is rolling to stop. Tim Branson talks with the guys about their exciting career and their plans for the future.

Alan Autry: A New Sheriff in Town

He went from playing a police captain on In the Heat of the Night to leading the citizens of Fresno, CA, as mayor... And he did it all with his faith in Jesus Christ.

Avalon's Strength Found in Original Mission

With a career spanning more than a decade, Avalon has established itself as one of Christian music’s premier vocal groups. Latest CD, Avalon: The Greatest Hits.

Christine Avanti: Skinny Chicks Eat Real Food

Author Christine Avanti will show us how eating nutrious food can increase our health and weight loss.

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Michele Bachmann: A Mother's Love

Terry Meeuwsen chats with Michele Bachmann about the motherly love required to be a parent and foster parent.

Ted Baehr: The Culture-Wise Family

The MovieGuide® creator offers practical tools to help protect families from toxic cultural messages.

Carlos Baerga: The High Price of Baseball Fame

Washington Nationals Carolos Baerga shares how walking away from God almost caused him to lose everything he loved.

Heidi Baker: Compelled by God's Love to Act

Evangelist Heidi Baker emphasizes the role that God's love plays in ministering on the local level.

Heidi Baker's Reckless Devotion to Faith

Evangelist Heidi Baker shares what it means to be sold out for faith and explains the type of devotion that thrills the heart of God.

Janet Baker: Women Helping Women Around the World

The Widow’s Mite Experience was born out of a desire to help women and children have access to clean water in the U.S. and around the world, and founder Janet Baker shares how they have helped fund over 1000 water projects.

Nicole Johnson Baker: Living the 'dLife'

This former beauty queen is becoming a hero to many in the area of diabetes. People worldwide are taking note of her incredible accomplishments in promoting awareness, prevention, and early detection of this hidden killer.

Spensha Baker: Living 'Outloud'

Spensha's strong musical voice developed early and she's decided, at age 15, to devote her God-given singing talent to express her faith in God. Her debut CD, Outloud, includes traditional and contemporary gospel music.

Dr. Bob Bakke: Praying for the Nations

Do you know what 2.5 million Christians praying simultaneously sounds like? It sounds like the Global Day of Prayer. Dr. Bob Bakke discusses the power of this remarkable event to be held worldwide on May 15th.

Dennis Bakke: Joy at Work

God gave us a job before He gave us a family. So does He intend for us to find joy in our work? Is this possible in a fallen world? Harvard graduate Dennis Bakke believes so.

Stephen Baldwin: The Jesus Freak of Hollywood

How did the bad boy of the Baldwin brothers become a sold-out radical for Jesus Christ? Scott Ross gets to the bottom of Stephen Baldwin’s testimony and how he went from living fast to Livin’ It.

Actors Stephen Baldwin and Kevin Downes Talk Faith of Our Fathers

Actors Stephen Baldwin and Kevin Downes talk about their new movie Faith of Our Fathers, the story of two men’s journey to the Vietnam Memorial in honor of their fathers.

Georgian Banov: Explode With Joy

Georgian and his wife, Winnie have served as missionary evangelists for over 25 years. All of their crusades include Jesus Celebrations and Love Feasts, where they feed the local people their favorite food.

Warren Barfield's Launch Into Christian Music

Christian musical artist Warren Barfield updates us on his career and sings from his latest CD titled, Redbird.

Matt Barkley: Quarterback Leads In Prayer and Stats

Matt Barkley is ranked as America's top high school quarterback for 2008-2009. He takes the game seriously, but his true passion lies in seeking God first, family second and football and classes ranking third.

Caroline Barnett: Willing to Walk on Water

The author and co-founder of the L.A. Dream Center talks about her new book, Willing to Walk on Water.

Matthew Barnett: God's Perfect Plan for Your Life

The Dream Center's Matthew Barnett discusses following God's purposes into His perfect plan for your life.

Tommy Barnett: Engage the Power of a Half Hour

Pastor and author Tommy Barnett shares ideas on how to maximize  productivity by using small increments of time to achieve your personal and professional goals.

The Fantastic Tale of Fantasia Barrino

She’s an American Idol winner but Fantasia Barrino has faced more than just Simon Cowell. Kristi Watts interviews the R&B star about her triumph against all odds.

Bruce Barry and 'The Roach Approach'

Welcome to Wacky World Studios in Tampa, Florida! Parents, get the kids! This is one fun place! Wacky World is home to Squiggz the Roach, and of course, his creator – artistic genius, Bruce Barry.

Dr. Susan Bartell: Forming a Fit Family

As childhood obesity rises, this author has a plan to get your kids moving and keeping off the weight.

Gil & Kelly Jo Bates: Bringing Up Bates Stars Share Secret to Raising 19 Children

Gil and Kelly Jo Bates and their 19 children are starring in a new reality TV series “Bringing Up Bates,” showcasing how they balance life, faith, and family.

Mark Batterson Believes Miracles Still Happen!

Author Mark Batterson talks about his new book, “The Grave Robber,” and will reveal the truth of how miracles aren’t a thing of the past.

Joy Bauer: Find Your Inner Skinny

Author of Your Inner Skinny Joy Bauer shares tips on healthy, lasting weight loss.

Daniel Baumann: Imprisoned In Iran

Dan just wanted to experience Iranian culture, but he was arrested at the border and imprisoned.

Matt Beacham: Surfing Closer to God

Matt Beacham, world renown pro-surfer, masters the waves on the west coast from his California home. His candid interview reflects times he didn't want God around him.

Chef Becker and Dr. Shapiro: Eat and Beat Diabetes

The author and chef join forces to share how to control diabetes with food and losing weight.

Dr. Marty Becker: Raising a Happy Healthy Cat

Veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker returns to share how to take the best care of your family feline.

Jennifer Beckham: Get Over Yourself!

Author Jennifer Beckham chased a fairy tale life and she got it. She wasn't prepared when the pain in her heart remained. 

Paul Bedard: "Gator Boys" Star on Rescuing Alligators

One of Animal Planet's "Gator Boys" shares his story of faith and what exactly drives him to regularly confront alligators.

Sally Bee: The Secret Ingredient

How does a 36-year-old have three heart attacks? After her scare, Sally Bee found a new way to be healthy.

Barbara Beery: Cooking for 'The Green Princess'

The author of The Green Cookbook and founder of Batter Up Kids Culinary Center talks about feeding kids the right foods.

Pam Behan: Malibu Nanny: Helping to Raise the Kardashians

Malibu Nanny Pam Behan shares her experience being the Nanny for the Jenner and Kardashian children.

Anne Beiler: A Twist of Faith

The founder of Auntie Annes, she will discuss dealing with the death of her two-year-old daughter, betrayal, and a six year depression.

Jonas Beiler: Think No Evil

Author Jonas Beiler discusses the recent public shootings in schools and hospitals and how forgiveness is the answer.

Carlos Beltran: The Great Collide

New York Mets Center Fielder Carlos Beltran is currently ranked amongst the top players in the league. You may wonder how this 28-year-old handles all the attention. Well, according to him, there’s really only one thing that matters.

Sam Bender: Pro-ball Prayer Warrior

God met the desires of Sam Bender's heart. Sam always loved baseball and became the first baseball chaplain for Major League Baseball.

David and Jason Benham Pursue Righteousness 'Whatever the Cost'

Real estate entrepreneurs and brothers David and Jason Benham have never shied away from standing up for their faith, even when it cost them a chance to host their own television show.

Kim Bensen: 'Finally Thin'

You can put two or more Kims in the pants she used to wear before losing weight. She's on a mission to help others change their eating habits.

Dr. Arnold Beresh: A Pain in the Foot No More

Maybe it's your shoes. Maybe it's an infection. Whatever it is, there is a cause and a cure for your foot problems. Find out some common ailments and their remedies with Dr. Arnold Beresh.

Dave Berg: Former Tonight Show Producer Talks Faith in Hollywood

Dave Berg co-produced The Tonight Show with Jay Leno for 18 years and he offers perspective on the challenges facing Christians in Hollywood.

Lance Berkman: True Satisfaction

This season the Houston Astros hope to put together another championship run. With a humble hero like Lance Berkman, the Astros find themselves ready for whatever comes their way.

A.R. Bernard Sr.: Former Black Muslim Speaks About Hope

This conservative African-American pastor used to be a member of the Nation of Islam. But then he found Jesus at a Nicky Cruz gospel meeting. Today, A.R. Bernarnd pastors a church with more than 21,000 members.

Taking Back Tampa: The Ministry of Daniel Bernard

Christians need to get off the sidelines of evangelism, and Daniel Bernard is the man to help them. He's teaching churches how to care about their communities and, as a result, take their cities back for Christ.

Jodie Berndt: Praying the Scripture for Your Children

Author Jodie Berndt shares insights on praying God's protection and blessing for your children by using God’s Word.

Director and Actor Corbin Bernsen's New Movie on Christians and Dating

Known for his stellar television roles on shows including “LA Law” and “Psych,” actor and now director Corbin Bernsen will discuss his new film “Christian Mingle: the Movie.”

Dr. Marty Becker: Raising a Happy, Healthy Dog

Dr. Becker discusses the impact and importance of pets in our lives and the best way to take care of them.

Dr. Corné Bekker Unveils "Who is Jesus?"

Noted theologian from Regent University introduces the first LUXVERA MOOC class being offered, 'Who is Jesus?'

Jodie Berndt: Parent Your Teens Through Prayer

What's the best way to keep up with your kids without leaving your house? Author Jodie Berndt explains how to pray for the special needs of your teenagers.

Eric Bernotas: Dreaming of Torino

For 34-year old Eric Bernotas, the opportunity to compete in the Olympics is worth gold. Andrew Knox tells the story of how holding on to a dreams might get Eric to the top of the Olympic podium.

John Besh: Cooking From the Heart

Culinary expert John Besh prepares apple and pear tart and discusses other tasty dishes from his latest book, Cooking From the Heart.

Jefferson Bethke: Challenging Your Christianity

In his new book It’s Not What You Think, author and spoken word artist Jefferson Bethke reminds readers of the life-changing message of Christ and how each of us is a part of God’s compelling story.

John Bevere: The Deadly Trap of Offense

Best-selling Christian author John Bevere shares why offense cannot be allowed to turn to bitterness in our spiritual lives.

Lisa Bevere: Awakening to God's Purpose

Author, Lisa Bevere shares how a vision in 1994 awakened her to God’s purpose for her to go from timid pastor’s wife to international speaker to women and families.

Deborah Billingsley: 'Sweet Home Up in Heaven'

Former backup singer for the original lineup of Lynyrd Skynyrd talks about her time with the band, the tragic plane crash and her journey to Christ.

The Science Behind Dieting Right

Doctors Martin Binks and Howard Eisenson, co-authors of The Duke Diet, share the keys to successful, lasting weight loss and how it will help prevent serious health problems.

Guy Birtwhistle: A New World

Guy plays Vicar Robert Hunt who was one of the 105 colonists who set sail to the New World in December 1606, landing in 1607 at Jamestown.

Former Model Kylie Bisutti Redefines Beauty

The former Victoria's Secret model discusses her transition out of modeling because of the conflict between her faith and the fashion industry's treatment of women.

Chaplain Barry C. Black: God's Purpose in Troubling Times

Chaplain Black will discuss the power of prayer, what God is doing, and how to find God's purpose in troubling times.

Christa Black: God Loves Ugly

Author and songwriter Christa Black shares her personal story of triumph over an eating disorder and her discovery of God's unconditional love.

Billy Blanks: Get Fit the Tae Bo Way!

He's the Tae Bo King, and now he brings his Boot Camp to The 700 Club to help you "exercise by faith and not by sight."

Joey Bonifacio: 'The Lego Principle'

Pastor and author Joey Bonifacio shares how discipleship begins and ends with relationships and how these relationships build upon each other.

Reinhard Bonnke Encourages Christians to Take Action

The Founder and Chairman of Christ for All Nations shares how to operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit from his new book, Taking Action.

Pat Boone: God's Hall of Fame

Scott Ross talks to this rock'n'roll icon about his legacy and why he is tackling tough questions about God.

Bishop Wellington Boone's Journey with God

Author and Bishop Wellington Boone shares how prioritizing prayer can help you in your journey with God.

William Borchert: About My Friend Lois...

Author and screenwriter William Borchert tells the story of Lois Wilson, the woman behind Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon.

Steve Borden: 'Sting' Out of the Ring

The professional wrestler best known as "Sting" talks about his fame, his addiction to drugs, and the miracles God has done in his family life since he got saved.

Robert Borelli: Former Mobster Becomes a 'Witness' for Christ

Author Robert Borelli discusses how he left a life of organized crime to become a passionate follower of Christ with a heart for helping others.

Dr. Walter Bortz: Live to Be 100

With 36 marathons under his belt, Dr. Bortz knows a thing or two about healthy living. Now he wants to show you how to feel younger than ever before.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: What Men Really Want

Rabbi Boteach will discuss how to restore the family by healing and restoring the man in the family based on his book, The Broken American Male.

Bobby Bowden: Called to Coach

He is a legend among college football coaches. However, for Bobby Bowden, author of Called to Coach, all the glory belongs to God.

Jonny Bowden: The Healthiest Foods on Earth

Nutrition expert Jonny Bowden discusses his book, The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth.

Bob Boyd: Ministering in Kenya

Bob Boyd and his family have ministered to thousands in Western Kenya and around the world. Their message of God's love is taught at Bob Boyd's School of Discipleship in Kenya.

Joe & Denise Bradford: New Film Undonditional, Living Beyond Yourself

Joe and Denise Bradford discuss the new movie, 'Unconditional,' which is based on their lives of helping poor and oppressed children.

Sam Bradford's Strategy for Success

Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Sam Bradford talks about the struggles of a young athlete and the importance of his faith.

An Interview with Terry Bradshaw

Hall of Fame quarterback, Terry Bradshaw, led the Pittsburgh Steelers to four Super Bowl championships. He shares his testimony.

Sheryl Brady: Developing Character in the Face of Challenges

Author and speaker Sheryl Brady will join us to discuss how overcoming challenges can develop faith.

The Branches' Miracle Baby

In a moment, their baby girl was gone. Lying face down in a bathtub full of water, Kenna Branch was presumed dead. However, her parents had just seen The Passion. With a new boldness, Michael Branch declared, "You are not going to steal my daughter."

William 'The Ambassador' and Michelle Branch: An Emotional Affair

Hip-hop artist, WIlliam 'Duce' (The Ambassador) Branch is also a pastor. Not long ago he entered into an emotional (non-physical) affair with a woman in his congregation. William and his wife Michelle discuss how their marriage has endured through this challenging time.

Barbie Breathitt: Dream Interpretation According to the Bible

Author Barbie Breathitt reveals how dreams can bring direction to people's lives.

Drew Brees: The Saint of New Orleans

The Super Bowl winning quarterback talks about his new book, Coming Back Stronger, and how he became a beacon of hope for a city in need.

Jaime Brenkus: Fit in 15

He's the man behind 8 Minute Abs. Now Jaime Brenkus wants you to get lean and mean in 15 days.

Dr. Mark Brewer: Knowing Your SQ

Dr. Mark Brewer, Senior pastor of Bel Air Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles, believes most Americans are stuck in spiritual infancy and could make wiser life decisions by addressing deeper matters more challenging for spiritual growth. Author, What's Your Spiritual Quotient.

Brad Bright: Making God the Issue

Brad Bright, the younger son of the late Bill Bright, explains why social issues are not the critical issues, but rather a symptom, and why we must focus on the Source of morality to win the cultural war.

Jared Brock's Year of Living Prayerfully

From Amsterdam to North Korea and beyond, Jared Brock journeyed 37,000 miles around the world exploring other cultures’ prayer traditions, and revitalizing his own prayer life.

Lou Brock: The Legend of St. Louis

He came into baseball almost as a fluke. Now he's in the Hall of Fame. Major League player Lou Brock discusses the faith that helped him rise to the top.

Rice Broocks: Evidence for God in an Age of Uncertainty

Author and pastor Rice Brooks shares the importance of celebrating the evidence of God in an age of uncertainty.

James Brown: What It Means to Have Success

The NFL sportscaster is among the best in the business, but he would rather define himself by God’s standards.

Jerome Brown is Born to Cook

He may not be on Top Chef but Jerome Brown cooks for celebrities like Priscilla Presley and Nancy Kerrigan. He brings his culinary skills to The 700 Club to help you prepare your meals the healthy way.

Kelley Brown: A Fearless Widow

Kelley shares the experience of losing her Navy SEAL husband, Adam Brown. Adam's life, death and legacey is chroniceld in the new book, Fearless.

Football's Tim Brown: The Making of a Man

Former college and pro football star Tim Brown visits The 700 Club to share the lessons he learned on his path to becoming a man of integrity.

Dave Bruno: The 100 Thing Challenge

Dave Bruno, author of, 'The 100 Thing Challenge,' challenges people to de-clutter their lives and experience the implications that such simplicity can offer to physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

George Brunstad: Come God and High Water

He's the oldest man to swim the English Channel in 2004. He called The 700 Club for prayer for the journey that led him closer to the Lord.

Elaine Brye: How to Handle Life on the Home Front

Elaine Brye, author and mother of four children serving in four branches of the military, shares stores of courage, comfort, and military life in her new book Be Safe, Love Mom.

Dr. Luke Bucci on Easing Joint Pain

The bad news is you have joint pain. The good news is that you can feel better sooner with the right diet, exercise, and the right dietary supplements. Dr. Bucci will show you how.

Angus Buchan: A Farmer Witnesses Woman's Resurrection

He was a simple farmer who dared to tell others about Jesus. Now he leads crusades in Africa and sees God's healing power among the people.

Dr. David Buchholz: The Truth about Headaches

If life is a pain in the head for you, this doctor has a prescription that works. Dr. Buchholz visits The 700 Club to discuss headaches, what brings them on, and how to keep them from coming back.

Huldah Buntain: Fifty Years in Calcutta

Missionary Huldah Buntain, discusses her 50 years of working among the poor in Calcutta, India.

Heather Burczynski: Healthy Choice

Heather grew up chubby and was OK with it until her nephew was born. She didn't want him to think of her as a heavy person, so she trusted God and made some changes. Now, she's 130 pounds lighter.

Mark Burnett & Roma Downey: A.D. Creators are Passionate About Bringing the Bible to Life

Roma Downey and husband Mark Burnett share the motivation behind the ‘A.D.’ series which follows the highly successful hit of 2013, The Bible.

Gracia Burnham: Learn to Fly Again

Today Gracia Burnham can say that she's been to hell and back. Her 18th wedding anniversary in the Philippine Islands turned into a deadly hostage situation. Though hidden in the jungle of a foreign country, she never lost her faith -- even after she lost her husband. Read her powerful testimony.

Nisa Burns: Exercising Your Kitchenability

Chef and author Nisa Burns is dedicated to teaching young people how to cook and eat healthy in college.

"Heaven is for Real's" First Family: The Burpos

Todd, Sonya and Colton Burpo, the family behind the new movie, “Heaven is for Real,” talk about the amazing story of Colton’s visit to heaven when he was 4.

The Burpos: Heaven Changes Everything

While Todd Burpo thought his son was dying, Colton was actually experiencing heaven. Colton's mother Sonja was mobilizing prayer warriors. Hear their first-hand account of the experience.

Valorie Burton: Discovering Your Inner Beauty

Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Life Coach Valorie Burton can tell you how to harness the forces in life that are holding you back from achieving your purpose and vision.

Keeping the Faith: Baseball's Paul Byrd

The Major League pitcher talks with 700 Club Producer Will Dawson about his faith in the midst of some tough circumstances.

Sharon Byrdsong: An Extraordinary Educator

She's "fun" and "like a second mother" to her students. Meet this amazing Virginia middle school principal and learn how her quest for learning hasn't ended yet.

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Terri Cadiente: Courageous Living

She's a Hollywood stuntwoman who led a dangerous life before Christ rescued her.

Danny Cahill: Losing Weight with God's Help

Former Biggest Loser Danny Cahill shares how his weight loss journey changed his relationship with the Lord.

Jonathan Cahn and the Present Shemitah

Author Jonathan Cahn warns that as part of the Biblical prophecy of Shemitah, 2015 will bring a great shaking to America and the world.

Christine Caine: Unleashing Your Life

Dormant dreams and untapped potential live inside each one of us. Hillsong’s Christine Caine shares how to overcome obstacles to live a life unleashed.

Mardie Caldwell: Is Adoption Right For You?

The Founder of Lifetime Adoption Center shares the truths and myths of adopting children domestically.

Garth Callaghan: The Difference a 'Napkin Note' Can Make

Author Garth Callaghan learned the importance of making every moment count when he was diagnosed with cancer.

Candace Cameron Bure Tells How She Succeeds at Balancing It All

Candace Cameron Bure is known for her acting, and manages to balance family life with her successful career. Here, she discusses her upcoming projects including a new movie for the Hallmark Channel and recent book “Balancing It All.”

Miss America 2010: Caressa Cameron

The reigning pageant winner speaks out on AIDS, childhood obesity and her faith.

Adam Campbell's Big Book of Exercises

The Men's Health editor talks about resistance training and demonstrates moves that will get you toned and strong.

Anthony Campbell: Today's Superstar

Out of 6,000 audition tapes, Anthony made the final cut to win NBC's Today's Superstar singing contest. Anthony talks about his faith and his journey as a vocalist.

Donovan Campbell: The Role of Leadership in the Bible

Author and decorated Marine Corps veteran Donovan Campbell discusses the servant leadership model found in the Bible.

Kim Campbell: Music Legend Glen Campbell's Wife Kim Helps Him Say Goodbye

When music legend Glen Campbell was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, his wife Kim made sure his life was celebrated with a farewell tour and resulting documentary film.

Dr. Carlos Campo: Regent University's Global Day of Worship

Regent University president Carlos Campo will discuss the upcoming Global Day of Worship scheduled for Friday, 11/11/11.

Father Raniero Cantalamessa: Father Cantalamessa Tears Down Religious Barriers

Father Cantalamessa discusses the move of the Holy Spirit throughout the Catholic Church as he works to tear down walls between Evangelicals, Charismatics, and Catholics.

Bill and Mari Cantos: Praying Every Day Takes the Marriage Blues Away

This couple says that reading the 'Couples Who Pray' book has strengthened their marriage.

Bernie Carbo: A Major League Confession

Boston Red Sox outfielder Bernie Carbo will always be remembered for his performance in game 6 of the 1975 World Series, but what fans may not know is that Bernie was high almost every day of his career.

Diane Carbonell: 150 Pounds Gone Forever

Author and mother of 7 Diane Carbonell shares her secret to losing 150 pounds and keeping it off.

Carman's Anthems of a Champion

International Christian music star Carman visits The 700 Club to share about his career and ongoing battle with cancer.

Chris Carmichael: Winning at Life

Chris Carmichael is a successful personal trainer, but he's mostly known for being the man behind seven-time Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong.

Carmindy: Enhancing Natural Beauty

Carmindy's artistic talents lie in her ability to spot the natural beauty of a person and use make-up to enhance those characteristics. Author, Get Positively Beautiful.

Gretchen Carlson Gets Real

In her new book Getting Real, Fox News host Gretchen Carlson shares intimate details of her life and how she rose from childhood insecurities to become one of the world’s top news correspondents.

Kim & Krickitt Carpenter: The Vow

The Carpenters share their amazing story of handling tragedy in marriage as Krickitt survived a horrible car accident that left her in a coma. Their story is chronicled in the major motion picture, The Vow.

Dr. Ben Carson: America, Unite Under God

Author of, One Nation, Dr. Ben Carson stresses the importance of approaching critical issues with a calm and respectful tone.

Rachel Lee Carter: Fashioned by God

Rachel shares her experience of searching for modesty in the notoriously seductive fashion industry.

John Carter Cash: How Johnny Walked the Line

While Johnny Cash’s life lights up the silver screen, Scott Ross talks with the Man in Black’s son to get the real story behind the film and the faith of this legendary singer.

Austin Carty: Outwit, Outplay, Outpray

Austin Carty went on the show Survivor: Panama-Exile Island hoping to win a million dollars. He didn’t win the money, but he did win the hearts of viewers.

Gail Casteen: Single Mom Practices 'Money Makeover' to Reduce Debt

Gail Casteen, a single mother to two young adult boys, reduced her debt by more than half by following Dave Ramsey's financial principles as outlined in his book The Total Money Makeover.

Comfort Foods with Catherine Cassidy

The Editor-in-Chief for Taste of Home shows off comfort foods from the magazine's cookbook.

Casting Crowns: The 'Lifesong' of Mark Hall

It's hard to believe that this 'Songwriter of the Year' hid his lifelong struggle with ADD. However, Casting Crowns' Mark Hall is coming clean and that honesty is challenging the church.

