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Producers, award winning reality television series, Travel the Road (Challenge for Christ
Ministries, 2008)

Missionaries who have traveled through 51 countries sharing the gospel in the most difficult regions in the world such as: Sudan, Afghanistan, Ethiopia,and others.

Travel The Road has appeared on CNN, Fox News, ABC News, CBS News, NPR, Reuters News, TBN, Daystar, Life Today

Travel The Road has been featured in various publications including Reuters, Relevant Magazine, Christianity Today, Life (South African Christian Magazine), Charisma, and others.

Guest bio

Reality TV Missions Work Continues

By Heather Salon
The 700 Club


Tim Scott and Will Decker have released their third installment of the Travel the Road series on DVD, which was the final leg of their 18-month journey through the continent of Africa. Their mission began on the Zambezi River, where they undertook an expedition to locate remote villages while having to navigate daunting jungle rapids and crocodile-infested waters. But their desire to bring the gospel to those in desperate need soon led them on a series of risky missions to the world’s most dangerous war zones. From treacherous food drops in Mogadishu, Somalia, to intense patrolling missions in Darfur, Sudan, Tim and Will encountered clan militias, warlords and isolated tribes as they traversed the vast expanse of Africa to deliver the eternal message of hope through Jesus Christ.

In the episode “Into the Unknown: Journey to the Kachepo of Sudan,” Tim and Will endured a rigorous expedition to a remote people named the Kachepo tribe. This is one of the trips that stands out for Tim. With bandits lurking and supplies running low, the missionaries pushed on into the prehistoric jungles where they made contact with a tribe from another time. Never having heard the name of Jesus and always trying to appease the gods of the forest for their past wrongdoings, the Kachepo were curious about what was being shared about forgiveness. The word of God was delivered and the village responded with vigor to the message of truth. The sick were prayed for and the downtrodden were set free, as once again the gospel proved to never be too far from anyone. Since this encounter with the Kachepo, Tim says follow up work is being done with the tribe such as a project to improve transportation and more evangelistic work in the region.


In November, Tim and Scott will journey to South America for two years. Starting in Peru, they plan to begin in the tri-border regions of Peru, Columbia, and Brazil. They hope to preach the Gospel to unreached tribes in and around the Javari region. They are also going to attempt to navigate the Amazon in its entirety from west to east.


Tim and Will have received a lot of positive feed back for Travel the Road. Many have been inspired to go on mission trips, which is what Tim and Will hoped the program would do. They receive weekly testimonies of how people are getting involved in missions all around the globe. Americans are getting inspired to travel internationally, as well as international people are doing missions in their own countries and neighboring regions. Missions work is a lifestyle and a life calling.


Tim was raised in a Christian home and tutored by his father, who is president of the Vision Christian Bible College located in Colorado. He first went on mission trips with both of his parents and older brother Michael during high school, but never thought of it as his calling. After high school he went through two years of business college and
an internship program at Paine Webber. However, his call to the mission field did not come until he was 19-years-old, when he was traveling abroad in Eastern Europe in 1998.

“I thought that I was going to be a stockbroker,” Tim said. “But then I went on a mission trip to the Czech Republic. I had been on mission trips before, but something happened over there. And it was something that changed my life forever,” Tim said. He remembered asking the Lord what His plan was for his life and the Lord told him to go and preach the Gospel to the world. He knew that his life was about to change.

“I came back to America from that mission trip, and started selling everything I owned,” Tim said. “I told my parents what I wanted to do and they said, ‘go for it with your whole heart.’ They also said, ‘make sure that someone goes with you.” He called his friend Will Decker and said that he was thinking about going overseas to do missions work, and that he wanted Will to come along. At the time, Will was not even a believer, but Tim knew something was going to happen. He knew the Lord had a calling on Will’s life too.


In 1998, Tim and Will set out on their first missionary expedition armed only with their backpacks, Bibles, a change of clothes, and the words of Christ Jesus – “Go into the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” Tim said it was on this journey that they learned the art of Third World survival and how to travel in remote and dangerous lands. From the mysterious jungles of Laos to the snow covered mountains of the Himalayas, Tim and Will shared the good news with hundreds of tribes. Their journey spanned 25 countries in the course of a year. They stayed until their money ran out.


After returning to America in the summer of 1999, the only thing Tim and Will could think about was getting back out on the road. The planning for the next expedition began immediately.

“It wasn’t hard to realize there was a need for more workers in the mission field,” Tim said. So, the Travel the Road (TTR) ministry which consisted of Tim, his brother Michael, and Will started brainstorming about how they could use the experiences traveling the road in a more productive fashion. In an effort to share their story, TTR decided that for their next expedition they would bring along a video camera to document the travels and ministry to help people see first-hand what missions was all about.


“We kept the film in a safe place, and when we had a good inventory of both video and still photography, we sent it all back to Michael in Los Angeles,” Tim recalled. TTR felt that other people would love to see this exciting footage of what it is really like on the mission field. And since reality television was also becoming more and more popular on secular networks, they also saw a similar opportunity in the Christian programming world.

When they returned from their expedition in January 2002, they started going through the 300+ hours of video footage, bought some editing equipment, leased a couple hundred square feet of office space and started editing the film. As they saw the work that the Lord was helping them create, they pitched the concept and the pilot of Travel the Road to various networks. In December of 2002, they signed a contract with the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) for a 12 episode series to start airing May 17, 2003.

Travel the Road’s unique story telling has broken down the barrier between Christian programming and secular reality TV to create a television series that ultimately glorifies God and delivers high quality television. The series is set in exotic National Geographic locations with Survivor cinematography served up on a Fear Factor menu and delivered with the excitement of Amazing Race.

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