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Morgan Ensberg: Three Strikes... You're Saved

By Andrew Knox
The 700 Club When Morgan Ensberg hits game winning homers, he makes the game look simple. So I was surprised to hear him say…

“I don’t know if people know how hard it is to get a hit or how hard it is to field a ground ball. It’s an easy game in principal but to actually execute the game, it’s very difficult.”

Well, he seems to be doing just fine. He leads the Astro’s in home runs and RBI’s.

“The entire reason that I play baseball is so that I get a chance to speak about Christ. Because my job is high-profile doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s greater than any other job, but it puts me out in front of some people. I realize that I do all of this so that I can show more people what Christ has done.”

Like that game earlier this season when Morgan hit three out of the park.

“It was probably that day where I really took a step in my faith -- not because I had found success in hitting three home runs and getting four hits, but more so in the fact that I knew that it wasn’t me. I knew that it was the Holy Spirit working.”

Morgan adds, “Even as I was sitting on the bench, I was excited but I really didn’t feel like I would’ve felt maybe when I was eight or nine years. I was sitting more so almost watching it with everybody else saying ‘Isn’t God incredible?!'”

But in a game where you’re considered a great hitter, even if you fail to get a hit seven times out of ten, how does he handle the down times?

“No. 1 is I make sure that I’m always obedient to Him. I’m constantly praying. I just want Him to know that whatever His will is, is what I’m all about. We play 162 games. You’re bound to have some terrible games, and whenever there’s a time like that where you’re really struggling, I picture Christ’s face. I just picture myself looking right at Him and saying ‘Whatever you want.’”

Morgan’s faith also helps him handle failures off the field.

“We mess up so much as we are fallen man. That’s unfortunately in our nature, and it’s tough. I think that just continually knowing that God is going to be there and love you… You mess up, He loves you, you mess up worse, He loves you, and you’re not necessarily trying, but when you mess up, it’s an over- abundance of love that just continues to flow from Christ. It’s incredible because you know He hates sin, yet he still is completely willing to give every single thing for you.”

Morgan says he can relate to people – teammates or fans – who are going through a season of frustration.

“For those that are struggling, I know what it feels like. It’s a very scary moment, and you feel like you’re chasing after something. You’re trying to fulfill different things and just nothing seems to work. But I’ll tell you what, as you live for Christ and you give up yourself, everything starts to click. You will find peace in your heart and fulfillment.”

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