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Kelly Price

Bio by The 700 Club

Kelly was born and raised in Queens, New York.  Her musical ability showed up at an early age.  Many nights the Price family was awakened to the sound of Kelly singing from her crib.

Both of her parents are ordained ministers, and Kelly was raised in the church.  “I grew up in a very strict Pentecostal household,” say Kelly.  One day when she was 7, Kelly read a book for a black history project and was deeply saddened.  So she wrote her first song to express the complicated emotions she was feeling.  By the time was 10, Kelly sang on her first recording.  At the age of 18, she was recording and touring the world with Mariah Carey.  Kelly watched and learned the intricacies of studio and production work and soon began to expand into areas other than background singing. 

As a guest vocalist, Kelly appeared on such acclaimed hits as Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy,” The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Mo' Money, Mo' Problems,” P.Diddy’s “No Way Out,” and Whitney Houston’s “Heartbreak Hotel.”  In the years to come, Kelly shared her musical abilities with artists including George Michael, Aretha Franklin, Brian McKnight, LL Cool J, Mary J Blige, Donnie McClurkin, Yolanda Adams, Mary Mary, Richard Smallwood, Eric Clapton, Wynnona Judd, among countless others.  Throughout her stellar career, Kelly syas she has never left the church.

Kelly broke records by reaching Billboard’s top spot twice with the same song, having achieved the No. 1 victory with no music video.  No artist had done that since the conception of the instumental marketing tool of the music video.  Several music executives told Kelly that she was talented and beautiful but “no one wants to look at a fat girl or buy her records, no matter how good she sounds.” 

In the late '90s, both her mother and her mother-in-law were diagnosed with breast cancer.  Fortunately, her mother is in remission, but sadly in October 1999, Kelly lost her mother-in-law.  “It made me realize how finite we are,” says Kelly. 

The crisis of losing her mother-in-law sparked her to lose a total of 100 pounds for health reasons, something she had never done to meet industry standards.  When her mother-in-law died, depression set in.  The pressure and stress set in and initially caused her to lose weight.  While not the healthiest weight loss program, Kelly realized she needed to focus on her personal health. 

At that point, Kelly was over 200 pounds and the extra weight was beginning to compromise her voice, her perfomance and her ability to do simple things, like play with her kids. 

“I wanted to run behind my kids and play with them and not feel like I’m about to pass out,” she says.  She started eating sensibly and walking on her 2 ½ acre property.  Kelly says once she pulled herself out of her depression, she was able to take control of her life. 


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