Catherine Cassidy: Instant Access to America's Holiday Recipe Box

Kristi and Catherine are in the kitchen to demonstrate how to eat hearty and healthy for the holidays.

Tamika Catchings: Champ On and Off the Court

Tamika Catchings learned through experience that her basketball skills are a gift from God. She's a star player for Indiana Fever and a star in her community with the founding of "Catch The Stars," a sports and education foundation for inner city children. 

Domenica Catelli: Mom-a-licious

Find out how to get your kids to eat their vegetables with this celebrity chef and mom.

Michael Catt: 'Facing the Giants' of Hollywood

What is "explicit religious content"? It was enough to get faith-based film Facing the Giants a PG rating. The producer and director of the film, Michael Catt, explains why his movie makes Hollywood nervous.

Breaking Ground with Justin Cave

You've seen him on HGTV's landscaping show, Ground Breakers and Justin Cave recently lent his landscaping expertise to our very own Kristi Watts as she purposed to turn her backyard into a staycation destination.

Jim Caviezel on New Movie, "When the Game Stands Tall."

Actor chats with "The 700 Club's" Scott Ross about his new movie, "When the Game Stands Tall."

Jim Caviezel: Playing Christ in 'The Passion'

"This film forces you to see yourself, "not the way you want to see yourself, but as God sees you. There are no passive onlookers here," says Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus in The Passion of The Christ. Also, see part 2 of the interview.

Carrie Gerlach Cecil: The Emptiness of Fame and Fortune

Author and speaker Carrie Gerlach Cecil shares how success without Jesus left her unfulfilled.

Christmas with Celtic Woman

In just a few short years, the unique musical ensemble known as Celtic Woman has emerged as both a spectacular commercial success and a genuine cultural phenomenon. The beloved ensemble’s evocative, uplifting music has transcended national and cultural borders to touch the hearts of a devoted fan base that spans the globe.

Jacques Cesaire: 'Playing to Serve God's Kingdom'

San Diego Charger Defensive End Jacques Cesaire shares how a gift from his mother helped turn his life around.

Jennifer Chandler: For the Love of Food

Simply Salads author and chef Jennifer Chandler shares some healthy and quick salad recipes that the whole family will enjoy.

Missy Chase Lapine: Sneaky Chef to the Rescue

Got picky eaters? The "Sneaky Chef" is here to get your kids to eat their vegetables without even knowing it.

Dr. Gary Chapman: Give Your Faltering Relationship "One More Try"

Author Gary Chapman shares tips on successful relationships and keys to strengthen your marriage.

Dr. Randy Christensen: Helping the Hidden Homeless

An Arizona medical doctor has made it his mission to help runaway homeless teens obtain the necessary medical treatment to survive.

Marlea Clark and The DTour Diet

Millions may have diabetes and not know it. Nutrition expert Marlea Clark shares how eating well leads to a healthier lifestyle.

Tasha Cobbs' "Motown Christmas"

Recording artist Tasha Cobbs joins us to share a festive sampling from a new album, Motown Christmas.

Extreme Couponing with Joni Meyer-Crothers

Joni Meyer-Crothers is a pioneer of finding savings by purchasing in bulk. Watch as she shares Extreme Couponing secrets with The 700 Club.

Steven Curtis Chapman Seeks The Glorious Unfolding

Christian music veteran Steven Curtis Chapman shares update on his career and sings ‘Take Me Over,’ from his latest album, The Glorious Unfolding.

Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman Choose to See

Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife open up about their public and their private grief after the loss of their daughter. 

Sheila Raye Charles: Forgiving Her Father

The daughter of Ray Charles speaks out about losing her identity and finding Christ while growing up in the shadow of legend.

Ditch Debt and Gain Wealth on $10 a Day with Jean Chatzky

How would you like to reduce your debt and have an extra $8,000 in just 3 years? Money analyst Jean Chatzky knows how and will share her tips to set you on the road to financial freedom.

Kristin Chenoweth: Faith in 'The West Wing'

She works with the biggest names in Hollywood and Broadway, including Nicole Kidman, Matthew Broderick, and Steve Martin. Yet, for the longest time, she thought she should be a missionary. Meet Kristin Chenoweth, a musical theater/movie/television actress who found that Hollywood is the biggest mission ground.

Kristy Childs: The Fight Against Sex Trafficking

She was lost in a world of prostitution and now but found freedom in Christ and was able to escape. Today she fights for the freedom of other young girls caught up in the sex trafficking lifestyle.

Randy Clark: Waking Up the Church

Randy Clark learned this first hand how God's power can move in people's lives when he ministred during the Toronto Revival in the 1990s. Now, he travels the world teaching about spiritual gifts and what God is doing in the Church today.

Shaneen Clarke: Heeding the Call of Families in Need

Ministry leader Shaneen Clarke provides an update on her work to help families in India and Romania.

Holly Clegg: Gulf Coast Recipes

Holly's culinary talents led her to develop several cookbooks. She believes there is no forbidden food - all foods can be trimmed to be healthy and most meals prepared in 30 minutes.

Dr. Henry Cloud: Learn the Boundaries of Leadership

Psychologist and best-selling author Henry Cloud discusses how the best leaders set boundaries to get the most out of employees and family members.

Dr. Will Clower: New Science Proves You Should Eat Chocolate Every Day

Will Clower, Ph.D  discusses the new science  of chocolate and its many benefits to health and weight loss. 

Why Glen Coffee Walked Away

On the brink of a promising NFL season, the running back shocked the football world when, at 23 years old, he called it quits.

Angela Coffman: Cleaning on a Budget

Frugality guru Angela Coffman shows us how to strech a dollar when it comes to making our own household cleaning products.

Herb Cohen: Master Negotiator

Learning how to negotiate successfully can help you succeed in business, in your career, and in your interpersonal relationships. The author of Negotiate This shows how.

Suzy Cohen: Digging Up the Root of Your Health Problems

Author and pharmacist discusses thyroid health and its relation to weight, mood, cold extremities and hair loss.

Suzy Cohen: Recognizing Debilitating Headache Triggers

Author of ‘Headache Free,' Pharmacist Suzy Cohen discusses methods to alleviate many types of headache pain and improve your overall health.

Dr. Don Colbert and Kyle Colbert: Get Fit and Live

This father and son team shares health tips on how to overcome disease.

Brandilyn Collins: When the Writer Becomes the Story

This author of Christian suspense novels was about to encounter the supernatural for herself when Lyme disease threatened to cripple her.

Chuck Colson: 35 Years of Faith

This Christian author and apologist shares his own conversion to Christ following the Watergate scandal, along with insights on the importance of having a Christian worldview today. 

Andrew Comiskey: Ex-Gay Helps the Sexually Broken

The author of Strength in Weakness and founder of Desert Stream Ministries discusses the Church's role in the healing of sexual and relational brokenness.

Susan Combs: Cracking Down on Fast-Food Fare in Schools

Susan Combs, the Texas agriculture commissioner, is instilling healthy dietary choices and exercise options within the schools to combat the staggering rise in obesity among children.

Jeffrey Condon: Leaving a Financial Legacy for the Next Generation

Author and financial expert Jeffrey Condon discusses the most effective ways to leave money to your heirs.

Bobby Conner: Abortion Survivor

God's hand intervened and protected Bobby in his mother's womb when she attempted abortion with a coat hanger. Later in life, Bobby was filled with the Holy Spirit and called to deliver the message that Jesus still performs miracles. Author, God's Supernatural Power

Tim Conway: Making Millions Laugh

Funny guy and former co-star on The Carol Burnett Show, Tim Conway continues to entertain audiences of all ages with family-friendly television.

David Cook: Golf's Sacred Journey

David Cook, author of Golf's Sacred Journey, shares about the inspiration behind the story and discusses the new movie based on the book, Seven Days in Utopia.

Phil Cooke: Finding Out What You Were Born to Do

Author of, "One Big Thing," Phil Cooke explains how to discover what you were born to do in this life.

Brent Cooper: The Heart of a Contender

While he may have been knocked down, don't count Brent Cooper out. "The Disciple" from NBC's The Contender overcame alcohol and drug abuse to get a boxing deal with Don King and spar with the likes of Sugar Ray Leonard. See what keeps this boxer in the ring.

John & Sharna Coors: Bringing the Dark Continent into the Light

This couple visits The 700 Club to discuss their community development in Africa through Circle of Light, an organization that is transforming lives.

Gloria Copeland Talks About the Blessed Life

The co-founder of Kenneth Copeland ministries and author of Blessed Beyond Measure discusses why trusting God brings health and healing.

Kenneth Copeland and the Power of Prayer

Evangelist Kenneth Copeland believes God can bless and change lives, and he wants you to believe it too!

Rita Cosby: My Father the Hero

Emmy Award-winning journalist Rita Cosby shares her experience reconnecting with her father after years of estrangement and discovering secrets she never knew about the man she calls, 'dad.'

Jim Coté: Man of Honor

The team chaplain for Dale Earnhardt, Inc. discusses heroism, how a real man is defined, and how a man can be a hero to the woman in his life.

Amy Cotta: Six Weeks to Skinny Jeans

Author and fitness expert Amy Cotta shares her experience of dramatic weight loss in just six weeks, plus she offers recipes that will help you on your journey.

Brad Cotter: Singer Wins Nashville Star Title

This year's winner of USA Network's Nashville Star contest never thought his dream of becoming a country music star would ever come true.

Paul Coughlin: Raising Bully-Proof Kids

Paul Coughlin believes that fearful parents are raising fear-filled children. Based on his book, No More Jellyfish, Chickens or Wimps, Paul shares assertive, Biblical ways for parents and children to confront bullies.

Bill Courtney: Undefeated Coach on Going Against the Grain

Author Bill Courtney shares his lessons on character, discipline, teamwork and triumph over adversity.

The Crabb Family: 'Driven' to Share Faith

Crabb Family singers Adam Crabb, Aaron Crabb, Jason Crabb, Kelly Bowling, and Terah Penhollow join us to share their award-winning, southern gospel talent.

Dr. Larry Crabb: 'The Pressure's Off'

Author of the book, 'The Pressure's Off,' Larry Crabb shares how life's curve balls can sometimes contain life's biggest blessings, if we'll just relax and rest in the fact that God is in control.

Keith Craft: Get to Know Your Divine Fingerprint

Founder and lead pastor of Elevate Life Church in Texas, Keith Craft discusses how to know your role in God’s plan.

Dr. Chauncey Crandall: Looking Beyond the Limitations of Science

In his latest book, Touching Heaven, Dr. Chauncey Crandall shares about the miracles he has experienced in his own life and those he has witnessed in his patients.

Tailgating with The Crockin' Girls

This culinary team shares slow cooking techniques that anyone with a crock pot can incorporate. In their latest visit to The 700 Club the girls showcase recipes specifically designed for tailgating fun.

Lorianne Crook: Celebrity Cooking

Live from Nashville, Lisa Ryan and Lorianne Crook, host of Lorianne Crook's Celebrity Kitchen, make Janie Fricke's Steak Quesadillas. Learn how you can make this FREE recipe in your own home.

Clay and Renee Crosse: Keeping Secrets

Clay Crosse had a No. 1 hit single called “I Surrender All,” a beautiful wife and a voice that stood above male vocalists in the ‘90s. So why was he addicted to pornography?

Andrae Crouch: The Journey

Christian music legend Andraé Crouch joins us on The 700 Club to discuss worship and faith. He will also be taking part in the 11-11-11 Global Day of Worship.

Matthew Crouch on the Movie, 'Noelle'

Get a preview of the film, Noelle, and hear from TBN's Matt Crouch about the faith-based message inside.

Jorge Cruise: Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

He's recognized as America's leading wellness expert for busy people. And he's got a revolutionary method of resistance training that burns fat, shrinks your waist, and gets you into the best shape of your life.

Classical Pianist Adlan Cruz

Classical pianist Adlan Cruz performs from his latest album, Piano Forte Tour.

Nicky Cruz: Salvation in the Jungles of New York

Before preaching the gospel all over the world, Nicky Cruz ran the city streets with a violent gang. He had no hope until a preacher chose to love him no matter what.

Rachel Cruze: Smart Money, Smart Kids

Daughter of financial guru Dave Ramsey, author Rachel Cruz shares what she learned firsthand on how to avoid mistakes with money.

Jeremiah Cummings: Classic Soul Finds Salvation

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes made women swoon back in the '70s, and Jeremiah Cummings, a Blue Note, had everything that the music industry had to offer. However, the absence of his father left him wanting more. The Nation of Islam was ready to embrace him. So how did this former muslim become an international evangelist?

Adam Cunningham: A Better Man

He was a failure as a husband and a father. However, the birth of his son gave this musician a new life.

Loren Cunningham: God is Transforming Nations

The founder of YWAM shares his views on how God is transforming nations through the reading of His Holy Word.

Tricia Cunningham: From Fat to Skinny by Going in Reverse

After four months on her new diet plan, Tricia Cunningham was wearing a size 9. It's far smaller than what she used to wear when her weight was nearly 300 pounds. Discover her secret.

Jeannie Cunnion: Parenting the Wholehearted Child

Author and mother of three Jeannie Cunnion encourages parents that are exhausted from trying to raise perfect children in an imperfect world.

The Curren Family: Celebrating God's Creation with the Curren Family

Richard, Tanya and Pierce Curren from TV's “Scaly Adventures,” discuss how God uses animals to demonstrate his love for creation.

Jim Cymbala: Spirit Rising

Jim Cymbala, pasto of The Brooklyn Tabernacle, discusses how believers can tap into the power of the Holy Spirit.

Billy Ray Cyrus: Healing an 'Achy Breaky Heart'

Do you remember the song? Can you still do the dance? "Achy Breaky Heart" dominated the country music world in the early '90s. Today, Billy Ray Cyrus is singing a different kind of tune.

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Gordon D'Angelo: Tax Expert Shares Wisdom of Year-End Giving

Financial expert Gordon D’Angelo shares year-end giving advice and ways to maximize the benefits on your tax return.

Dr. Joseph D'Souza: Reaching the 'Untouchables'

Their name means oppressed and unwanted. On the outskirts of the Indian caste system, the Dalits are not considered part of society. Their only hope is in Jesus Christ, and they are finding Him in record numbers. Dr. Joseph D'Souza is on The 700 Club to talk about the revival and persecution of these Indian Christians.

Reggie Dabbs: Change Your Future

When Reggie found out he was adopted, he went through an identity crisis that only ended when he became a Christian and realized his identity was in the Lord. Today, Reggie is a motivational speaker who challenges kids to let go of the past and change their future.

Dailey & Vincent: Almost Brothers

Musicians Dailey & Vincent talk about the impact of Gospel music and their faith in The 700 Club studio.

Tony and Felicity Dale Redefine Church

Mega-churches may be a thing of the past. The Dales of House2House are changing the way we go to church by taking it back to basics.

Bill Dallas: Soul Searching in San Quentin

The early 80s brought successful businessman Bill Dallas financial devastation and prison time. Find out how he is now CEO of the Church Communication Network.

Chad Daniel: 'Those Whom the World Rejects'

Chad Daniel, creator of Youth Bytes, talks about the conversion experience that led him share God’s everlasting truths.

John Dau: 'God Grew Tired of Us'

John Dau spent 15 years of his life fleeing from death. He journeyed more than 1,000 miles across Africa, yet he was only a child.

Billy Davis, Jr., and Marilyn McCoo Are Committed to Staying Together

Husband and wife Billy Davis, Jr. and Marilyn McCoo’s faith and marriage of 46 years have stood the test of time, Hollywood, and success in the music industry.

Cassi Davis: House of Grace

As the matriarch on Tyler Perry's House of Payne, Cassi Davis knows a lot about favor and God's blessings.

John Davis: Rocking at Heaven’s Door

The power-pop rock band Superdrag recorded four albums, got major MTV airplay, and performed before thousands of die-hard fans. Being in the band was a dream-come-true for 19-year-old front man John Davis, but eventually his dream shattered.

Dr. Kara Davis: Spiritual Secrets to a Healthy Heart

Medical doctor and author shares, "Spiritual Secrets to a Healthy Heart."

Max Davis: Faith at Rock Bottom

He was the pastor of a thriving church when one day he came home to find his wife had left. Max Davis’ life unraveled before his eyes, and he asked, “Where is God?”

Dr. William Davis' 'Wheat-Loss' Diet

A renowned cardiologist, Dr. William Davis, explains how eliminating wheat from our diets can prevent fat storage, shrink unsightly bulges, and reverse myriad health problems.

Pat Day: Faith in the Winner's Circle

Scott Ross travels down south to see the Run for the Roses and to talk to one of the winningest jockeys in Kentucky Derby history, Pat Day. He shares how his salvation in Jesus Christ pushed him to the finish line.

Don Davis: NFL Star Encourages and Equips

New England Patriots Chaplain Don Davis says it's time to get real with ourselves and live the life to which God has called us all.

Howard Dayton: Escape the Auto Debt Trap

Car loans... it's a type of debt that even the most frugal consumer can't avoid. Crown Financial Ministries CEO Howard Dayton wants to teach you how to not let your car payments get the best of you.

Pastor Wilfredo De Jesus Uses Prayer as a Weapon

Named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People, Pastor Wilfredo De Jesus shares how we can all “stand in the gap” for those in need, and use prayer against enemy attacks.

Ron Deal: Blending In To Stepfamilies

Author of The Smart Stepfamily Marriage, Ron Deal talks about the keys to success for the blended family.

Jody Dean: God in the News

The Emmy winning broadcast news journalist shares how a news event and a failed marriage brought him to the Lord.

John Debney: Composing 'Passion'

The musical score from The Passion of the Christ beautifully illustrated the pain, agony,and enduring love that was Jesus's death and resurrection. John Debney composed every note, hoping that the music would enhance the film's impact. He recently spoke with 700 Club Producer Scott Ross about his own spiritual journey and what it was like working with Mel Gibson on the landmark movie.

Will Decker and Tim Scott 'Travel the Road''

Two men... one mission: to spread the Gospel to the farthest remote places of the earth. Meet Will and Tim, the creators of TBN's hit reality show.

Bobby Deen: From Mama's Table to Mine

Raised on his mother Paula Deen's exquisite foods, Bobby Deen shares his healthy take on Southern cuisine.

Jamie and Bobby Deen: The Deen Bros. Get Fired Up

Authors of, “Deen Bros. Get Fired Up,” will discuss their love of family, and summer cooking for family and friends.

Paula Deen's Southern Cooking

Paula shares classic and new Southern cooking experiences and she explains why Southern cooking is fundamental to the South.

Ted Dekker's House of Horrors

Hollywood has seen its share of Christian films since The Passion. But Christian author Ted Dekker is bringing his stories to the big screen in a very different way.

Radio Host Delilah: Choosing to Forgive

Author and nationally syndicated radio talk show host Delilah shares her story of success and faith.

Deluge: An Unshakable Band

The Deluge Band performs live and talks about steadfast faith in trying times.

Jacque Deshetler Sings of Her Redemption

Jacque has led worship all over the world with Joyce Meyer Ministries and currently serves as Worship Pastor at the Saint Louis Dream Center. Her road to Christ began as a shy military kid who ventured into drugs and night club singing.

Scale Down Holiday Weight Gain with Danna Demetre

Christmas time does not have to mean extra pounds. Learn how to enjoy a party the right way in the midst of the holiday food temptations.

Kevin Downes and Caleb Castille: Movie Woodlawn Tackles Racial Tension

Producer Kevin Downes and actor Caleb Castille discuss their new movie Woodlawn, based on the true story of a high school football team battling racial tension on and off the field.

Mark Burnett & Roma Downey: A.D. Creators are Passionate About Bringing the Bible to Life

Roma Downey and husband Mark Burnett share the motivation behind the ‘A.D.’ series which follows the highly successful hit of 2013, The Bible.

Tom Demitry: Running Rabid

Tom Demitry had to lose everything in order to find the one thing that matters in life, a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Mark DeMoss and The Little Red Book

He wrote billboards for God. Now he's taking proven principles for fulfillment and packed them into a pint-size piece of wisdom.

Anthony DeStefano: The Gift of Prayer

The author will talk about his new book This Little Prayer of Mine, which shares the beauty of teaching chidlren how to pray.

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran: Building Prayer Towers to Reach the Nations

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran, founder of "Jesus Calls International," provides an update on the ministry and talks about the "prayer towers" being built world-wide.   

Ted DiBiase: A Price to Pay

Ted Dibiase was a big-time pro wrestler, known as "The Million Dollar Man", until God showed him his true value.

Hayley DiMarco: The New Promiscuous

Think your teens are still virgins? You may be surprised at where they draw the line. Author Hayley DiMarco gives an uncensored look at teen sex and how this generation is playing with fire.

Fight Back with Dominick Divito

If you were suddenly attacked, would you know what to do? Celebrity trainer and black belt Dominick Divito will show you how to defend yourself.

Shirley Dobson: National Day of Prayer

The wife of Focus on the Family founder Dr. James Dobson and chairman of the National Day of Prayer Task Force discusses the National Day of Prayer event on May 6.

Colton DIxon: A Messenger of God's Love

Recent American Idol finalist Colton Dixon shares his faith and sings from his latest album, A Messenger, live on The 700 Club.

Creflo Dollar: Winning in Troubled Times

The worldwide evangelist gives the principles you need to turn your circumstances around.

Rick Domeier: Can I Get a Do Over?

This popular and long time QVC host, Rick Domeier shares his decision to choose Christ over the L.A. party scene that consumed him for years.

Anny Donewald: Victim of Sex Industry Helps Others Escape

Author and activist Anny Donewald escaped from the sex industry and now works to rescue and minister to other victims who are being exploited and trafficked.

Steve Doocy: A Fresh Look at Fatherhood

As co-host for Fox News Channel’s, Fox and Friends, Steve Doocy is known for his wit and humor. In this interview with Tim Branson, Steve talks about his new book, Tales from the Dad Side, and his 21 years as a father.

Melinda Doolittle: Beyond American Idol

She went from being a tone-deaf kid to an American Idol star. Melinda Doolittle says she's in awe of how God is working in her life and career.

Ralph Doudera and the 'Wealth Conundrum'

He was driven by greed but eventually learned to be a good steward of his money. Investor Ralph Doudera shares his testimony and answers the age-old question: "Should Christians be wealthy?"

Kym Douglas on Winning the Battle over Your Teen's Wardrobe

Had it with your teen's Britney Spears-inspired clothing? Don't give up! Entertainment and Lifestyle reporter Kym Douglas is coming to the rescue with tips on stylish modesty.

Dr. James E. Dowd: The Vitamin D Doctor

It's a miracle vitamin and is fundamentally important to health and fighting diseases. Yet, most people don't come close to obtaining optimal amounts of this unique vitamin. James E. Dowd, MD will explain. 

Roma Downey: Little Angels

Touched by an Angel's Roma Downey talks with CBN about her faith and her new project, 'Little Angels.'

Dave Dravecky's Last Pitch

His big comeback came to a horrifying end when this San Francisco Giant pitcher broke his arm during a game. Without his skill, Dave Dravecky needed to find a new identity.

Tony and Lauren Dungy Share Uncommon Marriage Tips

Award-winning former NFL coach Tony Dungy and his wife Lauren discuss the challenges of marriage on the backdrop of life in the NFL.

The Duggars: A Love that Multiplies

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar talk about their enormous family and the importance of faith and values in raising 19 kids.

The Duggars: Grandbaby News from the Duggar Family

The Duggar family is growing, and Jim Bob and Michelle are here to share the good news!

Duggar Girls on Growing Up on "19 Kids and Counting"

You know them as part of part of the 19 Duggar children from Arkansas, but Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger Duggar have branched out on their own to talk about "Growing Up Duggar.”

Todd Durkin: The Impact! Body Plan

He trains pro athletes, and now he's ready to motivate you to change your body and change your life.

Harmony Dust: Scars and Stilettos

Author and founder of Treasures Harmony Dust offers hope to strippers, porn stars and other women seeking redemption.

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Karen Ehman: A Healthy Relationship With Food

She was known as that funny, fat speaker. Find out how this author and speaker managed to find friendship with food and get the last laugh.

Ebo Elder: The Gospel Gladiator

He's a modern day Rocky with his unbelievable drive and perseverance both in and out of the boxing ring. ESPN Contender Ebo Elder visits The 700 Club to tell his story.

Jody Eldred: Changing Lives with 'Passion'

Ever wonder if anyone's life was radically changed after watching The Passion? Jody Eldred did. In fact, it was a direct word from God that led him to make Changed Lives: Miracles of the Passion. He captured the amazing stories of people who were forever changed by Mel Gibson's film about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Ken Eldred: Integrating Faith and Work

The author of The Integrated Life talkst with Pat Robertson about how he was successful and business and at home by finding the perfect balance between integratin his faith into all he does.

Dr. Kevin Elko: Achieving Your Dream

This author and performance consultant works with professional and college football teams andl encourages us to focus thru adversity, be creative and maintain motivation. Author, The Pep Talk.

