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Danna Demetre

President, LifeStyle Dimensions

President and Founder, Women of Purpose, an outreach to women

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RN, Shoreline Nursing School, Seattle, WA, specializing in women’s health, labor, and delivery

Married to Lewis, 3 adult children

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Danna Demetre: Dialing Back Your Diet

The 700 Club Watch Your Weight

As we look forward to the Christmas holidays, we don’t have to look forward to gaining extra pounds. Danna says the trick to keeping weight off is to think in terms of a total life change in how we think about food. A lifestyle change is something that you can do most days of your life without too much effort or deprivation. Everything else is just a diet.

Key Changes:
1) Change your thinking. Get in tune with your self-talk. Replace lies with truth about yourself.

2) Change your attitude. Get rid of the old diet mentality that legalizes all foods. Give yourself permission to enjoy your favorite foods without feeling guilty. Chances are your cravings will diminish and your willpower will increase.

3) Increase your energy. The higher your energy, the less likely you will overeat. There are several important factors that will energize you, such as stabilizing your blood sugar by including a good source of protein in meals or snacks; avoiding highly processed or sugary foods, and de-stressing your life. Stress releases hormones and sugar into your blood. Sleep until you are rested. Well-rested people have higher mental, emotional, and physical reserves. Be sure to exercise for maximum energy.

4) Burn more calories. The bottom line to all weight management is simple: Calories in vs. calories out. If you only eat ten calories more than you burn each day, you’ll gain an extra pound of fat every year. It’s the small stuff that adds up over time. Just a little improvement can make a huge difference.

Danna says the average woman gains about 25 pounds between the ages of 20 and 50. How many calories does she need to eat for this to happen? It’s only about five calories more a day. That’s the equivalent of one breath mint a day. This sounds like bad news, but the opposite is true as well. If you burn five calories more a day than you eat, you’ll lose 25 pounds over 30 years.

Danna offers 25 ways to cut calories every day. A sampling of these tips includes the following:

Bulimic No More

Danna DemetreDanna came to her knowledge of food the hard way, but says that the change was part of the journey. Danna battled self-image problems when she was younger. “As a young woman, I saw myself inaccurately,” she says. Danna got trapped in the world’s view of what was beautiful, and as a result, she had a skewed body image. Never more than 20 pounds overweight, Danna was bulimic for 16 years. She says she was out of control in college and used to purge three to five times a day. “I was in bondage to food,” she says.

She had ferocious panic attacks, which led her to the Lord. These outrageous panic attacks were fueled by diet pills, anxiety, and pressures she put on herself. She thought she was dying. In her early 20s, Danna cried out to the Lord to help her, and He did.

But her victory over food took a long path of learning God’s Word. “He renewed my mind first,” she says, citing Romans 12: 1-2 as a key Scripture (“…be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”). With her mind renewed, Danna could accept God’s truth about her – that she was fearfully and wonderfully made and that God loved her.

Today Danna teaches other women what she has learned, and that they, too, can be healthy in spirit, soul, and body. She says the image problem is even more prevalent today, reaching down to even younger girls and boys.

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