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Beyond Fiction: Finding Meaningful Love

Vampire romance has become a phenomenon in youth culture with the best selling Twilight books and movies. In the Twilight movies, instead of the vampire playing a dark or sinister role, Edward plays a handsome, charming, noble and mysterious vampire who sweeps the heroine, Bella, off her feet. Through the years, the transformation of the vampire has been subtle blurring the lines between good and evil. So why does our culture devour these movies? Kimberly says it comes down to two things: (1) The love story between Bella and Edward is captivating and (2) The desire for our own epic love story in real time.

Breaking Dawn Part 2, the fifth and final installment of the Twilight film series, will be released on November 16. The film is based on the fourth novel in Stephanie Meyer’s best selling Twilight series. Tickets went on sale October 1st, six weeks before the release date and generated over $1 million the first day. The best selling Twilight books have sold more than 100 million copies with translations into 37 languages.

“This fascination with Edward and the draw he has with so many is just a shadow of the true epic love story offered by our true Immortal Hero, the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ,” shares Kimberly. As a conference speaker, she has had many conversations with girls who’ve experienced difficult things: being in hurtful relationships, fighting addictions to drugs, drinking, cutting their bodies, starving themselves, hating themselves, wanting to end their lives. She says, “The common thread is these women are hurting somewhere deep inside and this allows Satan, the Ultimate Vampire, to prey upon these girls by offering illusions of escape just like he did with Eve in the garden. The Ultimate Vampire has figured out how to disguise himself so you don’t automatically recognize him.

“We long to be loved and desired, fought for and protected,” shares Kimberly. Using real life stories from girls she has come in contact with and biblical truths; she captures the attention of Twilight fans around the world as she connects with teen girls, who are in search of protection, love, and in need of true relationship with an “Immortal Hero.” She helps girls see their potential and the plans that Christ has for them. “Where you see broken dreams and crushed promises, He sees potential for greatness.” Although Kimberly focuses on young women in her book, she hits key principles of overcoming rejection that will help both men and women.

In Escaping the Vampire, Kimberly investigates themes that are addressed in the Twilight series to present girls with a true “Immortal Hero” who sacrificially loves, fiercely protects and never abandons.” She says the greatest story of all involves: a Hero who loves beyond all limits; a Hero who gives His heart; a Hero who asks you to trust Him completely; a Hero who offers pure rescue; a Hero who leads you on a path of righteousness for His name’s sake; and a Hero who rescues you so that you can love like He loves you.

Kimberly has over 15 years of experience ministering to more than 16,000 teens with a message of love, hope, and God’s truth. “I know the Lord has called me to this ministry of communicating the Father’s heart to His girls, I love to be in a room full of flip flops, low rise jeans, attitudes, and tentative looks. Teen girls are a culture of their own and I love ministering to them in a very real and personal way,” reveals Kimberly. In 1998, Kimberly and her husband Tim co-founded Walk the Talk Youth Ministries which is a non-profit youth ministry.  Their mission is to inspire teens to find their true identity in Christ. “If teen girls could catch a glimpse of the amazing love of their Heavenly Father – if they could just for a moment see the beauty God has placed within them – their lives would be incredibly transformed,” shares Kimberly. She has created several youth conferences around the nation including “Searching for Twilight” and “In Search of a Princess”. She and her husband Tim live in Virginia with their sons, Landon and Logan.

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