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Scott Ross: 700 Club Producer Receives Miracle Healing

By The 700 Club

Appeared on December 16, 2010 On October 12, 2010, Scott Ross was diagnosed by his dermatologist and accompanying pathology reports as having squamous cell carcinoma on his nose. “The bad news is it had spread literally under the skin,” says Scott, “so I would need two procedures: one to remove all the cancer (called Mohs surgery) and the other reconstructive surgery.”

Moh’s surgery is a time-consuming procedure that takes small regions of the damaged area, removing layer by layer for examination, and once the damaged cells have been recovered, the reconstructive team comes in and rebuilds the surgical area on his nose. “The reconstructive procedure would involve taking skin from my forehead to fill in the nose,” says Scott. “The existing skin in my nose is scarred from previous bouts of cancer called basal cell carcinoma making it unusable in reconstructive surgery.”

Squamos cell carcinomas are typically caused by UV ultraviolet light damage to the DNA in certain cells in the skin. In this type of cancer, the damage is produced decades earlier in life and the cancers appear later. The risk is typically higher in patients who are fair complexioned, but skin cancer can strike skin of all colors and patients of all ages.  Some squamous cell cancers are slow growers and others can be much more aggressive and invasive.

Following all the consultations with various doctors, Scott was scheduled for Mohs surgery and a reconstructive procedure on November 30th.

Scott’s dermatologist and pathologists suggested that he have a second biopsy done on his nose prior to leaving the country with his wife Nedra in the early part of November. “There were differing opinions from doctors as to whether I should do this or not due to the need to preserve skin tissue for the Mohs and reconstructive procedure,” says Scott. “We opted to do it. However, the results would not be available for at least a week while we were traveling.” 

On November 2nd Scott received a word from the Lord. “I was getting dressed at home when the word ‘arrested’ dropped into my mind,” says Scott. “I told Nedra, we prayed and concluded, if that was God, the signs and fruit would follow.”

A couple weeks later Scott received a note from his doctor’s office: “The second report indicated there is no evidence now of any skin cancer. Instead, this is scarring. No further surgery is needed.” Scott and Nedra spoke with his dermatologist, and he confirmed that the cancer was gone.

“I do believe this is a bit mind-blowing for my dermatologist. This is the second time he has seen a God thing, the last being a bout I had with melanoma cancer a number of years ago,” says Scott.

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