Dustin Ellerman: A 'Top Shot' for Christ

Dustin Ellerman shares his experience of staying true to his Christian faith while winning The History Channel's 'Top Shot' reality show.

Tracy Elliott: Beneath the Crown

She's the reigning Mrs. Texas. However, her wholesome image is the result of redemption from a troublesome past.

Lou Engle: 'A House That Contends'

Lou Engle shares his burden for the spiritual state of America and promotes The Call event in Fredericksburg, VA in late May.

Peter Engel: Hollywood Producer Turned Regent Dean

The dean of the School of Communication & the Arts at Regent University discusses the Emmy nomination of Last Comic Standing and its production.

Morgan Ensberg: 3 Strikes... You're Saved

Morgan Ensberg has become one of the best third baseman in the National League. He likes the spotlight… it gives him a chance to talk about the most important thing in his life.

Actress Brenda Epperson's Story of Brokenness

Actress Brenda Epperson draws upon her broken past and time in Hollywood on TV’s The Young and the Restless to minister to others searching for emotional healing.

Pam Erickson: Be the Answer to Someone's Prayers

Author Pam Erickson discusses the impact people can have by getting involved in the lives of others around them.

Kara Ericson: Addcted to Self-Injury

Kara Ericson shares the story of her struggle with an addiction to self-injury and what she does to fight it.

Author Shannon Ethridge's Response to "50 Shades of Grey"

Author Shannon Ethridge shares her thoughts on maintaining a healthy marriage, and why she believes “50 Shades of Grey” generated so much interest among Christian women.

Shannon Ethridge: Completely Forgiven

It's unlikely situation -- treating the person who killed your wife as though she were family. However, to Gary Jarster, Shannon Ethridge had become like a daughter.

Chad Eubank: All Heart

It takes 8 seconds to make a champion in the world of bull riding. However, it took cowboy Chad Eubank years before he realized that he was already a winner in God's eyes.

Anthony Evans: "The Voice" Contestant Sings the Truth

A contestant from season two of NBC’s “The Voice,” Anthony discusses his faith and desire to reach the unchurched.

Marguerite Evans: The New Wave of Soaking Prayer

Marguerite Evans discusses soaking prayer and an upcoming conference led by John and Carol Arnott.

Mike Evans: The Battle for Israel's Survival

The documentary producer and best-selling author discusses his experiences writing and filming in Israel and why now is a critical time to keep Israel in prayer.

Bill Ewing: Do You Dare to Make Contact?

Fifty years ago, five missionaries dared to reach out to the most savage tribe in history. Now, their story is being told on the silver screen.

Gideon Ezra: Minister of Tourism Beckons Travelers

Gideon Ezra, the minister of tourism for Israel, says he has seen a marked increase in visitors to the Holy Land despite the recent conflicts.

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Rev. Jonathan Falwell Helps Get Your Prayer Life in Order

Thomas Road Baptist Church’s Senior Pastor Jonathan Falwell shares wisdom on how an effective prayer life can change hearts and lives.

Dave Farrow: Mind Over Memory

At 14, Dave Farrow was diagnosed with hyperactive disorder and dyslexia. He chose to defy labels, overcame learning challenges and achieved the Guinness Record in memory. Now he teaches others how to improve memory and performance.

Terry Febler and the Fear of Money

This businessman was turned off by affluence as a young man. His life later took a turn that changed his perspective on wealth… and everything else!

William Federer: The History of Christmas Traditions

Historian and author William Federer discusses the history of St. Nicholas and digs deeper into other familiar Christmas traditions.

Bruce Feiler Shares Secrets of a Happy Family

Best-selling author Bruce Feiler shares tips from his latest book, 'The Secrets of Happy Families.'

Shaunti Feldhahn: Revealing the Inner Lives of Men

They say women and men are from two different planets. If you've wondered what's going on inside his head, author Shaunti Feldhahn has the answer.

Leah Feldon: 'Does This Make Me Look Fat?!'

The clothes you're wearing right now may be making you look bigger than you really are. Don't get arrested by the fashion police! Stylist Leah Feldon is here to help you with your wardrobe malfunctions.

Robert Ferguson: Living Lean

Robert Ferguson blends fitness, nutrition and motivation so people can live leaner longer.

Cristina Ferrare on Home and Family

The former supermodel and cosmetics spokesperson talks about her latest book, Cristina Ferrare's Big Bowl of Love and her new show, Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel.

Doug Fields: 7 Ways to Be Her Hero

Author Doug Fields believes husbands play a key role in their marriages thriving and not just surviving. Hear how men can be the hero God is calling them to be.

Roy Fields: Worship Leader Roy Fields Sings Praises Around the World

Worship Leader Roy Fields knew from a young age his God-given musical gifts would someday be used to glorify God, but he had no idea it would take him this far.

Roy and Melanie Fields: Ministry Couple Longs for Revival

Roy and Melanie Fields discuss their international music ministry and their desire to see revival sweep the nations.

How Fieldy Got the Life

Tim Branson talks with the Korn bassist about his former addictions, his new salvation and why he's staying with the band.

Joan Fitzgerald: In The Authority of His Name

You don't have to be on The 700 Club to have an amazing story! Minister Joan Fitzgerald wants to help you get a miraculous healing in your life.

Theresa Flores: The Sex-Slave Across the Street

Survivor and Author Theresa Flores shares her story of trafficking and slavery while living in an upper-middle class suburb of Detroit Michigan.

Vonetta Flowers: Olympic Golden Girl on Ice

Vonetta Flowers was the first African-American to win a gold medal in a Winter Olympics. In 2002, she earned the gold for the U.S. women's bobsledding team, a sport she had never considered until she failed to qualify for a previous Olympics as a track and field athlete.

Kimberly Floyd: Seven Dress Sizes Later

Kim Floyd dealt with any emotion by eating. She weighed 240 pounds and woke up to chest pains one morning. That was the first day of her decision to turn to God for emotional support and turn away from unhealthy eating. Author, MoneyWise Weight Loss

Peter Fokos: 'Dance Praise'

Did you know that playing a popular arcade game can help you lose lots of pounds? Peter Fokos, founder of the digital dance game, "Dance Praise" will show you how.

for KING & COUNTRY: How Music Makes a Difference

Dove Award winners for KING & COUNTRY visit The 700 Club studio and perform Christmas carols.

Dale & Jena Forehand: On Her Way Out, God Found His Way In

Dale shares about the day he packed Jena's bags, took them to driveway and how God was was able step in and heal their relationship.

George Foreman on Fatherhood

Soctt Ross talks with the legendary boxer about his role as "Dad."

Kimberly Foss: Getting the Most Out of Your Tax Return

Financial expert and author Kimberly Foss offers tips on how to save money this tax season.

Stan Foster: Redemption in Hollywod

A Tour of Duty actor got a word from God that led him to be a writer and producer for CBS, FOX, MTV, Disney, and more.

Barbara Franklin: Her Cart Runneth Over

Her savvy grocery shopping got her a spot on Oprah's couch. However, it's her generosity towards the poor that warmed America's hearts.

DeVon Franklin: Produced by Faith

Hollywood movie executive DeVon Franklin encourages Christians to live their faith both at home and in the workplace.

Kirk Franklin: The Blueprint

Kristi Watts sits down with the Gospel music artist to talk about his new book and how to live above any of life's storms.

Jentezen Franklin: Praying in God's Power

Author and pastor Jentezen Franklin shares strategies for tapping in to the power of prayer.

Cammy Franzese: This Thing of Ours

Cammy Franzese shares about her faith and what life was like being the wife of former mob boss Michael Franzese. Her latest book on her life ie titled, "This Thing of Ours."

The Frazees: Liberty University’s Triple Threat

Megan, Molly and Moriah draw attention to themselves wherever they go. Is it their 6-feet tall frames or the fact that these triplets are prime athletes on the college basketball courts?

David & Nancy French: Following the Call of God

David left his job as a lawyer to go to Iraq as JAG officer while Nancy stayed home to 'wage a war' on the family debt. The couple share what they learned from this experience.

Chris Freytag: The Two-Week Turnaround

It only takes two weeks to turn your body around. Fitness expert Chris Freytag shows you how.

Bobby Friedman: Remembering Holocaust Survivors

He wrote a historical novel based on the life of his mother, Anne Altenhaus Friedman, and her sister, Mina, and their survival of the Holocaust.

Dennis Fritz: Vindicated

He was wrongly accused and sent to prison for a crime he didn't commit. See how this ordinary man from Ada, Oklahoma, learned the true meaning of justice.

Millard Fuller: The House That Love Built

He is the founder of Habitat for Humanity and will discuss his new ministry The Fuller Center for Housing, its success and why he is starting over after building homes for a million people worldwide; plus a newly released book about his life.

Richie Furay: What It's Worth

As a founding member of Buffalo Springfield, Richie Furay fathered country rock and roll. Today he shares the toll reaching stardom took on his marriage.

Newsboys' Peter Furler on Keeping Love Alive

When Peter Furler and Summer Le Fevre met and married, they seemed like the perfect couple. She was the daughter of music legend Mylon LeFevre, and he was the frontman for the wildly popular newsboys. However, behind the fame, their marriage was falling apart. Go behind the music with the Furlers and see what put them back in harmony.

Dr. Richard Furman: Turn Back the Clock on Aging!

Retired surgeon Dr. Richard Furman will share three simple changes you can make to turn back the clock on aging and lead a healthier lifestyle.

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Dennis and Candace Gaines: Miracle Baby

Dennis and Candace join us in the studio to recount their story of the baby inside of Candace which had no heartbeat for three weeks. The family stood firm in their faith that God would save their baby as doctors were telling them Candace's life was at risk the longer the 'dead' baby remained in her womb.

Peter Gammons: Praying for Philippine Political Leaders

The Florida pastor who has spoken into the lives of the last five presidents of the Philippines discusses the results of the Filipino national elections, which took place Monday, May 10, 2004.

Joe Gandolfo: Tax Consultation for the Wealthy

The financial expert discusses how to get ready for April 15th.

Graham Gano: 'Praise God No Matter What'

With the high turnover rate of placekickers in the NFL, Graham Gano of the Redskins keeps himself grounded by relying on his faith in Jesus Christ.

Alicia Williamson Garcia: Worship on God's Terms

Alicia found a deeper relationship with Christ through her trial with cancer. Now, she ministers to thousands of women through speaking and singing with the Women in Worship ministry.

Lakita Garth: Sexual Purity in the Real World

She's serious about saving sex for marriage, and author/speaker Lakita Garth wants teens and adults alike to know that virginity is not only pratical but possible.

Joe Gibbs: Leaving a Legacy

The championship-winning coach shares the triumphs and struggles of his career and talks about his rise to the Hall of Fame.

Mel Gibson 'Recut'

700 Club Producer Scott Ross talks with Mel Gibson about the opposition he experienced after releasing The Passion of the Christ; why he decided to release The Passion Recut; why he was surprisingly not disappointed by this year's Oscar results; and why his faith in God is his ultimate passion.

Kathie Lee Gifford: Life Beyond Morning TV

Since leaving her co-hosting job on Live with Regis and Kathie Lee the summer of 2000 to spend more time with family, Kathie Lee has been involved in other exciting projects, including her book and CD called Gentle Grace, which released in May.

Guy Gilchrist: Cartoonist Draws Inspiration from Faith

Guy Gilchrist used to draw cartoons to escape his difficult childhood. After years of working as a professional cartoonist, Guy now uses his gift to teach others about Christ.

John Gilman Journeys to India After Receiving a Vision from God

John Gilman, Founder of Dayspring International, shares how God transformed his life with a prayer and a vision.

Anne Gimenez: Marking Your Children for God

Bishop Anne Gimenez returns to The 700 Club to give insight on parenting your children in the Lord.

John and Anne Gimenez: The 400-Year Covenant

On April 29, 2007, thousands of people are expected on the shores of Virginia Beach to mark the 400th anniversary of the first landing of English settlers in America.

Robin Givens: Truly Knowing God

She debuted on The Cosby Show and went on to television and film success. But during her very painful and public divorce, Robin Givens had to find her source of strength.

Keri Glassman: Healthy and Beautiful - Inside and Out

Nutrition expert and author Keri Glassman translates cutting-edge science into an easy-to-do program that will leave dieters energetic, healthy and beautiful - inside and out.

Linda Goff: Losing Weight on a Budget

Author Linda Goff shares her secret to losing 150 pounds and maintaining a healthy lifestyle afterwards. She also reveals how she lost the weight without expensive fad diets or weight loss programs that require you to sign contracts.

Danny Gokey: Find Purpose in Your Darkest Moments

Singer, author and former American Idol contestant Danny Gokey returns to The 700 Club to discuss his new book, Hope in Front of Me.

Claudia Gonzalez: The Latino Guide to Healthy Eating

Step away from the Taco Bell and into a diet that consists of authentic Latino foods. Spokeswoman Claudia Gonzalez gives pointers on helping your family eat healthier south of the border.

L. A. Dodger Adrian Gonzalez Not Defined by Baseball

4-time baseball All-Star Adrian Gonzalez shares his method to maintaining a balanced perspective on life while being being a superstar athlete and playing in Los Angeles.

Jon Gordon: Stop Complaining

When Jon lost his job, almost went bankrupt, and his wife threatened to leave him, he was drawn to the New Age culture and Buddhism for direction. But it wasn't until he asked God for a sign - and got one - that his life really turned around. Author, The No Complaining Rule.

Kate Gosselin: 'Eight Little Faces'

In her book, Kate shares some of those insights, her favorite Scripture verses, and some never before seen family photos.

Matt Goulding: Enjoy Comfort Foods Without the Guilt

Food and nutrition expert Matt Goulding shares how you can enjoy comfort foods without the guilt.

Jamie Grace: Coming Home For Christmas

Contemporary Christian singer/songwriter Jamie Grace shares an update on her music career in her return to The 700 Club. She also sings "I'll Be Home for Christmas."

Chris Graebe: Heavenly Father Opens Doors

Chris says God provided opportunities for him to live out his dream. MTV producers recast him in the new Road Rules Series. You may also recognize Chris from Battle Of The Sexes: II.

Franklin Graham: The Legacy of Billy Graham

Billy Graham's son Franklin will discuss his father's recent book, "Nearing Home."

Ruth Graham: Fear Not Tomorrow

The daughter of Billy Graham discusses how to break free of anxiety and trust God in uncertain circumstances.

Anne Graham-Lotz: Wounded by God's People

Author and speaker Anne Graham Lotz discusses strategies to overcome the offenses in life that can derail our spiritual growth...offenses suffered at the hands of 'God's people.'

Natalie Grant: Dare to Be a World Changer

Christian Music's Natalie Grant and author Charlotte Gambill discuss their work to help victims of human trafficking.

Steve Gray: Addressing Empty Pews

Steve Gray passionately wants church people to see how to change what he calls "absurd religion" into the authentic presence of God. Author, My Absurb Religion.

Joey Green: Wacky Uses for Brand Name Products

The author discusses money-saving tips and gives cleaning solutions and other wacky uses for brand name household products.

Mart Green: Going Above and 'Beyond'

Mart Green has made it his life's mission to tell the compelling stories of Christianity and the cultures of the world. He is on The 700 Club to discuss Beyond the Gates of Splendor, his documentary the five slain missionaries to Ecuador, and his brand new project The End of the Spear.

Conor Grennan: Bringing Home the Little Princes

While volunteering at an orphanage in Nepal, Conor learned about the reality of human trafficking and knew he had to do something to help.

Douglas Gresham and the Chronicles of C.S. Lewis

The author of the Narnia series touched millions with his novels. Here's an intimate look at the writer from someone who knew him best -- his stepson.

Dr. Anthony Griffin on the Benefits of Plastic Surgery

It's a risky but Dr. Griffin has been performing plastic surgery for years. He's here to show us how getting a little work done can improve your life.

LaShell Griffin: Born to Sing

She had an incredible voice but she put her dreams on the shelf to be a wife and mother. That was until Oprah came calling...

Sandy Griffin's Secret Addiction with Food

Sandy didn’t want to, but kept stuffing herself with food in order to fill an emotional void. She lived with that sick “I've eaten too much” feeling, woke up with it in the morning and went to bed with it at night.

Wendy Griffith: You Are a Prize to Be Won

CBN News anchor and 700 Club co-host Wendy Griffith shares her personal experience of finding true value in Christ, the message of her new book, You are a Prize to be Won.

Sara Groves: A Song in Due Season

The Grammy nominated songwriter talks with Tim Branson about the burnout that lead to her hiatus in 2003.

Robert & Casey Guerrero: From Title Fights to Fighting for Life

The Grammy nominated songwriter talks with Tim Branson about the burnout that lead to her hiatus in 2003.

Michael Guillen: Can Faith and Logic Co-Exist?

Can a smart person believe in God? That's the topic and the title of the new book by Michael Guillen, Ph.D. He was the national science correspondent for ABC-TV, and as an atheist, he wrestled with balancing God and reason. Soon, his scientific studies led him to an unexpected discovery -- God is real! See his interview on The 700 Club, and take his quiz on to see what your "SQ" is.

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Julie Hadden's Fat Chance

She's half the woman she used to be, and that's a good thing. The Biggest Loser's Julie Hadden shares how she lost 100 pounds without surgery.

Rebecca Hagelin on 'Cultural Terrorism'

The author of Home Invasion discusses how today's culture has invaded the American family and what you can do to reclaim the innocence of your children.

Sara Hagerty: Finding Sweetness in the Bitter Things of Life

Author Sara Hagerty shares about the ten-year dry spell she experienced in her spiritual walk and what she learned from it when emerging on the other side.

Fredrick Hahn: Strengthening Our Youth

Fred Hahn has the solution for childhood obesity - get those kids into an appropriate weight training program. On The 700 Club, two children under age 12 demonstrate the weight training with him. Author, Strong Kids, Healthy Kids.

Mandy Hale: Finding Satisfaction As “The Single Woman”

Author Mandy Hale shares insights on how to flourish as an unmarried adult.

Matt Harmon: Addicted to Self-Injury

Matt Harmon shares his story about his struggle with addiction to self-injury and what he does to fight it.

Thomas Hamill: Escape From Iraq

Kidnapped in Iraq on Good Friday, Thomas made headlines 23 days later when he escaped and found U.S. troops, who provided a safe haven until his return home to the United States.

Bethany Hamilton: Shark Attack Victim Still Making Waves

It has been nearly a year since surfing champ Bethany Hamilton was viciously attacked by a tiger shark, and she still points to God as her source of strength.

Josh Hamilton's Fight with the Devil

Josh Hamilton began his successful baseball career in 1999 as the number one draft pick of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. With little success as a highly touted prospect, Josh was fighting the devil in nightmarish dreams.

Scott Hamilton: A Miracle on Ice

Despite his success, recent career challenges and a battle with cancer had Scott skating on thin ice.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Living G-Free

The View co-host talks with Wendy Griffith about faith and family in the media spotlight as well as her health problems that led to a revolutionary diet.

Josh Hamilton: The Baseball Star's Rise to Recovery

He was a minor league player with a major league problem. At home, Josh Hamilton was about to strike out. Then, his wife got a message from God...

Regie Hamm: Angels and American Idols

The songwriter responsible for I Surrender All and American Idol favorite Time of My Life talks about his faith and his career.

Michelle McKinney Hammond: Mending a Broken Heart

Author and speaker Michelle McKinney Hammond shares how to heal after a relationship has ended so your breakup doesn’t leave you feeling broken.

Dr. Bill Hamon on Dealing with Hidden Sin in the Church

In his new book “How Can These Things Be?” Dr. Bill Hamon tackles the issue of ministers who commit major sin in their personal lives.

Jane Hamon: The Making of a Prophet

Today, Jane Hamon speaks the word of the Lord all over the world. Not many know that she came from humble beginnings and overcame a shameful past.

Bob Hamrin on How to Be a Great Dad

They say any guy can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a Dad. Author Bob Hamrin shows you how through his ministry.

Kenny Hansmire: New Initiatives to Keep Kids Safe

The Director of National Child Identification Kenny Hansmire shares about his latest initiatives to keep kids safe.

On Par with Tracy Hanson

In golf, characteristics like grace, power, confidence, and calm come to mind. But according to LPGA Golfer Tracy Hanson, they’re not enough. After 13 years of ups and downs, she’s on a whole new course.

The Harding Family: Parenting the Brainy Bunch

Kip and Mona Lisa Harding discuss how they prepared six of their ten children for college by the time they were 12-years-old.

Harolds Find Lasting Love Through 'Love Talk' Principles

It was the third marriage for both Tony and Yolanda Harold, and it looked like they were both headed for divorce court after only about three years. Then they discovered principles of communication taught by Les and Leslie Parrott through their church's marriage class, and the Harolds are now enjoying a happy marriage.

Dr. David Harrell: A Forgotten History

The retired history professor will discuss the need to put religion back into the teaching of our nation's founding.

Michael & Sebastian Harris: Searching for the Titanic

Michael Harris spent years pondering the life and death of the 1507 men and women who died on the Titanic in 1912. However, in his explorations, he found more than just the sunken remains of a ship.

Ron Harris: On the Ropes

The Harris Brothers were dangerous in the ring, but Ron Harris was wrestling with an even deeper issue in his personal life.

Ken Harrison: Be a Victor Instead of a Victim!

Author Ken Harrison draws from his experience as a police officer, business mogul, and faithful husband of 24 years to share secrets of success and finding joy in his new book, Victors and Victims.

Betsy Hart: Life After Divorce

Syndicated columnist Betsy Hart shares her personal experience of recovery from divorce into a future of hope and peace.

Sam Haskell: 'Promises I Made My Mother'

Sam has presented many popular shows as worldwide head of TV for the William Morris Agency. His mom's teachings on faith and integrity fueled his success. Author, Promises I Made My Mother.

Leslie Haskin: Escaping Tower One

“It was the ugliest and most dreadful thing I had ever witnessed.” Leslie Haskin remembers the panic and terror of the 9/11 tragedy, and she saw it all from her office window in the World Trade Center.

Judge Hatchett: Dare To Take Charge

The Honorable Judge Glenda Hatchett steps off the bench to talk about her new book, Dare to Take Charge.

Jen Hatmaker on the Pressure of Having It All

In her new book For the Love, blogger, mom, and star of HGTV's My Big Family Renovation Jen Hatmaker shares how she broke free from the pressuree of living up to impossible standards.

Julia Griggs Havey: Break Bad Eating Habits

Julia lost 130 pounds and has kept it off for ten years. Now, she shares what she learned to help others keep the extra weight off for good.

Dave Hawk: Common Sense Fitness

Dave Hawk's professional bodybuilding career brought him titles such as Mr. USA, Mr. World and Mr. Universe. He shares his passion and tips for a healthy lifestyle.

Martha Hawkins on How to Use Holiday Leftovers

The owner of Martha's Place shows Pat and Terry how to make delicious meals with your Thanksgiving leftovers.

Dr. Jack Hayford: Defeating Evil with Prayer

Pastor and author Jack Hayford discusses the strategies he has learned for engaging and defeating evil through prayer.

Seni Hazzan: Building Wealth

The author of Rebuilding from Ground Zero discusses his journey from Nigeria to the United States where he has earned a Yale degree and has built a successful business.

Daryl Heald: Generosity as a Lifestyle

God loves a cheerful giver who gives out of joy and not out of compulsion. Learn how you can be a generous giver no matter what your income and hear our guest Daryl Heald share testimonies of how God has blessed some faithful givers.

Victoria Hearst on Faith and Helping Others

Victoria Hearst, granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst details her faith journey and talks abouty her humanitarian work with Operation Blessing in Japan.

Brandon Heath: 'Give Me Your Eyes'

Brandon Heath gained fame in the Christian worship music community with his hit song, Give Me Your Eyes. Community and relief work are at the core of who Brandon is both as a private person and public figure.

Diane & Gary Heavin: Going Undercover to Give Back

The founders of Curves participate in ABC's Secret Millionaire program to help out an impoverished neighborhood and share this experience on The 700 Club.

Gary Heavin: Founder of Curves INternational Now Pilots New Mission

Gary Heavin, founder and former CEO of Curves International shares his work on faith-based films and his life as a pilot flying international aid.

Nancy Heche: When the Truth Comes Out

The author comes to The 700 Club to discuss how God’s grace led her through losing her husband to AIDS, the death of two children, and her daughter’s public lesbian affair.

Malcolm Hedding: Why Christians are Indebted to Israel

Pat Robertson talks with the executive director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, Malcolm Hedding, about the need for Christians to support Israel.

Chad Hedrick: The Heart of an Olympian

He has bronze and silver medals from the Vancouver and Torina Olympic games, but family means the most to this speed skater.

Amy Hendel: Happy Healthy Holidays

The author of Fat Families, Thin Families discusses enjoying Thanksgiving without gaining weight.

