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Nate Sallie: Putting God First

By David Sisson
The 700 Club

CBN.comNate Sallie has been playing music since he was in diapers. He's still got the Baldwin piano his parents bought when he was a child. Nate loved sports, naturally, but he learned to love the piano. He grew up a preacher's kid in Washington, D.C., but was drawn to the heart of Christian rock and roll music, Franklin, Tenn. Nate moved his young family to Franklin to launch his music career. Lisa Ryan caught up with him to find out about the man behind the music.

LISA RYAN (walking in downtown Franklin): It seems as though Franklin, Tenn., just south of Nashville, has really become the hub of contemporary Christian music, hasn't it?

NATE SALLIE (walking in downtown Franklin): It really has. A lot of these historic houses that you see right down the street are turned into recording studios. A lot of the recording that I did on the first CD was done right here at the Bennett House.

LISA RYAN (walking in downtown Franklin): Do you love living just walking distance from downtown Franklin?

NATE SALLIE (walking in downtown Franklin): I love it. It's awesome. You know when you were a kid and you always want to live near the store so you can ride your bike down and get some candy or something like that? That's exactly how I feel. I love it. I feel like I'm at home.

LISA RYAN (reporting): Nate, his wife, Sarah, and his daughter, Morgyn, are enjoying the small-town lifestyle.

Nate SallieNATE SALLIE: They've been through every single year, every single step of the way, every single record deal. They stood right beside me the entire time. They've been a huge inspiration. It's so funny. My wife, people ask me all the time, 'Does she enjoy you traveling?' I'm like, oh my gosh, I was in the house so long, for so many years, she's kicking me out of the house! She's like, 'Will you go out and do something?'

LISA RYAN: Go. Sing. Perform.

NATE SALLIE: Get out of here, please! Go do what you're supposed to do. So she's great, and she doesn't have any musical aspirations, which is nice. She teaches, which is an awesome thing, so she gets a chance to hang out with the kids every day. And she enjoys what I do. She enjoys coming to the concerts.

LISA RYAN: The song that's nominated for a Dove Award, 'All About You,' is a real countercultural kind of song. We live in a culture where it's all about 'me.' It's all about what I want, my immediate gratification, yet you're bringing this anthem that it's all about You, God.

NATE SALLIE: Like you say, in the world that we live in, it is all about us and what we can do and our strength and doing things on our own and how we can do it. That's another thing that I learned: It's not about me. It's an easy thing to say. I wrote this song, 'It's all about you, God. It's all about Your strength.' And you know what? I'm going to live that way. It's been a challenge. I'm getting better at it by God's strength. God's got us under His hand. If we live every single aspect of our lives under His hand, that's when He can lift us up. I was trying myself going all these different directions going, if I could only meet this person, if I could only meet this person, if I could find this person, if I could only make this connection, I've got it all made. None of that worked. It wasn't until I totally, 100 percent, said, 'God, all right, show me what You can do,' that it all started to come together.

LISA RYAN (reporting): Nate's CD is called Inside Out. His single, "All About You," is nominated for Rock Song of the Year at the upcoming Dove Awards. Meanwhile, Nate is busy at the piano he's had all his life composing songs for his next CD.

NATE SALLIE: God's got you in His hand and He's not going to let you go. He's not finished with you until He accomplishes what He has for your life. And that goes for every single one of us.

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