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About Don and Kyle

Dr. Colbert

Board certified in family practice and anti-aging medicine

Doctorate of Medicine: Oral Roberts School of Medicine; B.S. Univ. of Mississippi & Christ for the Nations

Founder, Divine Health Institute, Longwood, FL which provides preventive, nutritional and anti-aging practices


Certified Personal Trainer through National Personal Training Institute in Orlando, since 2003

Former personal trainer at LA Fitness with over 500 clients including professional skaters, divers and runners

B.S., Business, Oral Roberts University


Dr. Don Colbert and Kyle Colbert: Get Fit and Live

The 700 Club

Dr. Colbert has been a medical doctor who has been ministering to thousands of people for over 20 years.  Over the years, he has given advice about the benefits of exercise. 

“Our bodies are designed for movement and resistance to keep our muscles and joints flexible and functioning properly into old age,” says Dr. Colbert.  “Many people think that getting old is an excuse to stop exercising.” 

Dr. Colbert reminds us that Moses was 120 years old and that the Bible says “his eyesight was clear and he was as strong as ever” Deu 34:7.  Dr. Colbert says that God wants His children strong, and so we must exercise regularly in order to be strong and stay strong. 

Exercising doesn’t have to be boring or burdensome.  Dr. Colbert and his son Kyle came up with a simple, fast and enjoyable plan.  It is important while exercising to practice “mindfulness” while lifting.  Mindful lifting is important, because unlike other exercises where your mind can wander, you will not reap the benefits of the exercises without fully paying attention.  Be sure your posture is correct with shoulders back, chest out, waist in and head over the shoulders.  Keep your abs (core) tight at all times while performing all exercises.  Concentrate on breathing.  By combining mindful lifting with muscle engagement, you can see tremendous gains in muscle strength and definition.

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Fight Disease With Exercise

The Get Fit and Live program consists of seven exercises that can be completed in seven minutes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  To complete each exercise, the goal should be to perform each one for thirty seconds, then rest for thirty seconds (or rebound/bounce using a mini trampoline) before moving on to the next exercise.  There are benefits to rebounding .  In addition to strengthening muscles, rebounding helps the body’s lymphatic system and helps maintain aerobic heartrate.  Dr. Colbert and Kyle recommend warming up and cooling down. 

Dr. Colbert and Kyle say that you can target and fight specific diseases with exercise.  For Type 2 diabetes,  multiple studies have shown that those who have a physically active lifestyle are less prone to this disease, which gets its start when muscle cells lose their sensitivity to insulin.  Regular exercise also improves glucose intolerance and lowers blood sugar as well as insulin requirements.  The more muscle you build in the lower extremities and buttocks the better blood sugar control you have.  Aerobic activity and resistance training are recommended.  Dr. Colbert and Kyle will demonstrate squats, lunges using a chair, back flies with resistance bands and sit-down band back flies to back row.

The best form of exercise for fighting cancer is aerobic. This includes brisk walking, cycling, swimming or jogging.  There are many variables that affect a person’s ability to work out while overcoming cancer.  Dr. Colbert says it is important to discuss this with the patient’s team of doctors. Don’t exercise with heavy weights if cancer has spread to the bones.  Also, if skin has had radiation treatment, don’t swim in chlorinated pools.  Dr. Colbert and Kyle recommend bouncing on a mini trampoline.  Rebounding combats cancer by improving the immune system.  Rebounding can increase lymph flow by 15 to 30 times.  Some rebounders come with a stability bar.  Dr. Colbert and Kyle will demonstrate part of their 7 minute rebounding routine.

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