Chad Hennings: Rules of Engagement

The author and former athlete talks about forming supportive, mentoring relationships.

Heather French Henry: Miss America 2000

The former Miss America and champion for homeless veterans talks about overcoming personal tragedies. She discusses her young daughter's sickness scare and her husband's surgery to eradicate his cancer, and she talks about the day she accidentally hit a bicyclist. Above all, she notes the importance of listening to and following the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

April Hernandez-Castillo: Finding God

April, a hollywood actress, April how her boyfriend's salvation led to her own Jesus experience.

Steve Hess: Get Fit Like an NBA Star

Denver Nuggets trainer Steve Hess talks about the secret weapon that will enhance your workout.

Howard Hewett: A New Kind of Love Song

As part of the R&B sensation Shalamar, Howard Hewett knew how to sing about romance. However, it took divine intervention to teach him how to make it work in real life.

Marilyn Hickey: 'Wow' Faith

The evangelist and author looks at faith in God as a process, not as a way to get quick results, and she explains how we can get our prayers answered.

Marybeth Hicks: Teachable Moments

Author and mother of four, Marybeth Hicks offers guidance for parents’ tough questions in a culture that glamorizes promiscuity and corruption.

Randy Hicks: Scared Straight

A drug addict and dealer, Randy OD'd and believes he experienced the afterlife.

J.D. Hill: Catch the Vision

He was an NFL star who wound up in a crack house. See J.D. Hill's miracle story.

Dr. Tim Hill: Noted Theologian on the State of Christianity Worldwide

Dr. Tim Hill will discuss the current trends in Christianity around the world.

Michael Hingson: Thunder Dog

Michael shares the story of how he and his guide dog Roselle made it down from the 78th floor of the WTC after the terrorist attacks on 9/11/01.

Benny Hinn Witnesses Miracles in Indonesia

Evangelist Benny Hinn discusses the miraculous healings that the Lord did while he ministered in Papua, Indonesia.

Chantel Hobbs: Brain Change Brings Lasting Weight Loss

Chantel found a new lifestyle of healthy eating and fitness after maxing out at 349 pounds. Her change came when she surrendered to Christ to fight the battle for her. Author, Never Say Diet and Never Say Diet Personal Fitness Trainer.

Dan and Ginny Hobson: 'Passion' Artwork

At one point, this couple faced bankruptcy, but after receiving a word of knowledge through Pat Robertson on The 700 Club in 1984, the Hobsons have a thriving business. Now Dan is an official product licensee for Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion of The Christ.

Todd Hoffman: Discovery's Gold Rush Star on finding True Treasure

Businessman Todd Hoffman took a chance on finding gold in the midst of economic challenges.

Kris Hogan: Hogan's Heroes Fill Football Stands

Coach Kris Hogan led Grapevine Faith Christian School's football team and fans to several championships, but the most memorable game of all took place when they played the football team from the maximum security correctional facility.

Paul and Lori Hogan: Help at Home for Aging Parents

With a God-given vision, Paul and Lori Hogan started a company that offers non-medical home care and elder companionship services to help seniors live independently at home.

Christian Hosoi: Leading an Uprising

He was nicknamed "Christ" before he knew what the word really meant. Terry Meeuwsen interviews skateboarding legend Christian Hosoi on how he flew so high and landed so low.

Stacy Hord: A New Vision for Dating

Dating after divorce can be difficult. This former Mrs. Missouri suggests singles take time to heal from past wounds and find their new love in Christ.

Matt and Suzy Hoover: The Happiest 'Losers'

Matt and Suzy met as contestants on NBC's Biggest Loser, Season Two (2005). It wasn't love at first sight, but as they lost weight, they grew fond feelings for each other.

Damien Horne: The Saint of MuzikMafia

Amongst the musical outlaws of country's "MuzikMafia", there is Damien Horne -- an artist with a message of hope, love and forgiveness… all of which are a far cry from the world in which he grew up.

Bill Horan: The Dangers in Darfur

The Bible says, "For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven." This is the season of suffering for the people of Darfur. The time to help them is now.

Christian Hosoi: Leading an Uprising

When this skater catches air, it looks divine, but there is more driving Christian Hosoi than skateboarding.

Israel Houghton Puts Jesus at the Center

Dynamic worship leader Israel Houghton joins us live to provide an update on his ministry and perform in the studio.

Brian Houston on Living Boldly

In his new book Live, Love, Lead, founder and Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church Brian Houston shares the secret of living a more fulfilling life..

Dr. Mark Houston: Guard Your Heart

Cardiologist Mark Houston shares his thoughts on heart disease and what your doctor may not be telling you.

Clark Howard: Manage Your Money Wisely

Financial expert Clark Howard shares strategies for saving and managing your money.

Rodney Howard-Browne and The Great Awakening

The evangelist talks about his new tour and the need for Christians to take The Great Commission to heart.

Mark and Kristen Howerton: Loving The Little Children of the World

The Howerton's share their experience of adopting children from Haiti and why it's important to them to go beyond borders to adopt.

Gov. Mike Huckabee: Reversing Type-II Diabetes

When his friend, former Gov. Frank White, whom he had seen just days before, died suddenly of a heart attack, Gov. Huckabee resolved to change his diet and lifestyle. In about 10 months, he lost 105 pounds.

George Huff: Born to Sing

The American Idol star shares music from his heart on The 700 Club. "My life is based on nothing but miracles."

Karen Hughes: Life Since Washington

The advisor to President George W. Bush who served 18 months at the White House and then left to attend to her family talks to Terry Meeuwsen about her latest book, Ten Minutes from Normal, and what God is doing in her life now.

Dr. Ben Hugo: Younger Skin without Surgery

Do you think looking younger means going under the knife? Think again. Dr. Ben Hugo talks with Terry about simple techniques that tap into that fountain of youth.

Mary Hunt: Best Ways to Save Time and Money This Year

Best selling author Mary Hunt joins us to share tips on saving time and money.

Zach Hunter: Chivalry in the 21st Century

Author Zach Hunter challenges people to live life as a quest with an emphasis on integrity. Plus, a stranger prays for a man in a wheelchair and a miracle follows.

Evelyn Husband: Remembering the Shuttle Tragedy

The widow of astronaut Rick Husband discusses her faith after the space shuttle Columbia tragedy.

Dr. Mark Hyman: The Blood Sugar Solution

Dr. Hyman discusses the growing problem with diseases related to diet and other key information from his new book,The Blood Sugar Solution.

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Jason Illian: The Naked Truth about Dating

Single ladies, if you think men don't have a clue, meet Jason Illian. This former contestent on The Bachelorette debunks the myths and misconceptions about relationships.

James Ingram: Never Let Go

The song dearest to Grammy winner, James Ingram's heart is Don’t Let Go, a song based on his father’s legacy of living the Christian faith. He told James and his siblings not to let go of it.

Dr. David Ireland: A Happier You

Dr. Ireland pastors a church of 5,000 members who, collectively, lost thousands of pounds... and they did it all by learning the secret to happiness.

Kathy Ireland: Help for Busy Moms

Kathy Ireland, former supermodel, is married with three children and is the CEO of a successful design business. She faces the same struggles and challenges that many busy moms encounter. Author, Real Solutions for Busy Moms.

Christmas with the Irish Tenors

The Irish Tenors sing the Christmas standard, "We Three Kings" from The 700 Club studios in Virginia Beach, VA.

Diane Irons: Beauty Inside and Out

Think that a day at the spa is out of your reach? Fashion and Beauty expert Diane Irons will show you some low-cost beauty recipes that you can do at home and share her diet-free secrets to weight loss.

Abraham Israel: Feeding the Least of These

The poor may always be with us. However, one businessman is making sure that -- at least in Israel -- they will always have a hot meal.

Oscar Isaac: His Name is Joseph

You've seen The Passion of the Christ. Now see the story from the beginning. Oscar Isaac discusses the upcoming Nativity movie and his role as Joseph.

Director Brian Ivie's Transformation

As he was directing his latest documentary film “The Drop Box,” Brian Ivie’s life was transformed when he learned the stories of lives saved by a Korean pastor’s mission to provide a home for abandoned babies.

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Cindy Jacobs: Prayer Needed for Global Economies 2008

Do you want to see the Holy Spirit move in your life in a real, tangible way? Cindy Jacobs knows how and will share her testimony of living in the super-natural.

Edward Jackowski: 'Jump into Fitness'

Did you remember playing with a jump rope as a child? Who knew that it was one of the best kept secrets in health and fitness? Edward Jackowski says that jumping rope can be your key to unlock weight loss.

Denise Jackson's All in All

The wife of famous Country singer Alan Jackson and author of It's All About Him talks about the near failure of her marriage and how God restored that love relationship.

Bishop Harry Jackson: Why It Is Important to Pray for America

Bishop Harry Jackson continues CBN's 51 Days of Prayer for America by taking a look at why it is important to pray for our nation.

Victoria Jackson: Comedy Missionary

Victoria Jackson, who starred on Saturday Night Live for six seasons, sees the entertainment industry as a mission field. She encourages Christians to stop complaining and be pro-active in changing what they don't like about today's entertainment.

Serita & Sarah Jakes: Empowering Women for the Kingdom

Mother-daughter ministry team Serita & Sarah Jakes share about their outreach to women.

T.D. Jakes: Discovering Your God-Designed Destiny

Bishop T.D. Jakes explains how to know what God designed you to do by discovering your destiny.

Bishop T.D. Jakes on Love, Life and Racial Tension

The 700 Club’s Scott Ross talks with Bishop T.D. Jakes about the role the church needs to play in easing racial tensions.

Dr. Gregory Jantz: Healthy Habits for Healthy Kids

In today's fast food culture, eating right can difficult even for the most attentive parent. Dr. Gregory Jantz shares his tips on how to make health a family affair.

Rhoda Janzen: Deep in the Arms of the Lord

After her husband abandoned their marriage for another man, best-selling author Rhoda Janzen struggled to find joy in life.

The Making and Molding of Jars of Clay

The band performs their new single "Two Hands" and talks about their music and ministry.

Lee Jenkins on Money

This managing partner in an investment firm offers real solutions to the financial challenges we face today.

Buddy Jewell: Sweet Southern Comfort

He is a country music singer who claimed the title of Nashville Star. Buddy Jewell sits down with The 700 Club to talk about his rocky road to faith and music success.

Kari Jobe: True Worship

Worship leader and singer Kari Jobe shares her experience of true worship coming from a response  to the love of God.

Sujo John: September 11, 2001... A Survivor's Story

He was inside of Tower 1 when the first plane hit on September 11th. Now, nine years later, Sujo John spreads the Gospel of a God who saves.

Former Planned Parenthood Leader Abby Johnson on Life Unplanned

She was once pro-choice until one fateful day that made her quit her job.

Beni Johnson: The Power of Prayer and Intercession

Co-founder of Redding California's Bethel Church Beni Johnson shares insights on the power of prayer.

Bill Johnson: The Essential Guide to Healing

Pastor and author Bill Johnson shares how people can receive healing and learn to pray for healing in the lives of others.

The Awakening of Le'Andria Johnson

This Grammy-winning singer shares her story of overcoming obstacles to achieve success.

Willie Jolley: Turning Setbacks Into Comebacks

Author and speaker Willie Jolley shares how to overcome disappointment and achieve a new life.

Howard Jonas: From Hotdogs to Fortune 1000

The founder of IDT Corporation discusses his latest book, I'm Not the Boss, I Just Work Here, a personal exploration of how following biblical principles ensures morality and prosperity.

Brian Jones: Hell Is Real

Author and pastor Brian Jones shares his story of coming to a belief in the reality of hell when for so long he refused to accept it.

Dennis R. Jones: Overcoming Challenges

With faith and determination, Dennis R. Jones has spent his life defeating obstacles. He explains his strategy.

George Jones: Living to Tell It All

Scott Ross interviews the famous recording artist to talk about his music, his checkered past, and his recent groundedness in God. Go behind the scenes of this television interview to what we didn't show you on The 700 Club.

Jarrod Jones: Lust Will Never Satisfy

Jarrod will discuss how he overcame inappropriate sexual relationships and the common sin of lust that affects most men. Author, 13 Ways to Ruin Your Life.

Track and Field Icon Marion Jones

Once known as the world's fastest woman, Marion Jones sits down with The 700 Club's Scott Ross to discuss what her incarceration experience taught her and what needs to change about our prison system.

Dr. Peter Jones: The Da Vinci Dilemma

The seminary professor says that Dan Brown's popular novel, The Da Vinci Code, is not simply a fictional work, but rather propaganda meant to undermine the Christian faith.

Christy Jordan's Southern Plate

The author shares her family's favorite holiday comfort food.

Daniel Jordan: Eat Healthy, Eat Quick

You can prepare healthy meals in a matter of minutes. Let bodybuilder and former Marine Daniel Jordan show you how.

Dilip Joseph, MD: This Doctor Survived Being Kidnapped by the Taliban

Dr. Dilip Joseph was serving at a medical clinic in Afghanistan when he and his colleagues were kidnapped by the Taliban.

Donna Richardson Joyner's Body Gospel

Praise God and get a great workout too. Fitness expert Donna Richardson Joyner shows you how.

Ashley Judd: Soundin the Alarm on Human Trafficking

Actress Ashley Judd joins Terry Meeuwsen to discuss her worldwid efforts in raising awareness about the reality of human sex trafficking and how we can take a stand against it.

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Heart to Heart with Debbie K

She's a pop sensation in any language. Debbie K visits The 700 Club to sing and share about her international music ministry.

Miss America 2012, Laura Kaeppeler

The new Miss America discusses her platform of supporting children with incarcerated parents. Laura also chats with Terry Meeuwsen about the significance of being the first Miss America from Wisconsin since Terry won in 1973.

'DC Cupcakes' Hosts: Fall Cupcake Ideas

The 'DC Cupcakes' sisters return to discuss the importance of celebrating life's blessings with family and friends.

Steve and Elena Kapelonis: 'Pump' Up Your Diet

The owners of The Pump Energy Food restaurants in New York City, which cater to fitness buffs and celebrities alike, share their secrets to eating well.

Alisa Kaplan: Once a Victim, Now and Advocate

Author and activist Alisa Kaplan was once a victim of a violent sexual assault which made national headlines. Since overcoming the trauma, she became an advocate for other victims.

Jim Karas: Seven Days to a New You

Discusses fitness and how a positive change in our habits can translate into weight loss and more energy. Author, The 7-Day Energy Surge

Elizabeth Karmel Tames the Flame

Author and chef Elizabeth Karmel joins us to share food and grilling secrets for all to enjoy from her latest book,Taming the Flame.

Jan Karon's Return to Mitford

The popular author talks about her return to the best-selling Mitford books that showcase the importance of faith in everyday life.

Marlise Kast: The Truth Behind Tabloid Media

Getting the gossip. Dishing the dirt. Marlise Kast sold her soul in the cutthroat world of Hollywood reporting. Using a combination of charm and brains, she outwitted the rich and famous. Her biggest story is one she's never told, until now.

Mollie Katzen: 8 Simple Rules for Changing Your Diet

Eating healthy is not beyond your reach. There are many easy ways to kick your diet into high gear, and author Mollie Katzen will tell you how.

Hattie Kauffman: Falling Into Your Rightful Place

Author and journalist Hattie Kauffman shares her experience as a Native American who accepts the 'white man's God.'

Ellie Kay: Heroes at Home

Family financial expert Ellie Kay will discuss helping military families that are experiencing challenges.

Timothy Kay: Young Filmmaker Wins Full Scholarship

Teenager Tim Kay invested all his savings into his five-minute cinema production, which he entered in competition for a scholarship to film school.

Tim Keller: Counterfeit Gods

Power, sex, money... They are modern-day idols in our culture. Author and pastor Tim Keller explains how to avoid their snares.

Curtis 'Earthquake' Kelley: Saved by a Mother's Prayers

Intrigued by his family history of Voodoo involvement, Curtis journeyed down a path of spells, drugs, death and hell.

Fred Kelley: 'Peddlin For a Cure'

Fred Kelley lost 138 pounds and started a bike race to support cancer research after he nearly died of a heart attack.

Erin & Jill Kelly: Lessons Learned from Jim Kelly's Battle with Cancer

NFL Hall of Famer Jim Kelly’s wife Jill and daughter Erin share their family’s journey through his cancer battle and how they learned to be Kelly Tough.

NFL Hall of Famer Jim Kelly Reveal the Playbook for Dads

NFL Hall of Famer and former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly shares fatherhood advice from his new book, “The Playbook for Dads.”

Reggie Kelly: Taking God Off of the Backburner

Reggie Kelly put God on the backburner as he strove to be popular in high school, college and beyond. He chose drinking and partying; he was popular and an accomplished NFL football player, but felt emptiness in his soul.

Sarah Kelly: Where the Past Meets Today

Sarah Kelly sings about the battle scars of life that she knows all too well. As a survivor of abuse and rape, the Gotee recording artist visits The 700 Club to share her testimony of a troubled youth and a bright future.

Steve Kelly: Veteran Pastor Shared 10 Lessons on Leadership

Pastor and author Steve Kelly explains the ten hallmarks of leadership gleaned from his years as a church leader.

Candice Kelsey: Raising a MySpace Generation

How your teens portray themselves online may shock you. Author Candice Kelsey gives you the information necessary to safe-guard your kids in this digital age.

Jeff Kemp: Former NFL Quarterback Believes Every Trial is an Opportunity

Author Jeff Kemp equates his experience on the football field with facing blitzes in life. Jeff believes every trial is an opportunity, and faith, prayer, and vision are what make the difference.

Kimberley Kennedy: 'Left at the Altar'

Kimberley shares her story as a top ranked Atlanta TV news anchor who was publicly humiliated when her fiance backed out of their wedding the night of the rehearsal dinner. She has a powerful testimony for trusting only in God to never leave you or forsake you. Author, Left at the Altar.

Lynette Khalfani-Cox: The Money Coach

Lynette is called "The Money Coach" because she teaches people how to get financially fit, how to get out of debt, save more money, or reach future goals, such as paying for retirement, a first-home or your kids' college education. Author, Zero Debt.

Brian Kilmeade: The Value of Sports

The It's How You Play the Game author and Fox & Friends co-host discusses his collection of stories that show how sports have influenced America's greatest leaders.

Ben Kinchlow Returns to The 700 Club

Former 700 Club co-host visits the studio to share about his new book, 'Black Yellow Dogs,' and to reminisce about the history of CBN on the network's 52nd anniversary.

Alveda King Continues the Work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Author, speaker, and political activist Alveda C. King has a rich heritage and works to insure her uncle’s legacy and the principles and values her family hold are remembered.

Norman King: Sweet and Spicy Christmas Gifts

Southern Living's Norman King returns to The 700 Club to bring sweet and spicy gift ideas for the folks on your Christmas list.

Karen Kingsbury: The Queen of Christian Fiction Tells Her Story

They call her the 'Queen of Christian Fiction.' Author Karen Kingsbury has written more than 20 books, many of which have been on The New York Times Best-Seller List. Now she shares her deeply personal story of salvation.

David Kirkpatrick: Movie Pioneer Moves to a New Front

His movies have grossed over 10 billion dollars and earned 163 academy awards. David Kirkpatrick is a Hollywood executive who's responsible for the production of over 200 movies. He will discuss his career and what he's doing now to promote positive value entertainment.

Ronald Klatz: 121 Ways to Live 121

You'd be surprised how many options you have at your fingertips to slow the aging process. Dr. Klatz will show you how to stay youthful.

Fritz Kling: The Meeting of the Waters

The author discusses the global currents in missions that will propel the future Church.

Brian Kluth: Become a Cheerful Giver

What's the link between generosity and church prosperity? Pastor Brian Kluth explains this connection.

Tom Knox: Affordable Home Health Care Solutions for the Elderly

Founder of CareFamily Tom Knox shares how family caregivers can get direct help at home to care for their aging loved ones.

Marlene Koch: Secrets to a Healthy Dinner, Southern Style

Author Marlene Koch shares idea for eating more of what you live while simultaneously eating the foods you love.

Kim Koeller: Eat Out Anytime, Any Place

Celiac disease and other food allergies don't have to limit your dining experience. The author of Let's Eat Out tells you how to expand your eating options safely.

Daniel Kolenda: How Prayer Can Reach the Nations

Author and evangelist Daniel Kolenda shares how God is reaching the nations in 2013.

Thomas Kostigen: Do You Know How to Survive Extreme Weather?

Are you prepared for a hurricane? Blizzard? Tornado? Author Thomas Kostigen will show you how to prepare for any weather emergency.

Britt Koth: More Than a Pretty Face

She was the teen model on MTV's 8th & Ocean who wasn't afraid to to be a Christian in the fashion industry. Now Britt Koth shares her faith with The 700 Club.

Ray Kozlowski: Listening to God's Voice

Ray always wanted "respect", so he joined a local gang and started selling drugs.

Easy Eating with Ellie Krieger

The new year is no excuse to deprive yourself. Use Food Network cook Ellie Krieger's unique food plan to eat well and healthy.

Dr. Arnon Krongrad: Prostate Cancer

Dr. Arnon Krongrad pioneered less invasive, laparoscopic surgical means for treating prostate cancer. He founded The Krongrad Institute, a center dedicated to the treatment of prostate cancer.

Mitch Kruse: Family First

The businessman discusses what really mattered while building his family's renowned auction business into an industry leader.

Candice Kumai: Eating Healthy and Delicious Food

"The Stiletto Chef" shows us how we can eat healthy, delcious and inexpensive meals from her new cookbook, Pretty Delicious.

Ellen Kunes and Frances Largeman-Roth: The CarbLover's Diet

Pizza, pasta and breadsticks! These Health magazine editors share why carbs are okay for your diet and can make you thin.

Courtney Kupets: Get Back on the Bars

A career-ending injury threatened to put Courtney’s gymnastic dreams on the shelf. See how she bounced back to take home not one but two Olympic medals.

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Jim Labriola: Heart Improvement

Known for his recurring role as the delivery man on Home Improvement, Labriola shares his testimony and talks about the encouragement he gets from The 700 Club. He also has a new comedy CD entitled, 'Heart Improvement.'

Cheryl Ladd: God's 'Angel'

This "angel" used to answer to Charlie. Now she has a new boss. Cheryl Ladd chats with Lisa Ryan about being a pop culture icon and how her faith carried her through the heartache of fame.

Brenda Ladun: Surviving Cancer Reveals TV News Anchor's Purpose

Author and news anchor Brenda Ladun shares her experience of overcoming two bouts with breast cancer and how she encourages others facing obstacles.

John LaFramboise: Lift God Up, Not Man

John LaFramboise believes true revival can be found wherever God is getting the Glory. He sees God pouring out His Holy Spirit and he encourages believers to lift God up, not man.

Marcus & Joni Lamb's Leap of Faith

After being married only a year, the Lambs followed God’s calling to start a Christian television station. Over 30 years later, they are reaching over one billion people around the world through Daystar Television Network.

Rolando & Jeremy Lamb: NBA Father and Son Talk Winning On and Off the Court

Father and son Rolando and Jeremy Lamb share about having passion for God and basketball as Jeremy embarks on his rookie season as a member of the Houston Rockets.

Gina La Morte: Don't Be Afraid to Live Your Dreams

Author, Speaker and fashion expert Gina La Morte shares her faith and how God redeemed her life after the end of a difficult marriage.

Robia LaMorte: When Excess Leaves You Empty

Robia LaMorte had entered her dream life - performing in music videos and landing acting roles in Hollywood. Money was flowing, but her heart searched for something deeper.

Rachael Lampa: All We Need

Rachael returns to the Christian music scene with a new album, 'All We Need.'

Michael Landon, Jr.: The Ritual of the Sin Eater

Landon's new film, The Last Sin Eater, is the mysterious tale of a 10-year-old girl and her quest for forgiveness.

Beneath the Surface of Sylvia Lange

To everyone, she was perfect. However, underneath it all lied dark secrets. Tim Branson brings us the real Sylvia Lange that alcohol couldn't hide.

Missy Chase Lapin: The Sneaky Fitness Concept

The Sneaky Chef returns to teach you how to fit fitness into your child's daily routine.

Orthodox Rabbi Daniel Lapin: Clash of Destiny

Orthodox Rabbi Daniel Lapin  addresses the significance of the nation of Israel and why Christians should pray for the Holy Land.

Dr. Walt Larimore on Raising a 'Highly Healthy Teen'

Do you know where your teenager is? Today's teens are into violence, sex, drugs, and other destructive behaviors more now than ever before. Dr. Walt Larimore is here for a must-see interview for all parents. Learn how to save your son or daughter from the trappings of adolescence.

Tamara Laroux: Out of This World

She was broken and aimless and thought her only option was to put a gun to her heart. This is her story about what happened to her spirit in the moments after it vacated her body.

