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Jentezen Franklin: Praying in God's Power

Jentezen says that there is a very real enemy who first showed up in the Garden of Eden in the form of a serpent.  He says that snakes differ in the way they hunt and kill their prey.  One snake destroys its victims in a unique way.  The python slowly coils itself around its victim and begins to squeeze the life out of it, little by little.  Jentezen gives the analogy that in the Bible breath, air and wind are symbols of the Holy Spirit.  There is only one thing that the enemy wants to do with our lives and that is to suffocate us.   “Without the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit, we cannot do anything,” says Jentezen.  “The devil wants to squeeze the life out of us.”  When Paul and Silas went to prayer in Acts 16:16, Jentezen says that a certain maid having a spirit of Python met them.  This is the only time in the Scriptures that the name of an unclean spirit was given. 

To have life, we must inhale.  Jentezen says that is reading the Word of God.  When we pray, that is like exhaling.  “We breathe in the Word of God and pray.  It’s the releasing of the promises of God through prayer,” says Jentezen.  There are key weapons in our arsenal and prayer is the greatest weapon against the devil.  “Many of us are too busy to pray,” says Jentezen.  “We are almost asthmatics spiritually, barely alive, going to church on Sunday,” he says.  “I believe there is an unseen war going on that is causing the church not to pray.”  It is time for Christians to pray.  The enemy wants to distract us and keep us from praying.  “Prevailing prayer is vital in the life of every believer,” says Jentezen.  Prevailing prayer is not praying when we are in trouble.  It is the consistent, insistent, continual life of communication with God.  “With that kind of prayer life, you will know victory,” says Jentezen.

The most powerful people on earth are those who have learned how to pray.  “Prayer changes the atmosphere and shifts things in the spirit realm,” says Jentezen.  Prayer is holy communication with heaven that creates an atmosphere for God’s presence but it’s the devil’s strategy to stop or hinder your prayer life.  For example, instead of praying, we watch TV.  The python is hindering you.  Sometimes it takes persistence before you see results.  It seems like nothing changes in the midst of a struggle, but Jentezen reminds us that when we push harder and pray again, it’s as if heaven breaks open and victory is won.

Jentezen says there are warning signs of being attacked spiritually.  He says it is crucial to recognize the warning signs for survival.  1. Loss of spiritual desire; 2. Physical fatigue; 3.  “Lack attack” (when everything goes wrong at the same time); 4.  Weak prayer life; 5.  Feeling overwhelmed and hopeless; 6.  Old habits and lifestyles resurface; 7.  Pulling away from godly relationships.

Two churches in Atlanta had merged several years ago and were doing well.  Jentezen says that church split again and his church was able to obtain that church building at a remarkable price.  The sanctuary seats 1,200 people and the congregation is going into the building debt free.  They are currently renovating and will open in September.  Jentezen says they have over 2,000 families signed up to attend that location.

He flies to California twice a month.  There is a team of pastors that handles 4 services a day and averages 4,000 people each week. 

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