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The Woffords: An 'Extreme Makeover' of the Heart

By Zsa Zsa Palagyi and Renelle Richardson with Lisa Ryan
The 700 Club Brian Wofford of Encinitas, California, has every reason to be ecstatic. ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition just transformed his tiny 1200 and 12 square foot residence into this two-story dream home. It only took seven days.

The boys used to sleep in a converted garage, the girls shared rooms, and everyone had bunk beds. Today, every Wofford has a theme room, and a few of the kids even have their own space.

The Living RoomThere are so many great rooms in this house like the wide-open living room and the spacious kitchen. But this isn’t all that’s undergone a transformation.

Brian Wofford has lost over a 100 pounds but nothing impressed me more than his humble heart.

“The only thing I ever wanted in my whole life was a wife that loved me and a family that I was crazy about,” he says. “I told my kids if I were to die at any time, my dream came true.”

Unfortunately, four years ago Brian’s wife Theresa died from a fatal infection. The couple met at church and raised their children to trust in Jesus Christ. So when Theresa died, they knew where to turn.

“He knows the plans for us and they’re going to be good,” says one of the Wofford girls. “They’re not going to be to be plans that bring us down.”

“The kids always were taught to never give up, never quit, and even through the tough times, the very dark times, we always knew that Christ was there for us,” says Brian.

As courageous as Brian’s been for his children, it hasn’t been easy…

Theresa Wofford“One night I realized that there was never going to be anybody there to talk to,” he recalls. So he prayed to God, “’Dad, it’s just me and you. Can you help me? Please, can you help me?’ And it was a great gift. ‘Cause now instead of going to my Theresa, I go straight to my Dad.”

Brian’s faith in God seems strong now, but it wasn’t always that way.

In Brian’s younger years, his coping mechanism was completely different. Brian’s parents divorced when he was eleven, and although he knew they loved him, Brian felt empty and alone.

“I just wanted to fill up this heart that had a big hole in it. I ended up drinking, using drugs, gambling. You name it… just a horrible lifestyle.”

Brian’s habits only got worse when he went off to college to study chiropractics. He failed his boards six times in a row and then began working in a bar -- an environment that only enabled more self-destruction. After 10 years of this, it was clear to Brian that his life wasn’t going anywhere. Suicide seemed like his only option. At this point, Brian remembered a piece of advice his father had given him years before.

“’Brian, if you’re ever in trouble, you can always call upon the name of Christ. He’ll always be there for you.’ The minute I said, ‘Forgive me, Father. Help me, Father. You are my Savior’… that hole got filled up. It became such a healed heart. It was God’s love, His peace, and His kindness. For the first time, I was satisfied.”

Brian WoffordBrian never touched drugs or alcohol again. Just two months after this, Brian met Theresa, and the rest is history. Brian says he knows it’s Jesus Christ who’s walked him through every trial in his life. Today, he passes on the same advice to his son that his father gave him.

“Christ is sovereign. Our Lord provides. He sustains you. He uplifts you. He’s there all the time. If you call on Him, He will be more than ample to supply all your needs. He’s a great dad.”

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