Michelle LaRowe is the 'Nanny to the Rescue'

Are your kids turning you into a 'desperate housewife'? Is discipline not working? Never fear. Nanny LaRowe is here, and she wants to help you raise happy, behaved children.

Rick Larson: The Star of Bethlehem

Author Rick Larson shares amazing scientific realities of the true Star of Bethlehem.

Laughing with Mark Christopher Lawrence

Comedian and actor Mark Christopher Lawrence performs his stand-up comedy and talks about holding faith in Hollywood.

Drs. Leachman and Young: How to Enjoy Total Heart Health

The doctor and the pastor have teamed up to help you guard your heart against cardiovascular disease.

Ryan and Amanda Leak: Viral Video Newlyweds Credit God As Inspiration

Ryan and Amanda got engaged and married in the same day and they shared their moment with over a million people.

Jennifer Tyler Lee: How to Make Healthy Food an Adventure for the Whole Family!

Author Jennifer Tyler Lee created a game of eating healthy foods as an answer to her kids’ finicky food choices. Learn how you can engage your family in eating a healthy diet.

Russ Lee: A Better Plan

Newsong frontman Russ Lee found grace in God after a youth full of drugs and bitterness.

Sandra Lee: Homemade Holiday Recipes

Give the holidays that homemade touch. The Food Network's Sandra Lee shares her secrets to a happy and healthy holiday meal.

Michael Leahy: Author of "Porn Nation"

Michael Leahy lost all he held dear because of his addiction to pornography. It's America's number one addiction.

Dr. Kevin Leman: How to Survive Planet Middle School

In his new book Planet Middle School, Dr. Kevin Leman explains how both you and your child can survive the turbulent years of their expanding universe.

Eric LeMarque: A Survivor's Story

He was determined to take one last ski. That decision led Eric LeMarque into a living hell he could never have imagined.

Phil Lembert: Wise Grocery Shopping

Phil Lempert, founder of, tells shoppers eight specific tips on buying cost efficient, good tasting frozen foods.

Derek Leonidoff: Making 'Man's Best Friend'

The star of the Doritos Super Bowl commercial contest shares his experience making the commercial and working with his costar, Huff. 

Kim Dolan Leto: It Only Takes 10 Steps to Your F.I.T.!

In her new book 10 Steps to Your F.I.T., expert Kim Dolan Leto combines faith with fitness to help you transform your health.

Don Levine: Noah, Moses and G.I. Joe

The creator of the legendary G.I. Joe doll has a line of Biblical characters with storybooks, dress-up costumes and the like. His desire if for young children to take an interest in finding out about these true heroes. They are named "Almighty Heroes."

Dr. David Levy: Praying with Patients

Although hesitant to start praying with patients at first, Dr. David Levy came to see how prayer helps his patients face the toughest medical issues with comfort and peace.

Carole Lewis: 'The Divine Diet'

Is it possible to lose weight and keep it off? Carole Lewis never imagined it could be true. However, when she joined First Place in 1981, she began a journey that would lead her to a thinner body and a healthier spirit.

Dave Lieberman: The 10 Things You Need to Eat

The host of Food Network's Good Deal with Dave Lieberman talks about food that tastes great and is good for you.

Tausi Likokola-Newton: Runway Prayers from Tanzania's Model

Tausi Likokola's modeling career did not sway her away from her faith in Christ. She chose to seek God's word and ask Him if her modeling choices were in keeping with his will for her life.

David Limbaugh: Lawyer Puts Jesus on Trial

Author David Limbaugh uses his legal experience to present a case using the Gospel as a defense of the Christian faith.

Art LinkLetter: How to be a Sassy Senior

Are you in your second prime? You can be. Author and speaker Art Linkletter shares with you "how to make the rest of your life the best of your life."

John Lind: Pray the Vote Campaign

The president of the Presidential Prayer Team invites us to commit to pray for the 2004 election through the Pray the Vote campaign and highlights the Virtual Prayer Rallies on Oct 5 and Nov 1 (the day before the election).

Thomas Linton: Living Saint of Civil Rights History

Rev. Thomas Linton owns a barber shop where he takes time to encourage and minister to customers between haircuts. Linton was a leader in the Civil Rights Movement in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Brian Littrell: Faith Beyond the Performance

Whether it's singing in front of thousands of teenage girls or an audience of One, Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell is finally comfortable baring his soul.

Danny Liston: Nevermore to Roam

Danny Liston led a 70s rock 'n' roll band named Mama's Pride. He battled with addictions and depression for years. A praying wife made all the difference.

Annie Lobert: No Longer "Fallen," Annie is Standing Tall and Fighting Back

After enduring years of abuse and addiction as part of the sex industry, Annie cried out for help and escaped. She now reaches out to victims through her ministry in Las Vegas and around the world.

Kathy Loidolt: Homemade Cleansers for a Healthy House

Can you make your own cleansers? Kathy Loidolt does, and it's keeping her family on budget and in good health.

Eddie Long: One Minute Can Change Everything

Sixty seconds is all you need to reach greatness. Pastor and author Eddie Long explains how.

'Berry' Good Recipes with Chef Anthony Loos

He knows how to make food look good and taste great. Yes, even desserts. Swan Terrace’s Executive Chef Anthony Loos will show you how to cut the sugar and calories without sacrificing the taste.

Anne Graham Lotz: Faith and Our Suffering

The 'Just Give Me Jesus' speaker and beloved author talks about trusting God in the hardest of circumstances.

Lori Loughlin: Balancing Family, Faith, and Career

Actress Lori Loughlin sits down with Scott Ross to discuss faith and her latest project from the Hallmark Channel, When Calls the Heart.

Darlene Love: A Doo-Wop Girl Finds Her Song

She sang the music that defined girl groups in the ‘60s. Scott Ross recently sat down with Darlene Love in Manhattan and talked with her about her successes in life and her failures.

Sean Lowe: Star of ABC's The Bachelor Sean Lowe Does Things 'For the Right Reasons'

Sean Lowe’s faith set him apart from other contestants on ABC’s television show The Bachelorette. When his heart was broken at the end of the series, he went on to star in The Bachelor, where he met his wife Catherine.

The Rev. Walt 'Baby' Love: Praise Him Through the Storm

With radio shows heard all over the world, Walt "Baby" Love was enjoying all of the success he’d worked hard to achieve. But when a deadly disease struck him down, Walt had to muster the faith to fight for his life.

Tamara Lowe: Motivational DNA

This former drug addict and eighth grade dropout discusses her faith and the phenomenal success of the "Get Motivated" business seminars she and her husband founded.

Shelly Lubben: A Porn Star's Deliverance

Shelley knows the ugly side of life. From being an adult film star to prostitution, she was trapped in a world that was slowly killing her soul. Read her testimony and learn the true meaning of amazing grace.

Max Lucado: Claim Your Inheritance!

In his latest book Glory Days, best-selling author Max Lucado says it’s time to leave fear behind and enter your Promised Land.

Lucca and Chris Willingham: Top Marine Dog Serves Country by Saving Lives from Explosives

Meet Lucca, a military working dog and her handler Marine Gunnery Sergeant Chris Willingham. Hear their story and the many dangers they faced while sniffing out explosive devices in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ron Luce: Why Teens Don't Like Church

International evangelist and founder of Teen Mania Ministries shares an update on the organization's latest outreach to youth.

Lex Luger: "Wrestling with the Devil"

Former WWE wrestler explains the difficulty of separating stardom from reality in his personal life and the back injury that changed everything.

Tammy Luker: Weight Loss without Gastric Bypass

Tammy Luker once weighed 315 pounds at her heaviest. But after realizing the root of her eating issues and gaining wisdom and deliverance from God, Tammy has lost 120 pounds and continues to press on toward her goal of a healthy lifestyle. She joins with Dr. Linda Mintle on today's 700 Club to discuss further the topic of weight loss.

Fred Luter, Jr.: The Groundbreaking New President of the Southern Baptist Convention

Fred Luter, Jr. shares about the impact on being the first African-American leader in the 167-year history of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Jessica Lynch: Iraq War POW Jessica Lynch is Unapologetic About Faith

Jessica Lynch discusses her time in the military, her experience of being a POW and how faith played a roll all along the way.

Rebecca Lyons: Journeying toward a Life of Meaning

Author Rebekah Lyons shares her story of victory over depression, panic attacks, and the struggles women face as they try to live lives of meaning.

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Jaeson Ma: Redemption of a Wild Child

The man behind Campus Church Networks once ran the streets of San Jose with Vietnamese gangs. What finally made Jaeson Ma turn himself in?

Dr. James Maas: Sleep for Success

You can feel better and be more productive, and it all starts with getting more sleep. Health expert Dr. James Maas shows you how.

Veronica Macias: The Other Side of Fame

In Latin America, Veronica Macias' face is very recognizable. As an actress and television host, she was a household name, but at what price?

Scott MacIntyre: 'By Faith, Not By Sight'

This former American Idol finalist and author talks about overcoming the challenges of his visual impairment and his new book, 'By Faith, Not By Sight.'

Gavin MacLeod: Love Boat Captain Committed to Christ

Veteran Hollywood actor Gavin MacLeod reflects on his career and Christian faith.

How Debbie Macomber Combines Faith with Hollywood

Award-winning author Debbie Macomber shares how her novels centering on love, forgiveness, loss, and hope have successfully translated into hit movies on the Hallmark Channel.

Matt Maher: Alive Again with God's Love

He is an award-winning singer/songwriter and worship leader. His new album Alive Again is calling Christians to creativity in Jesus name.

Timothy Mahoney: Filmmaker Searches for Proof of Biblical Exodus

Did Israel’s exodus from Egypt really happen? Filmmaker Timothy Mahoney set out to find the truth and challenge long-held beliefs in his new film Patterns of Evidence.

Faisal Malick: Marked for Evangelism

Faisal Malick was born in Pakistan and raised a devout Sunni Muslim and accepted Christ in 1994. A mark that appeared on his forehead in his teens gives him a unique reception by Muslims and Hindus.

Joel Manby: Love Works

Author and business executive Joel Manby shares his story of corporate burnout and how he turned his life around to become an effective leader. Joel was recently featured on CBS's Undercover Boss program.

Mandisa: What if We Were Real

Her soulful sound and winning smile not only captured the hearts of America but the judges on American Idol too. But it wasn’t just Mandisa’s singing that made a statement when she appeared on the fifth season of the hit show. Mandisa has also recently lost over 100 pounds.

Barbara Mandrell: 'A Simple Faith'

She's country music royalty with almost 40 years of experience. Through it all, Barbara Mandrell has held on to one simple truth.

Anthony Manganiello: The Debt-Free Millionaire

Anthony Manganiello, the author of The Debt-Free Millionaire, talks about breaking the cycle of debt and living your dream.Kara prayed for her husband to be Godly, but she wasn't ready to follow the same path.

David & Tamela Mann: Stars of 'Meet the Browns' on Faith, Food, & Hollywood

Stars of Tyler Perry's 'Meet the Browns,' David and Tamela Mann will share the challenges and blessings of life in front of the camera.

Drew & Lynn Manning: From Fat to Fit

Drew and Lynn Manning will discuss how Drew's 75-pound weight gain, then loss affected his health, family and life. 

Stephen Mansfield: Be Your Most Masculine Self

Author Stephen Mansfield highlights the habits and virtues of 'manly’ men as he encourages men to resurrect their inborn, timeless, essential, masculine self. 

Hollywood Legend Ann-Margret on Faith, Love and Recovery

Scott Ross sits down with Hollywood icon Ann-Margret to discuss her early career, her marriage, her alcoholism and her faith.

Dr. Joe Maroon and The Longevity Factor

The secret to a longer life may be in the tea you drink or the chocolate you eat. Dr. Maroon discusses the mystery ingredient.

Dr. Robert Maroon: Take Care of Your Back

Back pain is a common ailment for many Americans. Dr. Robert Maroon visits The 700 Club to discuss what you may be doing right now that contributes to your aching back.

Mike Maroth: A Pitch of Faith

Last season, Detroit Tigers pitcher Mike Maroth had a nearly impossible task: take the mound and pitch Detroit to a victory. With 43 wins and a staggering 119 losses, being the best pitcher on a bad team can take its toll.

Charles Martin: Writing Stories for the Heart

Best-selling author Charles Martin prayed and persevered through countless rejections from publishers until a door opened for him to share his gift of writing stories from – and for – the heart.

Roland Martin: A Fresh Perspective for the 21st Century

Radio host and CNN contributor, Roland S. Martin discusses his faith and book, Listening to the Spirit Within.

Holiday Cooking with Daisy Martinez

The television chef behind Viva Daisy shares how to entertain effortlessly during the Christmas season.

Katie Martinez: Fashion with a Purpose

Fashion designer Katie Martinez took a leap of faith in 2010 bringing together elegance and t-shirts with a mission to fight sex trafficking in Nepal.

Pedro Martinez: Praying for Baseball

Some consider New York Mets pitcher Pedro Martinez one of the best in the game. For over 13 years his career has soared. But here’s a story you may not know.

The Martins: How to Overcome Bullying

When Nicole was 9-years-old she became the target for extreme bullying. Her father did not take it lightly and discovered a proactive approach to help Nicole gain self confidence again.

Maryam & Marziyeh: Sharing the Gospel in the Face of Danger

Iranian authorities sentenced Maryam and Marziyeh to death because they converted from Islam to Christianity.

Taylor Mason: The Comedian of Clean

In a world of R-rated jokes and toilet humor, ventriloquist Taylor Mason wants to make you laugh and feed your soul at the same time.

Dr. Lisa Masterson's Prescription for Health

From 'The Doctors' TV program, Dr. Lisa Masterson shares how to take charge of your health.

Carol Mathews: Home Run, God Gives Second Chances

Producer Carol Mathews shares about her first experience working on a feature for the big screen with the new movie 'Home Run.'

John Maxwell: The Leadership Expert

Some people are born leaders. But best-selling author, John Maxwell says anyone can become one. It is just a matter of having the right tools.  

Kyle Maynard: Accepting 'No Excuses'

He has no legs and no arms. Yet Kyle Maynard is the 2004 George State Wrestling Champion. Hear the amazing testimony of this living miracle.

Chip and Kim McAllister: An 'Amazing Race' to a Happy Marriage

They ran CBS's Amazing Race and won! The McAllisters are now one million dollars richer, and they owe it all to Jesus Christ and a rock solid relationship.

Courtney McBath: Living at the Next Level

Many people are trying to get to the next level in life. Bishop Courtney McBath got there, but how he arrived is not how you might think.

James McBride: Miracle at St. Anna

700 Club producer David Kithcart interviews the best selling author and jazz musician about his latest novel based on the happenings of a group of African American soldiers stationed in Italy during World War II.

VT Tragedy: The Lauren McCain Story

These proud parents discuss their daughter Lauren McCain's life and legacy at Virginia Tech.

Aaron McCargo, Jr.: Simply Done, Well Done

The Food Network's celebrity chef Aaron McCargo, Jr. shares about the importance of his faith in the kitchen and beyond as he gets cooking with Terry, showcasing his special brand of game-day ready fare.

McCartney and Washington: Reconciling Christians and Jews

Bill McCartney, founder of Promise Keepers, and Dr. Raleigh Washington, president of Road to Jerusalem ,discuss their new ministry, which seeks to build bridges between Christians and Messianic Jews to help bring revival.

Holly McClure: Behind the Scenes of 'The Passion'

The film critic talks about the making of the behind-the-scenes documentary of the Mel Gibson movie The Passion of The Christ and the month she spent on location in Italy with the film crew.

Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr.: 35 Years as an Entertainment Couple

Entertainers Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr., who recently authored Up, Up, and Away, share how they have successfully navigated Hollywood as a married couple for the past 35 years.

Betsy Nagelsen McCormack: Strength On and Off the Tennis Court

Former Wimbledon champ Betsy Nagelsen McCormack discusses her tennis career, salvation testimony and how she's coping with the death of her husband five years ago.

Ian McCormack: The Perfect Wave

A jellyfish sting literally killed Ian McCormack while lobster diving in the Indian Ocean. Discover what brought him back to life.

Del McCoury on The Mysterious Ways of God

The man at the center of the Del McCoury Band shares how the quirky twists and turns of life led him to a successful music career.

Bob McDonnell: A Politician Full of Faith

The Attorney General of Virginia shares how his law degree from Regent University prepared him for his successful 14-year career in the Virginia House of Delegates.

The 'Undaunted' Faith of Josh McDowell

Best-selling author Josh McDowell shares his story of a tragic childhood that laid the foundation for his latest book and DVD, 'Undaunted.'

Christopher McDougall: Born to Run

Writer and runner Christopher McDougall shares how running barefoot is the way to avoid injury. He wrote the book, Born to Run.

Josh McDowell: Proof for the Risen Christ

Josh says that the promise of the resurrection is this: What happened to Christ can happen for us. Like Him, we will die, but His resurrection is a promise that death is not the end. His resurrection is the prototype for our own. Latest book, Evidence for the Resurrection.

John McElroy: Will You Pass the Baton?

The American minister who lives in Australia will discuss the modern day fulfillment of God turning the hearts of the fathers to the children.

Judy McFarland: Growing Old with Grace

Imagine coming out of hospice care because you changed your health habits! Nutrition expert Judy McFarland says the right supplements can totally revitalize your life.

Robby McGee: Walking for a Reason

A scuba diving accident left him paralyzed. Today, he is walking and sharing the love of Christ around the world.

Ed Tandy-McGlasson: What a Difference a Dad Makes

Every father and father soon-to-be should read this special feature. The 700 Club’s Tim Branson talks to former NFL lineman and author Ed McGlasson on the power of good Dad.

Cheryl McGuinness: Widow of 9-11 Co-pilot Shares Mission

Cheryl McGuinness would face two incredible hardships in a short period of time: losing her husband, Tom, co-pilot on American Airlines flight 11, which crashed into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, and having to forgive the terrorists who were responsible for that day's events. But God has since given her and her two children hope despite the harrowing circumstances.

Frank McKinney: The Daredevil Developer

Real estate mogul Frank McKinney is famous for selling multi-million dollar homes on speculation. He’s a one-of-a-kind risk-taker with an extreme love for Christ.

Carolyn McKinstry: While the World Watched

A uniquely moving exploration of how racial relations have evolved over the past 5 decades, "While the World Watched" is an incredible testament to how far we have come and how far we have yet to go.

Chaplian Patrick J. McLaughlin: 'No Atheists in Foxholes'

Chaplain Patrick McLaughlin's military chaplain service spans the past 16 years. His service in Iraq led him to share the hearts and prayers of our military men and women in his book, No Atheists in Foxholes.

John McLemore: Holiday Cooking with Masterbuilt's John McLemore

Culinary expert John McLemore shares recipe ideas to bring families together with food for the holidays.

Chris and Donna McLeod: Pastoral Couple Slays Debt Monster

When Chris bought and read a copy of Dave Ramsey's book Financial Peace, he and wife Donna discovered a smart way out of credit card debt.

Nate McLouth: Faith in Center Field

Atlanta Braves player Nate McLouth believes his rise to success in the Majors came from a decision he made while still playing in the Minors.

Jedd Medefind: Caring for the Orphaned in America

Head of the Christian Alliance for Orphans shares insights on the foster care system.

Jon Meacham and 'The American Gospel'

The Founding Fathers were not patron saints. However, they built a country on the foundation of Jesus Christ and a freedom to worship God.

Michael Medved on 'The Golden Compass'

'The Golden Compass' is one of the most talked-about movies ever.  Blockbuster audiences got a chance to see it last weekend. The 700 Club film critic Michael Medved shares his review and warnings for parents.

Kevin & Chris Meland: A Hope Filled Marriage

Kevin and Chris find that marriage is not what they expected and the hostility and infidelity end in divorce. Then just a year later, God is at work in both of their lives and he reunites their hearts and they re-marry.

Terry on The Plight of Africa

In this extended interview, Dan Reany interviews Terry Meeuwsen on her recent trip to Africa with Oprhan's Promise.

Tony and Tamara Mercedes: Domestic Abuse in the Church

'Tony and Tamara Mercedes speak candidly about their personal encounter with domestic violence and how God is using their experience to address this issue, often hidden in Christian relationships.

Eric Metaxas: Best-selling Author Reveals the Truth Behind Science, Faith, and Miracles

Best-selling author Eric Metaxas will not only explain how miracles are scientifically possible, but how they can happen in your life too.

Bonita Mentzner: Single Mom Goes for the Gold

Bonita faces the same challenges as other single parents, but her passion for the ministries of CBN has kept her a faithful 700 Club Gold member.

David Meyer: 30 Days of Hope for Cambodia

As CEO of World Missions for his mother's ministry (Joyce Meyer), David will tell of their month long outreach in Cambodia and how God moved when the final meeting was cancelled.

Joyce Meyer: The Cost of a Penny

The new novel co-authored by Joyce Meyer is based off of her traumatic past and tells the story of how she found the power to forgive and live free.

Michael Jr.: Comedy on the Road Less Traveled

He takes his humor to those who need to laugh the most. Meet Michael Jr., the clean comic on a mission.

Cee Cee Michaela: Take Two on Girl Talk

Cee Cee Michaela co-starred on the hit TV sitcom, Girlfriends. She abruptly walked away from her glamorous acting career. Find out why in this 2 part story about her faith and the purity ministry she's founded.

Susan Michael: How to Pray for Israel

Susan Michael, U.S. Director of International Christian Embassy Jerusalem begins CBN's special Week of Prayer for Israel. She will share how Christians can pray specifically for Israel's needs.

Jillian Michaels: Weight Loss Gets Some Tough Love

Think you can get away with not exercising and still lose weight? Think again. NBC's Biggest Loser fitness trainer Jillian Michaels says to get off the couch and move into a healthier lifestyle.

Shawn Michaels: WWE's "Heartbreak Kid" Wrestles for His Life

Former professional wrestler Shawn Michaels’ career as “The Heartbreak Kid” was rising fast in the WWE as he became addicted to fame and money. However, an injury and a divine encounter led to a radical life change.

Tim Michaels: Fun Fitness for Children

Tim Michaels has an impressive history of personal fitness records, but recently began focusing on developing exercise and fitness training for children with his program, Super Healthy Kingdom Kids.

Karen Milchiker: Bus Bombing Survivor Recounts Tragedy

Karen Milchiker, who survived a suicide bomber attack on a Jerusalem bus January 29, 2004, talks about her experience of being saved from death by the hand of God.

Autumn Miles: Miles Away from the Abusive Life She Left Behind

Author Autumn Miles shares how she was able to break free from an abusive marriage and now ministers to women who need to take the same step to freedom.

Glenn Miller: War in Iraq: Prophet Shares Spiritual Viewpoint

Glenn Miller, author of The Prophetic Fall of the Islamic Regime, equates much of what is happening in Iraq to the Old Testament conflicts of the Israelites.

Heath Miller from the Heart

The Pittsburgh Steeler opens up about keeping his faith in the NFL.

Mark Miller: Who's The Real Sawyer Brown?

Sawyer Brown frontman, Mark Miller, talks about his Christian roots, his childhood fears, and how he kept the faith on the road to fame.

Norm Miller: 'I Am Second'

Norm Miller, chairman of Interstate Batteries, shares his story of overcoming alcoholism and finding faith in Jesus.

Ronnie Milsap's Gospel Music

Raised in abject poverty, Ronnie Milsap overcame blindness by becoming a giant in the world of country/soul music. His new CD, Then Sings My Soul, showcases gospel music he's longed to return to singing.

Galley Molina's Hollywood Story

Screenwriter and producer Galley Molina shares the behind-the-scenes of his faith journey and talks about his movie, "I'm in Love with a Church Girl."

Ana Mollinedo Mims: True Career Success

Are you really satisfied with your job? If not, author and businesswoman Ana Mollinedo Mims can help you find true job satisfaction.

Dr. Linda Mintle: Don't Just Eat, Stop and Think!

We eat mindlessly a lot of the time. Dr. Mintle gives tips on how to stop consuming needless calories..

Don Moen: Inside Our Hiding Place

Don Moen performs live on today's 700 Club and shares from his heart about the tragedy at Virginia Tech.

Charlie Monfort: Winning Isn't Everything

Charlie Monfort was one of the investors responsible for bringing the Colorado Rockies to Major League Baseball. When fame and fortune could no longer fill the void, Charlie surrendered to God.

Luis Carlos Montalvan: Until Tuesday

Luis, and Iraq War veteran, will discuss how his dog Tuesday has helped  him deal with TBI and PTSD since coming home. 

Marie Monville: Amish School Shooter's Widow Finds Peace in God

Marie Monville shares how life changed when her husband killed himself and five Amish school children.

Beth Moore: Passion for God

She’s genuine, she’s funny, she’s zealous for God, and she is wonderfully flawed. She’s America’s Bible teacher, Beth Moore. Seeing her teach the Scriptures today it’s hard to imagine that Beth was once an insecure, awkward young girl.

