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Producer, One Night With the King, The Omega Code, Megiddo, The Champion, China Cry

Son of Paul and Jan Crouch


Matthew Crouch on the New Movie, 'Noelle'  Matthew Crouch says “Noelle” is unique because it is the first film that Gener8xion Entertainment has acquired after its completion, then re-edited and made it ready for theatrical release. As major studios scramble to release anything with the word “faith” stamped on it, he receives countless films each year in search of theatrical distribution. This is the first one they have acquired because it is the most faith-filled, yet non-churchy, non-“Christian-ese” film they have ever seen.            

It is opening in 203 theaters on Friday, Dec 7. Check the Web site for your location.

Matt says, "Noelle" is a parable of forgiveness and grace wrapped within eccentric small town characters and an enchanting Christmas spirit. The film is able to balance two very powerful themes as it follows a troubled young priest who arrives in town to shut down a dying church at Christmas. It works as a metaphor for exploring the differences between legalism and relationship, guilt and grace and the motivations behind why any of us do what we do. Yet what makes the film truly powerful, elevating it beyond being simply festive and humorous with a strong pro-life subtext, is the discovery of the priest’s haunted past and his visions of a little girl who pursues him relentlessly, longing only to deliver the simple message, “All is forgiven.” Thus the story becomes an allegory of Christ himself, coming to us as a child that first Christmas, sent to a world running from God in guilt and shame to deliver the very same message, “All is forgiven.”            

Writer, director, producer and star lead, David Wall plays Father Jonathan Keene – a cold, impatient Catholic priest who arrives in a tiny fishing village the week before Christmas to do what he does best - shut down a dying parish. But things take an unexpected turn as he becomes entangled in the lives of the villages’ eccentric characters, including their beautiful librarian, the child-like priest he is displacing, and the magical experience of Mrs. Worthington’s legendary Christmas party.

The son of Paul and Jan Crouch, founders of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, Matt served as vice President of TBN where for 15 years he oversaw all aspects of production for both film and television divisions. He and his wife Laurie are frequent hosts on various programs that air weekly throughout the world on TBN.            

Matt’s grassroots innovations in rallying together a faith-based demographic that Hollywood had traditionally ignored proved so successful that his model eventually became the foundation from which Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ would build its record breaking performance. 

With Gene8xion Entertainment Matt is developing feature films and TV projects in the family/faith-based genre that are inclusive rather than divisive. He says they don’t make films about faith, but films that don’t violate one’s faith. “The staggering statistics that ten times the number of people who go to movie theaters, go to church each week, offers even more validation and inspiration to offer the under-served church going demographic quality family/faith entertainment.”

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