Frequently Asked Questions

How does the CBN Animation Club work?

When you join the CBN Animation Club, you will automatically receive each new episode of Superbook. In addition, we will send you two free copies of each new episode in attractive packaging that you can give as gifts to others. Watch online with streaming access to 5 full seasons—65+ episodes—on up to 3 separate devices.

How do I pay for the CBN Animation Club?

You will be charged $25 immediately for your first Superbook episode when you join the CBN Animation Club. Your second episode $25 charge can occur any time after your first, based on when in the release cycle you sign up. Thereafter, you will be charged every 4 to 6 weeks when a new episode becomes available.

Where is the offer available?

Superbook is available through the website for distribution in the USA. For Canadian orders, please call: 855-759-0700. For UK and Ireland orders, please call: 0-800-432-0700. DVDs include both English and Spanish audio tracks and subtitles except Episode 1.

How do I request DVDs?

You can request DVDs online or by calling 1-800-759-0700.
Para pedir el DVD en español llame 1-800-265-0509.

What is my money used for?

Your tax-deductible gift will help produce future CBN Animation projects and bring the Word of God to children around the world.

CBN Animation Club & DVDs

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