Johnnie Moore: What Am I Supposed to do With My Life?

Author and Pastor Johnnie Moore shares his experiences of working in Hollywood and how you can find and know God’s will for your life.

Dr. Mike Moreno: A Diet to Live By

Author of, The 17 Day Diet, Dr. Mike Moreno shares insights into losing weith not only rapidly, but most important, doing it healthfully.

Dave Morin: This Little Piggy Went To The Gym

Do you feel unmotivated to lose weight? Meet this average Joe who lost more than 200 pounds using determination and the prayers of his wife.

Gary Morris: From Nashville to Broadway

Gary Morris had a number one with Wind Beneath My Wings. So how did he make it to New York's biggest stage?

Tom Morrisey's Greatest Adventure

As an award-winning adventure travel writer, Tom Morrisey gets paid to do what most of us have to scrimp and save for. But Tom’s greatest adventure makes rock climbing and scuba diving look tame.

Lisa Morrone: Neck and Back Ache Remedy

Lisa Morrone is a physical therapist, author, professor, and speaker. As a guest on The 700 Club, she explains how people can overcome chronic neck and back pain.

Bishop Paul S. Morton

The pastor talks about a church investment project that went sour and his quick recovery from a mental breakdown.

Rick Morton: Why Adoption is Important to Jesus

Founder of orphan-hosting ministry, “Know Orphans,” Rick Morton discusses adoption and how the church needs to better equip and support families in the process.

Belinda Moss: Finding Victory Over Depression

As an Air Force officer Belinda Moss was afraid to seek help for her depression.

Alonzo Mourning: Ultimate Warrior

Alonzo Mourning's broken beginnings, outstanding reputation in the NBA and medical victory over a rare kidney disease all contributed to the mighty man of faith and generosity that he has become. Author of Resilience.

Dr. Mark Moyad: Are Dietary Supplements Worth the Money?

Dr. Mark Moyad, known as “The Supplement Doctor,” will help demystify supplements and tell how they can enhance your healthy lifestyle.

Nicole C. Mullen: Captivated by Christ

Popular Christian singer and songwriter Nicole C. Mullen updates us on her career and sings from her latest album, a praise and worship effort entitled, Captivated.

Nevers Mumba Reaches Zambia for Christ

Nevers Mumba has seen God do some miraculous things in his life, and he believes those same remarkable things can happen in his country of Zambia.

Dr, Myles Munroe: Uncover Your Potential

Author Myles Munroe will discuss how God works through prayer and how you can uncover your potential.

Pat Murdock: Completing the Great Commission

Pat Murdock will discuss the Issachar Initiative, its work to help complete the Great Commission, and their small group curriculum “Count for Zero.”

The Magical World of D.W. Murray

D.W. Murray is a Hollywood animator whose work has appeared in Curious George, Mulan and more. Although he worked for Disney, he was more inspired by the almighty Creator.

Steve Murrell: Wikichurch

Pastor and author Steve Murrell explains why discipleship is not complicated, but can be difficult. Jesus commanded believers to 'make disciples,' and Steve challenges us to engage, equip and empower others to spread the Good News.

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David Nasser: The Grace Factor

Today, he has a worldwide ministry but if you’d known him in high school, you wouldn’t have looked twice at David Nasser. The former Muslim shares about his struggles in finding acceptance.

Nazareth: The American Funny Man

Born in Israel and raised in Kuwait, Nazareth moved to the States as a teenager. His knack for making people laugh took him from the nightclubs to the churches after he got saved. He'll keep you in stitches with stories of his adventures in flying post-9/11 and the everyday humor of being a Middle Eastern American.

Bruce Nedelka: How to Make Effective Calls to 911

Seeing someone collapse can be a scary experience but if you know what to do, you could save a life. EMS Chief Bruce Nedelka provides tips on how to handle any emergency situation.

Christian Singer Jimmy Neeham's Victory Over Pornography

Christian singer Jimmy Needham shares about living a double life and his path to redemption.

Ken and Mendy Nehrbass: Found in Translation

Both Ken and Mendy knew that after they graduated from Anderson they'd begin translating the Bible into a tribal language somewhere in the world. Seven years after they married, they began their work with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Stephanie Nelson on Surviving Black Friday

On the biggest shopping day of the year, The Coupon Mom Stephanie Nelson says you can save money and get good deals.

Dr. Issam Nemeh

Dr. Nemeh is known for praying with his patients for the healing power of Jesus through the miracolous power of the Holy Spirit.

Newsboys Live on The 700 Club

For over 25 years the Newsboys have been impacting Christian rock music with a consistent gospel message. Hear them perform from their latest album, “Restart."

Bringing a NewSong to the World

Lead singer Russ Lee shares NewSong's heart to reach the world for Christ, especially through their annual Winter Jam tours. Their new album, Swallow the Ocean is available in February 2013.

Dorothy J. Newton: The Secret Life of a Real NFL Wife

In her new book Silent Cry, former NFL wife Dorothy J. Newton reveals how her dreams of a perfect life were shattered the night she fled from her abusive husband.

Trot Nixon: Come What May

Cleveland Indians' Trot Nixon is best known for his part in the 2004 World Series that gave the Boston Red Sox their first championship in 86 years. But after some bumps in the road, Trot knows he can trust God no matter what.

Peggy Noonan: Talking Religion and Politics

Scott Ross interviews Peggy Noonan, famous speechwriter for Ronald Reagan and current political columnist for the Wall Street Journal.

Bebo Norman Bids Music a Fond Farewell

Christian musician Bebo Norman shares reasons why he is transitioning our of the music business at the height of his career.

Chuck Norris: Against All Odds

In the cinematic Old West, good always triumphed over evil. It’s a theme that carried Carlos, or as we know him today, Chuck Norris, from hardship to wholeness. Against all odds, Chuck Norris became more than just a Hollywood film and television star.

Vicki Norris: Restoring Order to Your Home

Author and HGTV host Vicki Norris shares how to declutter your home so you can declutter your life.

Deborah Norville on The Power of Respect

The Inside Edition host talks about the missing element in today's culture that can make all the difference in your life.

Dino Nowak: Lose the Diet, Lose the Weight

Is it all carbs or no carbs? Should we cut calories or cut sugar? With all the fad diets on the market today, it's hard to keep up, and it's even harder to lose weight. Celebrity trainer Dino Nowak understands and is here on "The 700 Club" to give you the last fitness makeover you'll ever need.

Sylvie Nyamuka: Model Behavior

She had it all: looks, glamour, and a career as an international model that others would envy. Yet she still felt alone in the crowd.

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The Oak Ridge Boys Share New CD "Rock of Ages"

Music legends The Oak Ridge Boys will sing from their new album “Rock of Ages” and offer birthday wishes to Pat Robertson.

Meet the Trainer: Alicia Ober

She helped Kristi make it to the finish line. Now Alicia Ober shares her tips on fitness and healthy living.

Kary Oberbrunner: Felling the Pain

Kary shares his story of overcoming an addction to self-mutilation that plagued him for a decade.

Robyn O'Brien: Dangerous Foods

What makes your children sick could be as simple as eating eggs or wheat. Expert Robyn O'Brien talks about kids, allergies and foods that should be on your hit list.

Michael Oher: Behind the Blind Side

The inspiration behind, "The Blind Side" shares insights behind his new book intended to set the record straight between fact and fiction.

Jeff Oliphant: The Gift of a Perfect Smile

ABC's Extreme Makeover paid a Jamaican-born man a visit when they learned of his cleft lip. Their response was the blessing of his life.

Dee Oliver Shares Wisdom Gained from Being The Undertaker’s Wife

Dee Oliver didn’t plan to marry a funeral director, nor did she think she’d be a young widow. She will share wisdom gained from working in the funeral business and tell how you can better prepare for death.

Sabrina O'Malone: Help for Working Moms

Mrs. New Jersey 2001 shares how a working mom can be a great mom and a great employee.

Lucille O'Neal: Walk Like You Have Somewhere To Go

She successfully raised four children, one of whom is a superstar NBA player. Today she shares lessons on purpose and determination.

Stormie Omartian: Change Your Life by Choosing Love Every Day!

Author Stormie Omartian shares how she has gained a better understanding of God’s love, and by extending it to others has changed her life.

Dr. Drew Ordon: 5-Minute Health Fixes

Author and television host Dr. Drew Ordon shares how you can take charge of your health in just 5 minutes a day. 

Joel Osteen: Overcoming Life's Obstacles

Pastor Joel Osteen visits The 700 Club to discuss overcoming obstacles to live the life God intended.

Victoria Osteen: A Message for Women

Victoria Osteen is committed to helping women, children and families discover their purpose and reach their highest potential in Christ. Her book, Love Your Life, encourages women to live happy, healthy and whole.

Joel and Victoria Osteen: A Night of Hope

"America's Pastor" Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria talk about their new joint speaking tour.

Interview with Alabama's Randy Owen

Lead singer and founder of Country Music's hit band, Alabama, sees God’s hand in his life through his praying parents and his success in Country Music.

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Roxanne & Hannah Packham: Inspired Design

This mother-daughter decorating team tackles the Christmas holiday in The 700 Club studio.

Crystal Paine: The Money Saving Mom

Financial author Crystal Paine will share tips on saving money and reducing debt.

Andrew Palau: 'The Secret Life of a Fool'

Andrew Palau was a rebellious 'preacher's kid' who experienced a life transformation after surviving a plane crash.

Luis Palau: Living a 'High Definition Life'

What do you want -- something that's good or the best? International evangelist Luis Palau believes that Christians today are settling for less than what God has for them. Learn how to live your life in "high definition."

The Palmers: 'First Comes Love Then Comes Money'

The Palmers grew up in financial planning families, but not until enjoying the married life did they experience financial infidelity and the negative effects it has on a marriage. They've written First Comes Love Then Comes Money to help couples avoid this relationship danger.

The Palmers: Creating The Lettered Cottage

The do-it-yourself couple dicusses decorating tips that are easy on the eyes and the wallet.

Twila Paris: A Cry in the Desert of Barrenness

At 35, Twila Paris had a successful music career and loving marriage. She had everything... except the one thing she'd always wanted.

Phil and Amy Parham: The 90-Day Fitness Challenge

Between the two of them, Phil and Amy Parham have lost over 200 pounds. Now, they're going from NBC's The Biggest Loser to their own 90-Day Fitness Challenge.

Amy Parham: From Fat to Fit

Amy lost over 100 pounds as a contestant on NBC's The Biggest Loser Season 6. In her new book she shares details of her experience and the importance of living healthy.

Christopher Parkening: The Virtuoso of Classical Guitar

Though he has attained much, Christopher is not looking back. He looks forward to what he can do to impact the lives of future musicians and leaders. 

Rob Parr: Celebrity Fitness Trainer

Rob Parr trains many celebrities to tone their bodies to the utmost. He's sharing those toning tips in his book, titled Star Quality.

Dr. Leslie Parrott: The Soul of a Woman is the Dream in Her Heart

She is a leading expert on marriage. However, Dr. Leslie Parrott's past made it hard for her to feel loved. Now she shares how to overcome pain and what role your dreams may have in the process.

Craig and Janet Parshall: Lessons from Bunyon

Craig and Janet discuss strategies for teaching children how to make wise choices and their book, Traveling a Pilgrim's Path, based on John Bunyon's classic, Pilgrim's Progress.

Janet Parshall and Sarah Parshall Perry: 'Happily Ever After'

The mother-daughter duo, who recently co-authored When the Fairy Dust Settles (Warner Faith, 2004), discuss the concerns women face.

Lea Ann Parsley: When Faith Meets Fire and Ice

This former firefighter was on her way to Torino with hopes of winning a gold medal in bobsledding until an accident took her off the track. How did Lea Ann Parsley manage to keep the faith while shelving her dream?

Rod Parsley: Experience the Power of the Cross

Evangelist and author Rod Parsley stresses the importance of the Cross of Christ.

Father Leo Patalinghug: Spicing Up Married Life

Author Father Leo joins us again, this time to discuss marriage and how healthy marriages strengthen family bonds.

Christi Paul: Love Isn't Supposed to Hurt

Newswoman and author Christi Paul shares her story of surviving emotional abuse and discussed her book, 'Love Isn't Supposed to Hurt.'

The Sweet Harmony of the Peasall Sisters

They sing like angels with wisdom beyond their youthful years. The Peasall Sisters visit our Nashville studios to sing country music from the heart.

Dan Peek: An American Tale

The founding member of the classic rock group America retells how he rose to fame and how Jesus met him at his lowest point.

Dr. Pamela Peeke: The 'Edutainer'

Dr. Pamela Peeke is an internationally recognized physician, scientist and expert in the fields of nutrition, metabolism, stress, and fitness.

Gabriel Pelino: The Essence of Fatherhood

We often hear about stories of deadbeat dads. Author Gabriel Pelino shines the light on a few dads who are making a difference in their kids’ lives.

Arlene Pellicane: Lose Your Baby Fat

After pregnancy, it can be tough to shed the extra pounds. Author and mom Arlene Pellicane will show you how to exercise and get fit with your baby!

Jimmy Peña: A Prescription for Healthy Living

“The Prayfit Diet” author Jimmy Peña shares how a life of balance is the key for healthy living.

Frank Peretti: The Man and the 'Monster'

The master of Christian suspense novels knows more about monsters than you think. Growing up with a birth defect made Frank Peretti's youth a nightmare.

Monte Perlin: The Greatest Stunt of All

Don’t let his death-defying stunts fool you. Monte Perlin has a lot to live for… especially since he met Jesus Christ.

Dr. David Perlmutter: Brain Doctor on Alzheimer's Prevention

Did you know that you can help ward off memory loss and forms of brain degeneration like Alzheimer's through nutrition? Neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter explains how in his latest book, The Better Brain Book.

Steve Perrine: Women's/Men's Health Diet Books

Men's Health editor Steve Perrine shares how to lose weight by chaning your eating philosophy in his latest books, The Men's Health Diet Book and The Women's Health Diet Book.

The Many Faces of Tyler Perry

He’s the man behind the wildly popular Madea film and stage play productions. Surviving an abusive childhood and learning to forgive gave Tyler Perry a story to tell.

Gunnar Peterson: Year-Round Fitness

Gunnar knows what a busy lifestyle is all about, because his celebrity clients deal with the same issue. But lack of time is only one piece of a bigger problem.

Wiley Peterson: Riding on a Ton, Believing in The Son

Wiley Peterson's been rated third in the world of professional bull riding. His faith in Christ has kept him focused.

Phillips, Craig & Dean's Hope for the World

Christian music veterans reflect on their career and discuss their new Christmas album to usher in the holiday season.

Captain Richard Phillips: Pirates, Prayer and the Will to Survive

Hear from the hero of the 2009 Somali pirates hijacking who is currently being portrayed by Tom Hanks on the big screen.

Wintley Phipps Helps Unlock Your Destiny

In his latest book Your Best Destiny, recording artist and author Wintley Phipps shares how you can unlock your true character and become the person God created you to be.

John Picarello: The Untold Story of the World Trade Center Cross

Nearly 3,000 lives were lost in the terrorist attacks on 9/11. One man was fortunate. He was a mere thirty-six inches away from death.  

Chonda Pierce: Laughter's Not the Only Good Medicine

In 2004 this award winning Christian comedian suffered from clinical depression that temporarily took the laughter away.

Jonathan Pierce: Building a Country Dream

He is a contemporary Christian singer, the lead designer on CMT's Ultimate Country Home, and the starring lead of the Broadway show Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. He is the multi-talented Jonathan Pierce.

Walt Pilcher: Unlocking Organizational Leadership

Business leader and author Walt Pilcher shares ways to unlock powerful leadership for amazing results in your organization.

Don Piper's "90 Minutes in Heaven," 10 Years Later

Author Don Piper discusses his trip to heaven after dying in a traffic accident.

Don and Eva Piper: To Heaven and Back? The Pipers Say it Happened!

Don and Eva Piper discuss his visit to heaven after being killed in an automobile collision, and the major motion picture that was made about his miraculous story.

Eva Piper's Walk Through the Dark

Author Eva Piper shares what it was like when her husband Don experienced 90 minutes in Heaven after a horrible car accident.

Joe Piscatella: A Positive Mind for a Healthy Heart

He added years to his life by changing his lifestyle. See how you can do the same with six heart-healthy tips from author Joe Piscatella.

Charles Stuart Platkin, Diet Detective

He is one of the country's leading public health advocates, and he's solved the mystery to weight loss and nutrition in his book, The Diet Detective's Count Down.

A Softer 'Plumb'

Plumb has softened the tone of her music to fit where she is in life at this point: a wife, mother, singer, writer and much more.

Point of Grace: On Stage & In The Kitchen

The Christian singing group performs live from their latest album, A Thousand Little Things. Then, they move into the kitchen to reveal some recipes from their new cookbook, Cooking With Grace.

Steelers Safety Troy Polamalu: Put Pride Aside

The Pittsburgh Steelers will compete in their sixth Super Bowl Championship on February 1, 2009. Their success is largely due to Safety Troy Polamalu and their number 1 ranked defense.

The Porros: The Pitfalls of Greed

They were successful attorneys and seemed to have it all. But soon their façade of lies started to crumble.

Elena Popkov: Swept Away

A flash flood swept Elena into a storm drain where only God could save her.

Alan Powell: Anthem Lights Front Man Sings New Tune as Actor in "The Song"

Lead singer of Anthem Lights, Alan Powell discusses the choices that affect life and marriage as seen in his new movie, “The Song.”

Kimberly Powers: Beyond Fiction - Finding Meaningful Love

Author Kimberly Powers knows that at the core of every young woman’s heart is a longing to be truly, madly, deeply loved. She explains how this desire is fueling the popularity of the Twilight movies amongst teen girls.

Putting Faith in First Place (Faith Powell)

Faith Powell struggled with her weight her whole life until she came to the First Place program. Now she knows that weight loss isn't only about pounds but also about prayers.

Peter Pretorius: Proclaiming the Living God in Africa

President and founder of Jesus Alive Ministries, Peter Pretorius is determined to reach the farthest corners of Africa with the gospel of Jesus!

Kelly Price: The Slimmed-Down Diva

Kelly Price is a R&B singer who has worked with the best in the business. However, her weight was holding her back. Find out how losing half of what she used to be helped her find wholeness.

Christopher Prieto: Memorial Day Grilling Tips from BBQ Pitmaster Christopher Prieto

Just in time for summer cookouts, pitmaster Christopher Preito presents barbecue and outdoor grilling tips featured in a new book, Southern Living Ultimate Book of BBQ.

Karen Psimas: Healing Your Sore Spot

Muscle soreness can make exercise painful for days afterwards. Karen Psimas is a trainer who knows the ways to keep sore muscles from ruining the afterglow of a good workout.

Albert Pujols: A Hero's Worship

“It doesn’t matter if I hit a home run,” Albert Pujols says. “Whatever happens at the end of the day, as long as I glorify His name, that’s what it’s all about.”

Martha Pullen: Christmas Cookin' Southern Style

Cookbook author Martha Pullen showcases some of her favorite Southern dishes for the holidays.

Russell and Marion Pyle: One Couple's Successful Fight Against Cancer

Russell and Marion Pyle share their story of faith and how the Lord provided strategies that helped Russell beat cancer.

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Chris Quilala on Jesus Culture, the Music and the Movement

The Bethel Church worship leader for Jesus Culture talks about impacting the youth for Jesus Christ.

Nabeel Qureshi: A Journey From Islam

Author and former Muslim Nabeel Qureshi shares about his dramatic conversion to Christianity.

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Dave Ramsey: Get Out of Debt Step by Step

Dave Ramsey uses his own rags to riches to rags story to teach you how to get out debt. Follow his plan to getting free from your financial burdens.

John Ramsey's Unshakeable Faith

John Ramsey sits down with The 700 Club's Scott Ross to share how faith helped him through the aftermath of JonBenet Ramsey's murder followed by the death of his wife years later.

Thor Ramsey: More Than a Comic

A high school friend told Thor she had dreamed of him on The Tonight Show. He said, "If you're not going to follow your own dreams, you might as well follow somebody else's."

Marcia Ramsland: Organize and Enjoy Christmas

Marcia has a system to make preparing for and celebrating Christmas enjoyable. She shares numerous tips in her book, Simplify Your Holidays.

Antwaan Randle El: Redskins Wide Receiver

Antwaan fell for the partying lifestyle for a season, but this Redskins Wide Receiver believes God wants to use his NFL position to lead others to a meaningful relationship with Christ.

John Ratzenberger: A Voice for God in Hollywood

Hollywood actor John Ratzenberger talks about the impact that his faith plays when it comes to his career in acting.

Dr. Bob Reccord: Your Destiny

The author of Made to Count shares how the job God calls a person to is their calling or mission field, be it traditional Christian ministry or the secular marketplace.

Michael Redd: A Preacher's Kid on the Court

"Basketball is what I do. It's not who I am. I’m a man who loves God." NBA star Michael Redd shares his true self with The 700 Club.

Jason Redman: Former Navy SEAL Determined to Help Other Wounded Warriors

When Jason Redman returned home from Iraq after being severely wounded in a firefight, his faith inspired him to recover. His positive attitude continues to motivate others as he works to raise awareness of America’s wounded warriors.

The Resurrection of Isaiah Reed

Isaiah Reed's bright smile and warm disposition make it almost impossible to believe that 20 years ago, he was pronounced dead. In a drug deal gone bad, he was shot twice and stabbed 16 times. Today, he's alive, well, and sharing his testimony of his God-given life after death.

Dr. Monica Reed: Bringing On the Breakthrough

Dr. Monica Reed has a secret. It's the mystery of good health that is built into the foundation of creation.

Spencer Register: A Musical Vessel

For over ten years, Spencer has taken his interest in the ocarina from a hobby to a lucrative business.

Mike & Chris Reis: A Saints' Recovery of a Lifetime

Mike and Chris Reis are a dynamic father and son speaking team whose mission is to encourage others to live life with thoughtful and selfless intention.

Kim Reutzel: 'Kissing and Cooking' for Couples

Kim Reutzel wanted to keep marriages from failing, including her own. She came up with the idea to turn a fundamental part of the daily routine into a time for romance.

Anne Rice: Surrender to Love

Scott Ross interviews the author once known as the queen of vampire fiction. Anne Rice reveals her real life spiritual confession.

Condoleezza Rice: An Extraordinary, Ordinary Family

Dr. Condoleezza Rice shares how a stable family and faith in Christ took her all the way to the White House.

J.R. Richard: When the Bottom Falls Out

Sports fans, remember the name J.R. Richard? If you don’t, it’s because his incredible career was tragically cut short. Andrew Knox traces J.R.’s story of desperation and redemption.

Bobby Richardson: Saving the Mick

Bobby played second base for the NY Yankees alongside legends Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle. He was MVP for the 1960 World Series. As a Christian he mentored many players and prayed with Mantle just before he died.

Paul Richardson: Faith on the Edge

The Founder of Faith Activators shares how his son was raised from the dead.

Donna Richardson-Joyner: A Fit Body, A Sound Spirit

Buns of Steel and Sweating in the Spirit fitness queen Donna Richardson-Joyner is a certified trainer with a proven record of getting people in shape.

Bill Rieser: God, Love and Basketball

His slam dunk was his ticket out of a rough childhood. It, however, could not save the soul of the man they called "White Jesus."

Abby Rike: Working It Out

Abby tells her story--from her joyous life before the accident that took her family, to the unbearable pain that followed it and her eventual emergence as a woman reinvigorated by her faith in God.

Greg Robbins: God Has a Sense of Humor

A Christian sitcom on TV? It's true. Meet Pastor Greg, the man who's hoping to change the way you watch television.

Lindsay Roberts: De-stressing Daily Living

The wife of evangelist Richard Roberts is extremely busy traveling on crusades, hosting several TV shows, editing several magazines, and juggling her own family. How does she do it? Lindsay joins us to explain her secret to a stressless life.

Oral Roberts: A Legacy of Faith

Now in his early 90s, the evangelist sits down with Scott Ross to share his testimony and how it started a ministry that spans decades.

Richard Roberts: Resigned to Do His Will

Richard Roberts will share what the Lord has shown him about forgiveness (CEO, Oral Roberts Evangelistic Assoc.).

Robin Roberts: A Simple Child of God

Scott Ross interviews Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts about her faith and latest book, From the Heart.

Contestant Clint Robertson on NBC's The Apprentice

He fought to be Donald Trump's Apprentice on the NBC reality show.

Dede Robertson: Ministry and Marriage

Pat's wife discusses the life and challenges of a pastor's wife.

Lisa Robertson: Keeping Christmas About Christ

Lisa Robertson, author of Making Christmas About Christ: A 4 Week Advent Devotional, chats with Terry Meeuwsen about the significance of Advent.

