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Founder: Character Coaches International

Author of three books

Associate Pastor, The Father’s House (Wellington Boone’s church)

Developed personal development program for athletes “A-Game Elite Training System”

Former NBA draft pick for Seattle Supersonics

Graduate, Virginia Commonwealth University

Married, Angela, Father of 4


Attended, University of Connecticut

No. 12 Pick 2012 NBA Draft by Houston Rockets.


NBA Father and Son Talk Winning On and Off the Court

Jeremy is a walking billboard for everything his father has done. Coach Lamb believes that playing sports doesn’t build character….playing sports reveals character.  He says too many athletes find their personal value in what sport they play or try to gain appreciation from people around them because they want to fit in with others.  “Character counts,” says Coach Lamb.  In his A-Game Elite Training System, Coach Lamb teaches others about the importance of being on their A-Game:

  1. Attitude:  It’s not what you go through, it’s how you go through it.  God is first.  “He has given us the life, liberty and ability to do what we do,” says Coach Lamb.  We need to keep an attitude of gratitude.
  2. Academics:  You play the game but you don’t let the game play you.  Getting an education opens doors for other things.  Sports isn’t everything.
  3. Athletics:  Coach Lamb believes champions do daily what losers do occasionally.  Work to be the best you can be.  Be willing to commit and set goals.

Coach Lamb introduced Jeremy to the Lord.  “Every since then, I realized that He gave me the biggest stage to just give Him the glory.  Without Him, I don’t know where I’d be,” says Jeremy.  Jeremy captained his high school team at Norcross and in his senior year led with an average of 20 points per game.  He was offered scholarships from 65 schools but chose to play with Coach Calhoun at UConn.  In college, Jeremy averaged 14.2 points per game and the 9th seeded Huskies win the 2011 Big East Tournament and earn a #3 seed in the NCAA Tournament.  Earlier this summer, Jeremy was selected 12th overall in 2012 NBA draft by the Houston Rockets.  “My dad said if he didn’t push me in basketball, he would push me in the things of the Lord,” says Jeremy.  He always told Jeremy that he wasn’t in the basketball arena for himself.  “My dad always told me, ‘Seek God first.  Be humble and He will bless you,’” says Jeremy.

Coach Lamb grew up with a single mom.  She took care of him and his siblings in the tough inner city of Portsmouth, Virginia.  Coach Lamb believes most of the people he grew up with are either dead, in jail or on drugs.  He learned the importance of how to win the right way.  Growing up, Coach Lamb was involved in sports which kept him off the streets and gave him the opportunity to develop a winning attitude, both on and off the court.

Coach Lamb became a high school All-American basketball player and earned a four-year scholarship to Virginia Commonwealth University where he became a Hall of Fame player.  He is famously known for scoring a game-winning buzzer beater against Northeastern University and Coach Jim Calhoun at the 1984 NCAA Tournament.  He was an NBA draft pick for the Seattle Supersonics and was inducted into the VCU Sports Hall of Fame.

Over the years, Coach Calhoun took a job at the Univesity of Connecticut and in 2009, Jeremy caught his eye.  So Coach Calhoun called the Lamb home to talk to Jeremy.  Calhoun realized it was the same Lamb home and thought about that game winning shot that Rolando had taken.  The clock read :02.  The ball was supposed to go to VCU’s best player but instead it went to Rolando who caught the inbounds, turned, squared and fired in one motion 17 feet to the left of the free-throw line.  As the ball went in, teammates mobbed him.

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