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Navigating the Master's Links

By Zsa Zsa Palagyi
The 700 Club "Everybody wants to be a Tiger Woods or one of those younger players, very athletic. You have to have patience. You have to be accurate," says avid golfer Paco Garza.

Accuracy is especially important on the green, where most mistakes are made.

"There's a statistic that says that 80 percent of the balls within ten feet are missed," Paco explains. "A lot of people miss. It seems like a short distance, but people miss it because of their inability of reading the green correctly."

Paco's putting used to be a part of that statistic.

Paco gives Lisa Ryan some golf pointers"I felt like there's got to be something to help me putt better, to find the line," he says. "Sometimes the level of the slope, it's so subtle, you cannot see it. You need something to tell you whether it is going to break right or whether it is a left break."

Paco took his putting problem to God. And God gave him a solution.

"The Lord said, 'Here, this is the way you do it.' I sat down and did some drawings, some thumbnails, and it's like voila! It's right there," he says.

Just what Paco needed-an invention he calls the Green Reader.

"It helps you see the green a little better. You can do a reading. It has a bubble level and a transparent screen with some horizontal lines and one vertical line, so it's very obvious when you see a break in the terrain," says Paco. "It's a good training tool and it has helped my game."

The Green Reader is endorsed by professional golf trainer Hank Haney. It's been seen in Sports Illustrated and has helped many a golfer. And while the acclaim is highly appreciated, the Garzas give all the glory to God.

"He just really used Paco as a vessel and poured out His creative spirit into Paco, and Paco was obedient with it," says Paco's wife, Vicki, who is also a golfer.

The Garzas have been obedient with their profits, too.

Recalls Vicki, "One morning I sat down with Paco and said, 'The Lord really spoke to me that He wants to use the Green Reader to further His kingdom, and that it's not our business. It's His. We really need to dedicate 10 percent of this business to The 700 Club, to CBN, to Operation Blessing, and everything that happens over there.' "

Today, the Garzas give half of their net profit from each Green Reader to CBN.

"When they show a little kid in China or somebody in South America or whatever, it's like I'm helping those people. I'm a part of it," Paco says.

Paco and Vicky Garza"So many times I just sit there and cry and thank the Lord that He gave us the opportunity to invest in such a beautiful ministry that's out there really touching hearts and really touching lives," adds Vicki.

With God's help, Paco's putting problem turned into a tool to help golfers improve their game and help fulfill the Great Commission.

"It's the main purpose," says Vicki. "It's why God gave Paco the idea. Not so that we could get rich. It's not for us; it's for the Lord.

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