Duck Dynasty's Al & Lisa Robertson Tell What Saved Their Marriage

“Duck Dynasty’s” Al & Lisa Robertson share how they each overcame difficult childhoods and poor choices to ultimately restore their marriage and help others do the same.

Jep & Jessica Robertson and the Grace of God

Duck Dynasty’s Jep and Jessica Robertson write candidly about their personal trials in the new book The Good, the Bad, and the Grace of God.

Kay Robertson: Cooking with Duck Dynasty's Miss Kay

The 700 Club visits the kitchen of Duck Dynasty's matriarch, Miss Kay, to get some insight into her unique take on southern cooking.

Missy & Mia Robertson: Duck Dynasty Family is Blessed, Blessed...Blessed

There’s more to the story of Duck Dynasty’s Missy Robertson, and in her new book Blessed, Blessed…Blessed, she tells how faith helps her family face the challenges of daughter Mia’s cleft palate surgeries.

Phil & Kay Robertson: Ducks, Decoys and Divine Faith

Phil and Kay Robertson of the hit A&E television program Duck Dynasty join Terry Meeuwsen to share how their faith has been integral to their success.

Smokey Robinson and the Miracle of Salvation

He’s one of the forefathers of the Motown sound, but his celebrity lifestyle turned him into a drug addict. Smokey Robinson tells Scott Ross how God saved him and put a new song in his heart.

James and Betty Robison: Life Today…and Yesterday

For James and Betty Robison, it’s been 40 years of ministry -- crusades, television, and worldwide missions work. How have they done it? How have they blown it? You might be surprised by their honesty.

Jim Rogers on Hot Commodities

Author and investor Jim Rogers explains the value of commodities and how to make your money work for you.

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez: The Connection Between Obedience and Service

Author Samuel Rodriguez discusses the connection between Godly obedience and service to others.

Dr. Michael Roizen: It's Never Too Late for a Health Do-Over

Author Dr. Michael Roizen reveals in his new book “This is Your Do-Over” how you can have a second chance at health by making a few simple life changes.

Joseph Rojas: Harsh Beginnings

After trying to commit suicide with a lethal dose of cocaine, Joseph Rojas gave his life to Christ in the back of an ambulance. Today he is the lead singer of Seventh Day Slumber and ministers to hurting teens around the globe.

Lulu Roman: Hee Haw Star Loses 200 Pounds

Hee Haw made Lulu Roman a household name... and her weight was always part of the punch line.

Dan Rooney: It's Not About the Money

Dan Rooney grew up in the NFL as the son of the original Pittsburgh Steelers franchise owner, Art Rooney. He followed his father's leading to focus on faith, values, fairness and integrity; the money was secondary.

David Rose: Special Effects Guru Talks About Godiva

David Rose, author of Godiva, was a ‘60s radical who came to Christ and then became a leading special effects innovator. He won an Oscar for Independence Day and Emmies for Star Trek the television series.

Jerry and Shirley Rose: Life After 50

Instead of viewing aging as a negative, Jerry and Shirley encourage baby boomers to approach this half of their life with a positive attitude. Authors, Significant Living.

Ricky Skaggs & Sharon White: Married Music Legends Ricky Skaggs and Sharon White Achieve 33-year Dream with New Duet Album

Husband and wife music legends Ricky Skaggs and Sharon White have recorded a new album together, and share how their faith is inseparable from their lives and careers.

Hugh Ross: Connecting Scripture with Science

Astrophysicist and author Hugh Ross, Ph.D. offers evidence that the earth is billions of years old, which he believes supports the truth of the Bible and reveals creation’s big picture.

Nedra Ross: 'The Right Ronette'

Recent Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Nedra Ross, tells the story of the Ronette's rise to fame and what led this meg-star to an altar in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Scott Ross: 700 Club Producer Receives Miracle Healing

The producer and reporter shares how he was delivered from cancer.

Sid Roth Desires to Bring the Gospel "To the Jew First"

Sid Roth, Jewish believer in Jesus and founder of Messianic Vision, recently took a trip to Israel and saw the Holy Spirit move in a miraculous way.

Jennifer Rothschild's Blind Faith

"Believing is seeing" is Jennifer's twist on the common phrase. Blind since she was 15, this recording artist and author weaves together music, colorful illustrations, and biblical truth to help audiences find contentment, walk with endurance, and celebrate the ordinary.

Theresa L. Rowe: Shaped by Faith

The fitness expert and author discusses knowing your body and the power of wellness and being whole.

Daniel 'Rudy' Ruettiger: Rudy in Real Life

Immortalized in the 1994 film, 'Rudy,' Daniel 'Rudy' Ruettiger now encourages others to pursue God.

Mike Rupp: The New Jersey Angel

National Hockey League player Mike Rupp knows the thrill of victory, and he owes it all to Jesus Christ.

SQuire Rushnell: Do You Notice When "Godwinks" at You?

Author SQuire Rushnell believes God uses people and circumstances to give us hope. He calls these “Godwinks,” and they are much more than coincidence.

Jason Russell: Filming the 'Invisible Children'

For 20 years, the children of Uganda have lived in fear. In 2003, three men went to Africa to tell their story. Read the shocking truth that turned this filmmaker into a humanitarian.

Luke Russert: What Tim Russert Taught Me About Fatherhood

Son of the late NBC News personality Tim Russert, Luke Russert talks about his father’s life and the re-release of his dad’s best-selling book, “Big Russ and Me.”

Dr. Mark Rutland: Relaunch Your Organization with a New Vision

Oral Roberts University President and author Dr. Mark Rutland shares insights on how he helped steer the school out of debt by casting a new vision of success.

Jim Rutz: The 'Megashift' of the Worldwide Church

The 21st century church is exploding. While church attendence is dropping in the U.S. and Europe, Christianity is spreading like wildfire throughout other countries. Jim Rutz of Open Church Ministries is on The 700 Club to spread the good news that the Good News is spreading.

Marcus Ryan: Hope for the 'Restless Journey'

Deep inside, most men know there is more to life than status, money and getting ahead, but a richer life seems elusive. Author Marcus Ryan understands this all too well, and he's ready to teach other men how to find peace in their lives.

Trish Ryan: Taking Jesus Seriously

Trish Ryan wanted the Cinderella fairy tale story to be her life's story. Years of failed relationships and efforts of aid from any spiritual world brought her to reality. She began reading truth from the Bible and a new and better story took shape in her life. Author of He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.

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Steve Saint: The Legacy of the Martyrs

The son of missionary Nate Saint will discuss how his father's death at the hands of a savage Ecuadorian tribe is still changing the missionary world 50 years later.

Kamal Saleem: Arise, Body of Christ

Kamal tells of his years as a terrorist with the PLO and infiltrating the U.S. as a student while really coming to convert others to radical Islam.

Nate Sallie: Putting God First

His song "All About You" from his album Inside Out is nominated for Rock Song of the Year at the upcoming Dove Awards. Lisa Ryan caught up with Nate to find out about the man behind the music.

Amy Jewett Sampson: Mamma Mania

The former spokeswoman for Colorado's 40th governor talks about adoption and raising three young children.

Kathy Sanders: Finding Forgiveness for Oklahoma City Bombers

An unthinkable tragedy occurred on April 19, 1995 when Kathy Sanders’ grandsons were killed in the Oklahoma City bombing. In a journey that led her from grief to despair, Kathy found forgiveness for those responsible.

Yvonne Sanders-Butler: Healthy Kids, Smart Kids

She discusses her health scare and plan to keep kids healthy and smart by changing their diet.  

Lori Sandler: Fighting Food Allergies at Divvies Bakery

She may not be your typical bakery lady, but what began as a mother’s labor of love has grown into a thriving business.

Sandy Sandler: The 5-5-5 Holiday Craft Principle

Sandy Sandler calls herself creatively challenged, but has many years in the crafting business. And she's here to show us how to make five crafts, in five minutes, for five dollars each...  

Leslie Sansone: Being a Witness for Fitness

Time to get off the couch? Let's start walking with fitness trainer Leslie Sansone. She holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for the longest indoor walk of all time.  

Rick and Karen Santorum on Minding Manners

Sen. Rick Santorum and his wife, Karen, author of Everyday Graces: A Child's Book of Good Manners, discuss educating children on proper etiquette.

Marvin Sapp: 'Never Would Have Made It'

It's definitely a "God thing" when a man's grieving heart blasts out a tune glorifying God for helping him through life's most difficult times and the song becomes a chart-topper.

Dorothy Savage: A Mountain of Imperfections

Popular Christian music artist Dorothy Savage shares her story of faith on a journey to overcome a destructive eating disorder.

Sean and Carolyn Savage: Medical Mistake

After an embryo mix-up, the Savages had to go through with their pregnancy and deliver a baby that they knew they could not keep.

Teresa Scanlan: Miss America 2011

At 17 (at the time of her win), Teresa Scanlan is the youngest Miss America in over 70 years and this teenager is driven by faith.

Chef Hans Schadler on Skinny Thanksgiving

Is a healthy Thanksgiving feast with all your favorites possible? Chef Schadler says yes and he'll show you how.

Curt and Shonda Schilling: The Best Kind of Different

Major League pitcher Curt Schilling and his wife Shonda found their greatest challenge to be not on the field but in their home raising their son who has Asperger's Syndrome.

The Schimmels: Making Jesus Lord

Stephen and Rosalba Schimmel discuss the supernatural events surrounding his conversion to Christ and their marriage made in Heaven.

John W. Schlitt: A Rock Star Redeemed

Before becoming the lead singer of Petra, John Schlitt was caught up in the rock’n’roll lifestyle of drugs and alcohol.

Laura Schlessinger: The Doctor Is In

Learn more about talk radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger and why she has good advice for revitalizing your relationship.

Rod and Marjorie Schmidt: Building a Foundation for Success

Rod was struggling to find success with his construction company, but the couple never cut corners when it came to tithing and soon enough, the business began to prosper.

John Schneider: Exposing Hidden Secrets

Actor John Schneider discusses his career and new movie, which explores major issues and the true meaning of faith.

Bobby Schuller Helps You Find Happiness Through Jesus

“Hour of Power” host Pastor Bobby Schuller shares how you can experience real happiness in his latest book, Happiness According to Jesus.

Dr. Robert Schuller: Learning to Lean on God

The author reveals why he left the Crystal Cathedral and answers tough questions about forgiveness and the future.

Aaron Shust Sings Praises Whether Life Brings Joy or Pain

Worship leader Aaron Shust shares about his sons’ miraculous healings and sings from his latest album.

Patrick Scott and the Archangels

There is no denying the influence of comic books. They've been the subject of blockbuster movies and over 90 million copies are sold each year. The Archangels are Christian comic books about true heroes...

Steven Scott: Success God's Way

Successful businessman and author, Steven K. Scott, shares the secret to his success that he found in the book of Proverbs.

Tim Scott and Will Decker 'Travel the Road

Two men... one mission: to spread the Gospel to the farthest remote places of the earth. Meet Will and Tim, the creators of TBN's hit reality show.

Dr. Barry Sears on The Zone Diet

The author of the Zone Diet says a lack of hormonal balance makes us and keeps us fat.

Dr. Jim Sears: Healthy Families

Dr. Jim Sears is a family man, pediatrician and host of the Emmy-winning talk show, The Doctors. We sat down with Dr. Jim to find out some tips on keeping families healthy.

Barton Seaver: Something Fishy

Chef Barton Seaver discusses the health benefits of fish and the many varieties that are available for healthy, inexpensive, and easy meals.

Barton Seaver: Grillin' Up Some Good Eats

Author and chef Barton Seaver discusses how grilling can bring families together.

Barry Segal: Vision for Israel

He discusses the work of The Joseph Storehouse, which provides humanitarian aid to the needy in Israel.

Jay Sekulow

Jay Sekulow is a frequent guest on The 700 Club and other CBN programs.

Sensere: Music Group Reaches the Unchurched

Music group Sensere will discuss their faith and the work God is doing in them to reach the unchurched.

Sensere: The Soul of Future Worship

Experience the musical stylings of Sensere, a collaboration of original vocals and melodic baselines, featuring strong men of God.

Jackson Senyonga: Uganda Revival

This Ugandan pastor talks about the three million strong prayer gathering late last year in Uganda and the positive governmental changes that have resulted from such concerted prayer effort.

Rich Sevcik: Character Plus Common Sense

This author and businessman discusses the keys to success.

Igor Shafhid: Russian Doctor on Prepping for Terrorist Attack

Igor V. Shafhid, a former Soviet Army medical officer of Jewish heritage, explains how America can protect herself against a terrorist attack on the civilian population.

Allen Shamblin: The Faith that Built Me

Allen Shamblin is an award-winning songwriter of hits like last year's, 'The House That Built Me.' Scott Ross recently sat down with Allen to talk about his songwriting career and his faith that continues to inspire him.

Randy Shankle: Wrestling with Forgiveness

A father struggles with the desire to avenge his daughter's murder versus forgiving the murderer.

Dutch Sheets: Intimate Friendship with God

Author and speaker Dutch Sheets shares his story of rebellion against God as a youth and what the Lord said to him which forever changes his life.

Gary Sheffield: The Power Within

All-star Gary Sheffield is on the fast track to baseball's Hall of Fame. 'Till then, Gary remains faithful to the game, his family, and growing in his relationship with Jesus Christ.

Elizabeth Shepard: 'Delish Cooking School'

Author Elizabeth Shepard will discuss how to prepare delicious, healthy meals for your family. 

Ernestine Shepherd: Building a Better Body at Any Age

At 74, Ernestine Shepherd has earned a place in history as the world’s oldest female bodybuilder.

Sherri Shepherd: Permission to Laugh

Through the peaks and valleys, The View co-host, author and comedy actresss has found her faith.

Ken Shamrock: Inside the Lion’s Den

For more than 20 years Ken Shamrock fought in the ring and out for fame, fortune, and respect. But after all the kicks, punches, and submissions, he’s found a new reason to fight.

Randy Shankle: Wrestling With Forgiveness

A father struggles with forgiveness for his daughter's killer, especially after he eludes justice in the court system and walks away a free man.

Hormoz Shariat: Bringing the Gospel to Iran

The Iranian-born minister recounts his salvation testimony and how he now reaches Iran with the Gospel via LA-based TV show.

Dutch Sheets: The Power of Hope

Author and speaker Dutch Sheets shares why having hope is critical in turning barren places into holy places where God can work in your life.

Priscilla Shirer: Minister's Acting Debut in War Room

Known for being a minister and best-selling author, Shirer shares about her new role as lead actress in the upcoming movie War Room.

Patrick Shugart: Fighting to Live

When Patrick was born, he looked very healthy , until they cut the cord. He immediately turned blue.

Todd Nathan Sims: 'Echoes of Innocence'

It's billed as “A Sexy New Teen Movie – Without the Sex!” Director Nathan Todd Sims discusses his film about a young girl with visions.

Michelle Singletary Talks Financial Freedom

Finance author and columnist Michelle Singletary talks about breaking bad spending habits and getting on the road to financial health.

Ricky Skaggs: The Kentucky Traveler

Veteran musician and multiple Grammy winner Ricky Skaggs talks with Terry Meewsen in the 700 Club studio about his career and his new autobiography.

Aaron Small: The Long Road to the Field of Dreams

It took New York Yankees pitcher Aaron Small 16 years to get to the big leagues. He’s learned a valuable lesson -- God answers prayer.

Aaron Smith: Steelers' Defensive End

Aaron Smith, defensive end for the Pittsburgh Steelers, came from a broken home with anger and bitterness in his soul. His football career soared soon after turning his life over the Jesus Christ.

Alice Smith: Breaking Spiritual Strongholds

Are you tired of being taken advantage of? Do you feel like life is a constant uphill battle? You can feel empowered again. Author Alice Smith will show you how.

Angie Smith: What Women Fear

Author and speaker Angie Smith shares how facing and overcoming fear can bring women closer to the Lord.

Ashley Smith: Miss United States 2011

Regent Journalism student and current Miss Unites States 2011 Ashley Smith chats with Kristi Watts about her faith, being Miss United States 2011, and her future plans.

From Riches to Rags to Redemption: The Salvation of Ann-Lesley Smith

She had the opulence of the world and the benefits that came with it, but Ann-Lesley Smith will tell you she was in hell. In fact she called it trouble in paradise.

Ashley Smith: An 'Unlikely Angel'

Ashley Smith was held hostage by a rapist and alleged killer. Go inside those chilling seven hours and learn how God used this near tragedy to set Ashley free.

Brad Smith: Faith and Football in Buffalo

Football player Brad Smith shares his faith journey on the backdrop of an impressive NFL career.

Earl Smith: San Quentin's Death Row Chaplain

He could have become an inmate at San Quentin, but instead, Earl Smith became the chaplain at one of America’s most feared prisons and was determined to help others find God’s plan for their lives.

Hunter Smith: 'The Jersey Effect'

Hunter Smith is a professional football player and author who shares how turning back to Christ after chasing money gave his life new meaning.

Dr. Ian Smith: Eating Sensibly

Dr. Ian Smith visits The 700 Club again to discuss his latest book, Eat: The Effortless Weight Loss Solution. Ian provides tips for sensible, healthy eating while keeping the focus on weigh loss.

Michael W. Smith: The Extraordinary Power of an Ordinary Prayer

Michael W Smith talks with Scott Ross in 2011 to talk about his music career and his latest book: A Simple Blessing: The Extraordinary Power of an Ordinary Prayer.

John Smoltz: Starting and Closing

Future Hall of Fame pitcher John Smoltz visits our Virginia Beach studio to talk faith, baseball and his new book, Starting and Closing.

Dr. DeForest Soaries: Breaking Free from Financial Slavery

Dr. DFforest Soaries shares practical steps for breaking free from debt and living a debt free life.

Laura Sobiech: A Son's Final Goodbye Inspires Millions

Laura’s son Zach touched millions with his song, “Clouds,” while he battled cancer. Hear how this mother’s prayer was answered in a big way.

Suzanne Somers: Cut the Pharmacy Cord

Suzanne began researching natural remedies for wellness when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000. She advocates healthy living without pharmaceuticals, as much as possible.

Kevin Sorbo's God is Not Dead!

Hollywood acting veteran Kevin Sorbo shares on themes of faith, doubt and disbelief addressed in his movie, “God’s Not Dead.”

Kevin Sorbo Tackles Racism in Latest Film

Hollywood veteran Kevin Sorbo shares about his latest film Gallows Road, a story of racism, murder, and ultimately – the power of forgiveness.

Dr. Robert M. Spear: Cure for the Common Back Pain

If you have back pain, you're not alone. It's one of the most common reasons for visiting the doctor. Today, Dr. Spear may have the solution for you.

Rebecca St. James: I Will Praise You

Rebecca updates us on her music career, her impending nuptials and she sings a song from her latest album, I Will Praise You.

Bonnie St. John: Being More Than An Overcomer

Author Bonnie St. John shares her experience of medaling in the Paralympics and her mission to inspire others to achieve.

Phil Stacey Goes 'Into the Light'

The American Idol star shares this testimony and how God led him to a worldwide stage.

Chad, Mandy, and Ethan Stacy: A Baby Healed of Leukemia

Baby Ethan Stacy was diagnosed with Leukemia and sent home to die. Family and friends prepared for the worst, but held out hope for the supernatural that only God could provide.

Rachel Stafford: Become a Hand Free Mom

Author of Hands Free Mama, Rachel Stafford talks about overcoming distractions with her children and becoming a better mother.

Sylvester Stallone on Faith, Integrity, and Rocky Balboa

He has been the ultimate underdog for 30 years. Now Sylvester Stallone discusses how playing "Rocky" has inspired him spiritually.

Katie Stam: Here She Is... Miss America

The reigning Miss America talks with Terry Meeuwsen about life beneath the crown.

Yedda Stancil: The SMART Approach to Weight Loss

Holiday weight gain got you down? Fantastically Fit's Yedda Stancil will help you make fitness goals that will stick.

Andy Stanley: The Grace of God

North Point Pastor Andy Stanley says there is no problem that can't be solved without grace.

Lee Stanley: Salvation in Hollywood

This award-winning filmmaker shares his story of a life lost and then found in Hollywood.

Ralph Stanley: A Man of Constant Joy

He inspired countless artists such as Bob Dylan and Ricky Skaggs. His name is legendary in the world of bluegrass music. So who is the real Ralph Stanley?

Creed's Scott Stapp Returns to His Faith

Lead singer of the multi-platinum rock group Creed shares about his journey to find a real relationship with God.

Todd Starnes: Lose Weight or Die

Todd Starnes went from 300 pounds and a bad heart to 150 pounds and good health. He wrote a book about his journey, They Popped My Hood & Found Gravy on the Dipstick.

Robert Stearns: Intercession for Israel

The founder of Eagles’ Wings Ministries is asking Christians to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and to promote the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem on Oct. 2, 2005.

Les Steckel: Faith, Family and Football

For Les Steckel, all that stood between defeat and the 2000 Super Bowl Championship was one yard. In spite of such a hard loss, Steckel gained more than he ever dreamed possible.

Jake Steinfeld: Inspiring Kids to Get Healthy

Jake Steinfeld became the first nationally recognized fitness trainer in the U.S., and founded Body by Jake. Today, he's challenging kids to get fit and healthy. Jake's visit in 2005

Dr. Mark Stengler: The Natural Physician's Healing Therapies

Mark Stengler discusses natural remedies,therapies and some natural dietary supplements.

Todd & Erin Stevens: Loving the Unlovable in a Practical Way

Todd and Erin Stevens, authors of ‘How to Pick Up a Stripper,’ explain the origin of this unusual ministry that reaches the brokenhearted.

David Steward: Building a Business

The author of Doing Business by the Good Book and CEO of World Wide Technology, Inc. discusses principles he has used to build the largest African-American owned business in the United States.

Paul Stitt: Weighing In on the 'Super Size' Phenomenon

The biochemist and author discusses how poor quality food and a poor diet contribute to health problems, especially obesity, in America.

Larry Stone: The True Story of Noah

Author Larry Stone talks about his latest book, “Noah,” and the importance of knowing the full story of the Flood.

Dr. Travis Stork: The Lean Belly Prescription

The host of the Emmy-winning talk show The Doctors wrote a new RX for patients everywhere: the lean belly prescription.

Paging Dr. Travis Stork

One of the MDs from The Doctors, Travis shares his passion for helping people through medecine.

Stephen Strang: Celebrating 40 Years of Charisma Magazine

Stephen Strang, founder of Charisma Media, shares struggles and triumphs of Charisma Magazine's 40-year odyssey and its impact on culture.

Dan Stratton: The Wall Street Preacher

“The persecution I experienced at Yale was nothing compared to the battles I endured there in New York as a Christian commodities trader.”

Darryl Strawberry's Way to the Cross

Darryl's baseball talents earned him great respect, but his personal life earned him a bad-boy reputation, rehab and prison time. He wanted to give up on himself until he found a reason to change in knowing Christ.

Darryl & Tracy Strawberry: Help for the Imperfect Marriage

Former baseball pro Darryl Strawberry and his wife Tracy have made every mistake possible in their marriage. Here, they will share wisdom on how you can avoid an imperfect marriage.

Amie Streater: Your Money God's Way

Her spending was out of control until she learned how to handle her money using biblical principles.

Jennifer Strickland: The Beautiful Lies We are Sold

Author and former model Jennifer Strickland talks about the lies women believe about beauty.

Naomi Striemer: Backstage Pass to God

Naomi Striemer appeared to be headed for entertainment stardom, but it all slipped away.

Vivian Stringer: 'Standing Tall'

Vivian Stringer successfully coached several college basketball teams to victorious seasons. She endured heartbreaking struggles as a mother, wife and coach. Author, Standing Tall.

Ben Stroup: Awaken the Outlaw

In his latest book Awaken the Outlaw, author Ben Stroup shares how you can break through barriers and illusions to find your purpose in the midst of chaos.

Captain Jeff Struecker: Fearless?

The 2001 film Black Hawk Down wasn't all fiction. It was the dramatic portrayal of Cpt. Jeff Struecker and his men's ordeal in Somali. It was in the midst of the firefight that Struecker found his faith.

Marty Stuart: Calling All Souls to Chapel

Scott Ross visits the gospel blues singer in his legendary home to discuss faith, country music history, and how a guitar saved his soul.

Camille Styles: Creating a Warm and Welcoming Home for Christmas

Entertaining expert Camille Styles will demonstrate easy to make treats and share tips on how you can decorate your home with sparkle and warmth for Christmas.

Pat Summerall: A Divine Intervention

He was a legend on the air but off the air he was battling alcoholism. See how legendary sports broadcaster Pat Summerall made the comeback of a lifetime.

Pat Summerall: Gridiron, God, and Graham

In this interview, Summerall talks openly about his struggle with alcohol addiction and his decision to turn to Christ.

Abby Sunderland's Unsinkable Faith

Abby shares how faith sustained her while sailing solo around the world and getting hit by a rogue wave.

