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Dr. Lisa Masterson's Prescription for Health

By Mia Evans-Saracual
The 700 Club

CBN.comAs an ob-gyn and co-host of one of TV’s fastest growing talk shows, The Doctors, Dr. Lisa Masterson is committed to improving and saving lives around the world.

Mia: Dr. Lisa, you’re so passionate about helping women, and you’re helping millions through TV. How does that feel?

Dr. Lisa:  It feels great. That’s actually why we did it. I do a lot of things with my charity where I go to Africa and India on an individual basis. And my friend was like, ‘You know if you do this you can actually help women, everybody, all over the world because it’s global.’

In 2005 she founded Maternal Fetal Care International, and she recently traveled to Africa with the U.N. to care for pregnant women in Malawi, who were in desperate need of medical care.

Mia: Tell me a little bit more about your work with mothers and babies around the world.

Lisa: Well my charity is targeted at decreasing maternal mortality, which is one of the U.N. development goals. A lot of people don’t realize that mothers in developing countries still die because of childbirth and related complications that happen. So what I do is basically go in these countries and try and find out what the problems are and address whether it’s a lack of specialists, a lack of equipment, a lack of transportation to get to the hospital and we fix them. What I’ve found is all these things are fixable. It’s just somebody’s gotta go in and make a start.

Mia: Let’s go down the list: You’re a successful doctor, you’re a TV host, you’re a humanitarian, and a great mom. How do you find time to take care of yourself and do all of that?

Dr. Lisa: Well the key is I love all of it. All of what you said. I mean, my son is my number one thing in life, and he’s great. And I love being a doctor. It’s those two things and basically being a doctor in my office and being a doctor on the show, they’re pretty much one and the same. It’s just different kind of venues, which keeps it all fresh and exciting.
In their book, The Doctors Five-Minute Health Fixes, Dr. Lisa offers medical advice to help women experience their best health at every stage of life.

Mia:  I love that you say ‘Good health is beautiful.’ What do you mean by that?

Dr. Lisa: If you feel healthy inside and you put all healthy things inside, it’s going to radiate outside—bsides the fact that prevention is the key to medicine. You can prevent a lot of cancers by decreasing stress in your life, by just taking care of your body. A lot of women, people in general go to the doctors only when they feel sick or if they’re scared about a cancer or something like that. But you really want to go to maintain your health.

Mia: What’s the one piece of advice you want o share with women? What do you want them to take to heart?

Dr. Lisa: Feel good about yourself because once you start feeling good about yourself, then you’re going to do good things for yourself. You’re going to make yourself healthy, you’re going to want to exercise, you’re going to want to put good healthy things in your body.

Mia: Do you have any tips for women in their 40’s and 50’s to help navigate through menopause?

Dr.Lisa: Talk to your doctor. Every woman needs to be treated as an individual as she gets older and she needs to find out what’s going with her whether it’s irregular periods, whether it’s hot flashes, things like that. We have treatments out there and women just need to voice them.

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