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Author, The 17 Day Diet: A Doctor's Plan Designed for Rapid Results

Family Physician Kaiser Permanente, Rancho San Diego, since 1999

Residency, Kaiser Permanente, Fontana, CA 1996-1999

Board of Directors, San Diego Chapter of the American Academy of Family Physicians

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Dr. Mike Moreno: A Diet to Live By

By The 700 Club


Dr. Mike Moreno became a physician because he wanted to help people.  Today he is responsible for over 2,000 patients, eighty percent of whom are overweight.  

Ever since he became a doctor, Dr. Mike says he has always been concerned with prevention.  He believes prevention is a doorway to longevity and that a huge part of prevention is weight management. 

One of Dr. Mike's patients, a 60 year-old woman with Type 2 diabetes named Sharon, was able to stop taking her oral medications after he got her on a healthier diet and exercise program. 

In 2008, Sharon came in for her regular appointment.  Her sugars were through the roof.  Sharon told Dr. Mike she stopped walking because she lost her exercise partner.  Dr. Mike offered to walk with her.  Soon others joined them and today many people of all ages participate in what he calls “Walk with Your Doc.” 

Dr. Mike walks a mile with his patients and anyone else who is interested in getting in the habit of walking every Tuesday and Thursday at his practice in San Diego.

For many years, nutritionists believed that losing weight slowly was better than rapidly.  Dr. Mike wanted to come up with an eating program that would give his patients fast results. 

“I had to concentrate on creating a program that would be safe, effective and produce quick lasting results,” says Dr. Mike. 

Dr. Mike didn’t want to recommend diets that were nutritionally unbalanced, hard to follow or didn’t give results quickly enough to provide motivation. He says brand new research shows that the faster an individual takes weight off, the longer he or she keeps it off. 

“Despite what many nutritionists have preached for years, rapid weightloss diets can be healthy if done correctly,” says Dr. Mike.

The 17-Day Diet -- which has a heavy emphasis on the consumption of lean protein, vegetables and fiber -- consists of four 17-day cycles:

  1. Accelerate: promotes rapid weight loss by improving digestive health, clears sugar from the blood, boosts fat burning and discourages fat storage
  2. Activate:  resets metabolism by increasing and decreasing caloric intact to stimulate fat-burning and prevent plateaus

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“This is not a fad diet,” says Dr. Mike.  “This diet happens to have rapid weight loss up front.”  His philosophy is that most of weight loss is mental.  So if there is rapid weight loss up front, there is a better chance people will stay on track. 

Dr. Mike says his program keeps the metabolism elevated.  “It keeps your body guessing, as opposed to letting it get accustomed to one particular way of eating day after day,” he says.  He coins this “body confusion."

For more information and for the recipes Dr. Mike used on today's show, click here.

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