Julie Sussman & Stephanie Glakas-Tenet: Do-It-Herself Home Repair

Who says that renovating the house is a man's job? Julie and Stephanie return to teach women how to be handy-women.

Trista Sutter's Happily Ever After

You remember her as ABC’s first Bachelorette, but today Trista is a wife and mother of two persevering through life’s twists and turns guided by her Christian faith.

Russell Swan: Barely Surviving Samoa

A former contestant on Survivor: Samoa, Russell was forced to leave midway through the compettition for medical reasons. He was very disappointed and frustrated with God about physically failing the challenge.

Dr. Vinson Synan: Spirit-Empowered in the 21st Century

Dr. Synan, author of "Spirit-Empowered Christianity in the 21st Century", discusses the future of the Charismatic movement.

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Sam Talbot: The Sweet Life

This Top Chef semi-finalist shares healthy eating ideas for diabetics.

Phil Tan: A Bad Guy Gone Good

No movie would be complete without a villain, and some actors spend their entire careers playing the bad guy. But what are they like in real life?

Design Star's Jeribai Tascoe's Greatest Plan

Finalist from HGTV's Design Star, Jeribai Tascoe shares why faith is important to him.

Born Again and Again: The Life and Almost Death of G.P. Taylor

He wrote the bestseller Shadowmancer but his experiences are far more mystical. Graham Taylor discusses how a near-fatal drowning drove him to the occult.

T-Bone: Thug Life Redeemed

He was living for the moment as a teen deep in the San Francisco gang scene. But one incident made rap star T-Bone really think about eternity.

Tullian Tchividjian: Reveals the Heart of Christianity 

Senior pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Florida and grandson of Billy Graham, Tullian Tchividjian discusses his first-hand experience with God’s unconditional love.

Tim Tebow: Glorifying God

CBN Sports' Shawn Brown sits down with Denver Broncos quarterback, Tim Tebow to reflect on his transition to the NFL after a stellar college career at the University of Florida, but more importantly, to talk about Tim's faith and the impact that has on his day-in and day-out life.

Tommy Tenney: Still Chasing God After the Storm

Tommy Tenney is known as the author of God Chasers. But since the recent hurricanes, he has a new passion and mission -- to help restore those left with nothing.

Lysa TerKeurst: Choosing The Best Yes

Author and founder of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Lysa TerKeurst shares how women can control their schedules and make wise decisions in the midst of never-ending demands.

John Tesh: Staying Connected with God

John Tesh discusses a recent dark period in his life where the pain from a back injury had him struggling to keep perspective.

Pete Thomas on Being 'The Biggest Loser'

It may seem like merely another reality show, but to Pete Thomas, The Biggest Loser saved his life. See how this former 400-pounder achieved incredible weight loss.

Keni Thomas: Get It On!

Keni Thomas recounts his war experience, “Black Hawk Down”, and tells how losing his friends on the battlefield changed his life and taugh him valuable leadership lessons. He traded in his rifle for his guitar and performs for country music audiences and U.S. troops overseas. He recently authored his first book, 'Get It On!'

Pete Thomas: The 'Biggest Loser' Secrets to Keeping it Off

Pete Thomas lost 185 pounds as a contestant on NBC's 'Biggest Loser.' He joins us to discuss his dramatic weight loss and how how he's kept it off.

Andy Thompson: Choosing A Godly Wife

Andy will discuss how choosing a wife is a good thing and will share how to do it biblically.

Dr. David Thompson: Changing Lives in Africa

Dr. Thompson is touching lives and souls with his medical ministry in Africa.

Jeffery Thompson: Flatlined Patient Raised from the Dead

Jeffery Thompson died on the died during a routine surgery. Hear his account of what happened next.

Shaun T. Thompson: Hip Hop Abs and the Insanity Workout

Shaun T, creator of Insanity and Hip Hop Abs, teaches you how to sculpt the body you want in 60 days.

Bodie and Brock Thoene: New Historical Fiction Series

The best-selling authors talk about their latest book in the A.D. Chronicles series, Second Touch.

Riva Tims: 'When It All Falls Apart'

Riva shares the betrayal she experienced after her husband committed adultery and the church subsequently shunned her.

Cynthia Tobias: Parenting a Strong-willed Child

Author and speaker Cynthia Tobias shares insights on dealing with the strong-willed child.

Kendra Todd: Turn Passion Into Prosperity

Host of HGTV's Your House Is Worth What? and winner of 2005's The Apprentice with Donald Trump wants to share the knowledge and mindset needed to achieve financial independence, and inspire people to reach for greatness in their lives.

Chrissy Cymbala Toledo: Rescuing the Girl in the Song

In her new book The Girl in the Song, author Chrissy Cymbala Toledo shares how she broke from a destructive relationship and now reaches other young women with her story of God’s redemptive and unconditional love.

Chris Tomlin: Serving Others Through Music

Watch worship leader Chris Tomlin perform songs from his new Christmas album, 'Glory in the Highest'.

LaDainian Tomlinson: Glory in the End Zone

San Diego Charger LaDainian Tomlinson is known as much for his humility as he is for his records, and he keeps perspective by finding his identity in Christ, not football.

Rick Tramonto: The Hard Road to the Kitchen

Celebrity chef Rick Tramonto visits the Club again to talk about his new book, Scars of a Chef, and of course, to cook up a little something for Gordon and Terry.

Fred Travalena: Making a Good Impression

See the last appearnce on The 700 Club by this great, late comedian.

Randy Travis: Taking a Ride on the Glory Train

For two decades he has impacted country music with 22 No. 1 songs. His latest gospel CD Glory Train continues to touch the lives of people everywhere. Randy Travis visits The 700 Club to share his faith.

Jim Tressel: Buckeyes Coach Explains Block "O" of Life

Ohio State Head Coach Jim Tressel is one of the most respected coaches in college sports; not because of his nine NCAA Championships, but because of his approach to teaching the game of football.

Rosemary Trible: Breaking the Cycle of Fear

Author and rape survivor Rosemary Trible shares her message that the cycle of fear can be broken and lost joy can be found.

Sara Trollinger: Hope for Teens

Sara talks about House of Hope, her ministry to troubled teen boys and girls age 14-17.

Peter Tsukahira: The Gospel Wave

The author of God's Tsunami talks about God's move upon the earth and the prophetic role Israel as a nation plays in that. He also shares how and why he, as a Japanese American, became an Israeli citizen.

Holly Tucker: The Voice Finalist: Why She Sings for God

Former contestant from NBC's The Voice shares how faith keeps her strong in challenging times.

Jennifer Tuma-Young: Balance Your Life and Lose Weight

Fitness expert Jennifer Tuma-Young shares secrets to keeping balance in life.

Josh Turner Talks Music Business and Man Stuff

Country music star Josh Turner talks with The 700 Club’s Scott Ross about his latest project and how he combines Christian faith with the music business.

Antoinette Tuff: Prepared for a Purpose

Antoinette Tuff’s courageous confrontation with a school shooter saved lives. Learn how God prepared her for this special purpose.

Ronan Tynan: The Singing Doctor

Everyone from Bono to Barbara Walters sings the praises of Ronan Tynan, the physician who not only sang with The Irish Tenors but also won 18 gold medals at the Ireland Paralympics Games. He has performed at several White House functions and frequently wows fans at Yankee stadium with his rendition of "God Bless America". Yet his unforgettable voice is only part of his success story.

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Jeff Usner: 'Secret Millionaire's Bluepring for Success

Businessman and author Jeff Usner shares his experience of being on ABC's 'Secret Millionaire' program and how a life of challenges has served to strengthen his faith.

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Liz Vaccariello: The Flat Belly Diet for Men

Slim waistlines aren't just for women. Men can get rid of stubborn belly fat with Liz Vaccariello's Flat Belly recipes.

Gary Valenciano: 'Mr. Pure Energy'

International pop superstar, Gary Valenciano visits the 700 Club to discuss the latest on his career and to sing from his album, Replay.

Clint van Zandt: Inside the Mind of an FBI Profiler

Timothy McVeigh, David Koresch, and Ted Kaczynski... All these names have one thing in common. Their cases were solved with the expertise of former FBI Agent Clint van Zandt. Learn how he caught the bad guys and what to do if you're in a hostage situation.

Donna VanLiere: Best-Selling Author Shares the True Meaning of Christmas

Best-selling author Donna VanLiere shares her new book “The Christmas Light” and upcoming movie “The Christmas Secret” premiering on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel.

Carleton Varney: Decorate with Vibrant Colors this Christmas

Decorator Carleton Varney discusses the importance of incorporating vibrant colors and filtering out the drab.

Doug Varrieur: No More Sugar

The author shows how he lost 100 pounds and kept it off by not consuming hidden sugar.

Greg Vaughn: Sincerely, Dad

After the death of Greg’s father, he realized he had no letters from his dad. Greg developed a program that has led thousands of fathers to write letters of blessing and encouragement to their children.

Heather Veitch: Rescuing J.C.'s Girls (part 1)

A rape that happened in her teens eventually led Heather Veitch into the dark world of strip clubs and exotic dancing. However, she found the light at the turn of the millennium. Also, see part 2.

What You Don't Know About Michael Vick

CBN Sports uncovers a side to football star Michael Vick that is inconsistent with the thug image he has suffered from since his 2007 dog fighting crimes.

Fernando Villicana: Rescued from the Flames

A firefighter's brush with death after getting lost inside a smoke filled hallway serves as his 'wake-up call.'

Jake Voskuhl: Toronto Raptors' Center

Basketball was his strength through high school and college; drinking, drugs and arrogance became his weakness. He went to church in college to please his girl, and found what he needed for life.

Nick Vujicic: Life Without Limbs

He was born without arms nor legs. However, God is using Nick Vujicic to share the gospel around the world.

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Billy Wagner: Brave in Christ

In the midst of his success, this Atlanta Braves' pitcher never lets baseball stardom cloud his view of life.

Jordan Wagner: Delivering the Source of Life

Jordan Wagner shares about his ministry 'Generosity Water' and his new documentary, 'La Source,' which chronicles the process of providing water for those in need.

Philip & Holly Wagner: Turn Your Marriage Aound in 10 Days

Marriage experts and authors Philip & Holly Wagner share the secret to their matrimonial success and how it can work for your relationships.

Ken Wales and The Story of 'Grace'

Amazing Grace tells the story of William Wilberforce's 25-year battle to end slavery in Britain. Producer Ken Wales feels that it is a forgotten piece of history that Hollywood needs to hear.

Clay Walker: Singing for Our Heroes

Eight years after being diagnosised with multiple sclerosis, country singer Clay Walker performs to sold-out crowds, rides horses, plays golf, and runs on the beach with his daughters — activities he was afraid MS would take from him.

Dale Walker: Redefining Worship

Pastor Dale Walker explains that the Christian definition of "worship" needs to be expanded to include reaching out to help others.

Herschel Walker's Battle with D.I.D.

The 1982 Heisman trophy winner spent 15 years in pro football. Shortly after he retired, he was diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder, also known as multiple personality disorder or D.I.D. Author, Breaking Free.

Kenzie Walker: Singer Kenzie Walker Shares Some of Her "Smallest Gifts"

Abandon as a baby in a Chinese train station, Kenzie was adopted by a loving Christian family that has nurtured her amazing vocal talent.

Lorraine Wallace: Mr. Sunday's Soups

Wife of FoxNews Sunday anchor Chris Wallace, Lorraine shares how she brought her blended family together with family meals.

Randall Wallace on Living the Braveheart Life

Award-winning screenwriter and director Randall Wallace reveals how the road to writing the story of William Wallace and Braveheart changed his life.

Nik Wallenda: A High-wire Prayer Over Niagara Falls

He took a high-wire walk across Niagara Falls and holds several Guiness World Records. Hear Nik Wallenda story of faith.

Sheila Walsh: 5 Minutes with Jesus

Best-selling author and speaker Sheila Walsh encourages women to find just five minutes to spend with Jesus in the morning and how doing so can improve the next 24 hours.

Russell Watson: Anthems

Opera tenor Russell Watson joins us live to discuss his triumph over a recurring brain tumor and the role that faith has played during his journey.

Jimmy Wayne: Paper Angels

Singer and author Jimmy Wayne shares about his tough childhood growing up in foster care and the steps he's since taken to support kids in similar circumstances.

Eating Well with 'Clean Start' Author Terry Walters

Blogger and author Terry Walters talks about making healthy choices that help you and your family eat food that's good for you.

Joanna Ward: A Faith for Fitness

She survived the Amazon for the CBS reality show, Survivor. Now she's on The 700 Club to discuss how a commitment to health can help you shed the pounds.

Dr. Charles Warne: Training for a 2000 lb Leg Lift

Is it true? Did Pat Robertson really lift 2000 lbs with his legs? Met his doctor and discover the steps you can take to reach your own weigh-lifting goals.

Brenda Warner: One Call Away

Brenda Warner, wife of football great Kurt Warner, discusses their marriage and life's challenges.

Kay Warren: A Voice for the Suffering

Are you determined to do something radical with your life? Kay Warren has come face to face with the hurting around the world and witnessed a startling wake-up call that would change her life forever.

Lee Warren: American Combat Surgeon Returns from Iraq War Zone and Seeks Healing for PTSD

Combat surgeon Dr. Lee Warren treated countless patients in Iraq. When he returned home from the war, he found he needed healing for himself.

Howard Wasdin: Former Navy SEAL Team 6 Sniper Tells Story of His Last Rescue

Howard Wasdin was injured at the Battle of Mogadishu, the inspiration for the film “Black Hawk Down.” In his book “The Last Rescue,” he tells of his battles at war and at home.

Essie Mae Washington-Williams: Strom Thurmond's Secret Daughter Reveals Memoir

December 2003 brought some astounding news to the world – legendary South Carolina Sen. Strom Thurmond was the father of a 78-year-old daughter whom the world knew nothing about. Most astounding was that this daughter, Essie Mae Washington-Williams, had a black mother, a mother whom Essie Mae didn’t know was her birth mother until she was 13 years old. Essie Mae reveals more in her latest book, Dear Senator.

Ron 'H20' Waterman: Strong Faith

Ron Waterman went from an insecure little boy to a chiseled professional wrestler. This Christian body builder shares his testimony of faith.

Chris Waters: Waging 'Angel Wars'

Take the "tweeners" in your life on an adventure they'll never forget. In his latest DVD, Chris Waters presents a new kind of superhero that will inspire young and old alike.

The 2nd Chapter of Matthew Ward

As an original member of 2nd Chapter of Acts, Matthew Ward is part of Christian music’s foundation. This legend sits down with Scott Ross to discuss the diagnosis that almost ended it all.

Michael Ward: Planet Narnia

Discover the link between the Christian faith and Narnia with author Michael Ward.

Maurice 'Termite' Watkins: From Bugs to Boxing

A Golden Gloves Champion, one of the top car salesmen for Chevrolet, and a pest control expert? Maurice "Termite" Watkins has done a little bit of everything. So how did he end up in Iraq in the middle of a war?

Russell Watson: Anthems

Opera tenor Russell Watson joins us live to discuss his triumph over a recurring brain tumor and the role that faith has played during his journey.

Who Kristi Is In Christ

The 700 Club producer, Kristi Watts, turns the camera on herself as she shares her personal story of divorce and finding Christ's love.

Nicole Weider: Former Model Shares Dark Side of Glamorous Life

Author Nicole Weider got more than she bargained for when her teenage dreams of becoming a model came true.

Mark Weimer: Uniting Christians Online Through Prayer

Businessman and author Mark Weimer shares his desire to unite Christians online to form communities that pray and minister to one another.

Dr. Doug Weiss: Having a Pure Heart in a Sinful World

Dr. Doug Weiss share how men can stay sexually pure in their hearts with insights from his new book, Clean.

Brian Welch: More Than Head Knowledge

Brian Welch's salvation experience surprised heavy metal fans, and his passion for serving the Lord in music continues with heartfelt lyrics about struggles in this life in his latest CD, Save Me From Myself.

Matthew West Tells The Story of Your Life

The singer-songwriter talks about his new album and the testimonies that inspired it.

The Gospel According to Jazz

Grammy Award winner Kirk Whalum uses his saxophone to minister to others and inspire young people. He’ll share from his latest album The Gospel According to Jazz Chapter IV.

Lisa Whelchel: Make Time for Mommy & Friendship for Grown Ups

Mothers today are so busy answering the call of "Mommy!" Many don't have time for themselves. Child star and author Lisa Whelchel is here to help you put the "me" back in mommy. AND her latest, 'Friendship for Grown Ups,' addresses Lisa's life long struggle to establish and maintain meaningful friendships.

Lee Ann Whippen: 'Whippen' Up Something Good

Gordon Robertson prepares perfect 4th of July BBQ with the owner of Wood Chick's BBQ Restaurant, Lee Ann Whippen.

Bryan White: Country Music Star on Fame and Faith

Talking about gaining stardom quickly and at a young age, Bryan says, "It was a lot for an insecure and irresponsible 18-year-old to handle and was very overwhelming." So overwhelming, in fact, that as Bryan explains, "I began to plummet into a deep depression and became a recluse. All confidence in my voice was lost." Since then, however, this country music celebrity has regained confidence through an anchor in Christ.

Jim White: Get Fit at Home

You don't have to pay those high-priced gym membership fees. Fitness guru Jim White teaches you how to exercise and be healthier without leaving your house.

Paula White: Turning Trash into Treasure

If you come across Paula White on your TV, she immediately catches your attention. It’s hard to believe it was only three years ago when she burst onto the national scene with the help of T.D. Jakes. What’s even more incredible is Paula’s dramatic story of how God brought her to this place.

Sara White: Remembering Reggie

He was the greatest player in the NFL, but his life was tragically cut short at the age of 43. Reggie White's widow, Sara, discusses her late husband's career and faith, based on a documentary she produced.

Todd White: Modern Day Street Preacher

Todd’s heart is to equip the church and activate them to live a 24/7 Kingdom lifestyle by helping them to get out of the boat and brave the waves of fear, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Cathleen Whitelow: 'Rock Star' Talks Sparkle

She might not have her own band or recording studio, but Cathleen Whitelow is a 'rock star' -- the kind who knows something golden when she sees it. That's because Cathleen designs her own line of high-end jewelry.

Michael Whitesides: Miracle on the Hudson

Michael Whitesides sat in seat 10B on the famous Miracle on the Hudson flight that landed without fatalities in the Hudson River on January 15, 2009. This is his story.

Kimberly Whitman: Easy and Elegant Entertaining Tips for the Holidays

World renown entertaining expert and Editor-at-Large of Southern Living magazine Kimberly Whitman will show how to prepare  your home for the holidays.

Carrie Wiatt: How to Tame Your Appetite

Eyes bigger than your stomach? Learn how to control your portions and get slim before the holidays with Carrie Wiatt's tips and recipes!

Bill Wiese: What Happens When I Die?

Author Bill Wiese discusses the impact of near-death experiences on our faith and his new book tackles the age-old question, What Happens When I Die?

Paul Wilbur Strives to Touch the Heart of God

Worship leader Paul Wilbur will celebrate Rosh Hashanah with CBN and share about his book, Touching the Heart of God.

Lynn Wilder: Finding Our Way Out of the Mormon Church

A devout Mormon for 30 years, Lynn Wilder shares what happened when she began to question her beliefs.

Angela Williams: From Sorrows to Sapphires

Author Angela Williams shares strategies on breaking the silence of child abuse victims as she draws from her own experience of overcoming sexual abuse as a child.

Art Williams: The Life Coach

Art says that the bigger a person's goals are, the bigger the challenges are to overcome. People should fight the fight and have big dreams. Art says don't give up; don't give up on your dreams.

Chad Williams: A Navy SEAL's Reckoning with God

Author and former Navy SEAL shares how God changed his life while attending a Greg Laurie Harvest Crusade.

Donnie Williams: Karate Grandmaster Fights for God

Former World Karate Champion Donnie Williams shares his salvation story and how God delivered him from his intense hatred of white people.

Ellen Williams: Chocolate Treats for the Health Conscious

Inspired by love for her "chocoholic" husband and her passion for healthy living, Ellen Williams created a naturally delicious recipe for elegant chocolate truffles.

Heather Williams: 'This Time Around'

Christian artist Heather Williams shares the tragic story of her infant son's death in 2004.

Hillary Williams: Hilary' Trip to Heaven

She was on her way to a funeral when a car accident led to a heavenly experience.

Pat Williams of the NBA's Orlando Magic Shares His Secret to Success

Pat Williams has accrued a lifetime of lessons from his time spent managing NBA teams and currently as the Orlando Magic’s senior vice president. He will share what he’s learned about success from the winners in his life.

Ron Williams: Healing the Soul Wounds

The bodybuilder and fitness expert rose to the top of his game in order to hide a shameful past.

Martha Williamson: Hollywood Producer Shares the Miracle of Christmas with Latest Project

Martha Williamson has produced beloved television hits including “Touched By an Angel.” Now, she addresses the miracle of Christmas with her latest project “Signed, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas” for the Hallmark Channel.

Steve Willis: Winning the Food Fight

Find out what happens when pastor and author Steve Willis challenges his Huntington, WV church to lose weight after the town is proclaimed, "The Fattest City in America." 

Tom Wilson II: Ziggy's Family Heritage

Author and cartoonist of Ziggy and Friends discusses the Ziggy legend and how his faith and Ziggy helped him through some tough times in life.

Dr. Billy Wilson is Uniting Spirit-Empowered Christians in 2015

President of Oral Roberts University and Global Co-chair of Empowered21, Dr. Billy Wilson is dedicated to gathering and leading Christians from around the world.

Walt Wilson: Training the Missionaries of the Future

The online missionaries of founder Walt Wilson’s Global Media Outreach spread the gospel to millions around the world without having to set foot in another country.

Christy Wimber: Naturally Supernatural

Christy says the church is called to recognize what God is doing and move with His leading in salvation, healing and deliverance. She describes it as being “naturally supernatural” both inside and outside the church.

CeCe Winans: Songs of Emotional Healing

CeCe joins us to discuss her work with young people and the issues they are facing today.

Ralph Winter: God’s Billion Dollar Man

Star Trek, Fantastic Four, X-Men… They’re all major Hollywood action films produced by Ralph Winter. He talks with Scott Ross about being a Christian behind the scenes of Hollywood.

Alice Wood: Wealth Watchers

The Founder and President of Wealth Watchers discusses how to account for your money and keep more than you spend.

Melissa Woodward: A Sex Slave's Story

Melissa shares the story of how she first became a victim of the sex trafficking industry and how she was able to get out and make her life's mission to educate people about sex slavery.

Dr. Vonda Wright: 'Fitness After 40'

Dr. Vonda Wright, an orthopaedic surgeon, realized many people in the waiting room were over 40 and designed fitness programs specifically aimed to address their needs. Author, Fitness After 40.

Danny Wuerffel's Greatest Challenge

CBN News' Lee Webb interviews Heisman Trophy Winner and former NFL quarterback Danny Wuerffel about his latest challenge, living with Guillain Barre Syndrome.

Kay Wyma: Rid Your Home of Youth Entitlement

Author and mother Kay Wyma discusses how to make your children more responsible around the house.

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Tucker Tates: How One Man is Leaving a Legacy for His Grandchildren and Beyond

Tucker Yates left an indelible mark where he served at CBN and Regent University. Now, he hopes to inspire future generations through his memoirs.

William Young: A Look Inside 'The Shack'

Wiliam wrote 'The Shack' as a story for kids with no idea that it would become a publishing phenomenon.

Dr. Nick Yphantides: Greek Diet

At one time weighing 467 pounds, this physician and author of My Big Fat Greek Diet explains how he lost 267 pounds and has kept it off for three years.

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Louis Zamperini: Coming Full Circle

He shook hands with Hitler, spent more than month lost ate sea, and ended up in a Japanese torture camp. Louis Zamperini has seen many days he’d rather not recall but he’ll never forget the day he met Jesus Christ.

Hans Zeiger: Assault on America's Boy Scouts

He's just 20 years old. But Hans Zeiger can tell you why Oliver North says the Boys Scouts of America are in the crosshairs of the wealthiest opponents in America.

Katie Zephir: 106 Pounds Lighter

She ballooned up to 230 pounds at her heaviest. Today, she's a half marathon runner. See how this make-up artist lost the weight.

Steve Zim and the Hollywood Body

Do you have six weeks? According to fitness trainer Steve Zim, that's all you need to get the body you want. Learn the tips that keep Hollywood slim and trim.

The Faith of Zoro

World renowned musician Zoro the Drummer talks about his rise to rock'n'roll fame, his heartbreaking fall, and how he trusted Jesus through it all.

Darlene Zschech: The Art of Mentoring

Darlene Zschech will discuss the need to reach and develop the emerging generation and leave a thriving legacy for generations to come. She is the author of “The Art of Mentoring”.

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