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Charles Warne

Retired Physician

Board Certified in Family Practice and Geriatrics

University of Miami (Ohio)

University of Cincinnati

Ohio State University of Medicine

Mini-Fellowship in Cardiology at Miami University of Florida

Practiced Family Medicine and Cardiology in Ashland, Ohio for 17 years & Family Medicine and Geriatrics in Virginia Beach, Virginia and Chesapeake, Virginia for 19 years

Counsels in nutrition; Writing a book about health and vitality in the golden years

Married to wife, Carolyn and has 6 children and 15 grandchildren


Dr. Charles Warne: Training for a 2000 lb Leg Lift

By The 700 Club Successfully completing a 2000 pound leg press is a feat that many could never accomplish, but Dr. Warne says with Pat Robertson even this seemingly impossible feat became a reality.

"Pat has no stopping point. He is strong, flexible and healthy," says Dr. Warne. For 18 years, Dr. Warne was Pat Robertson's physician. "When Pat first starting coming to see me he had lousy knees," says Dr. Warne.

After surgery, Dr. Warne began to think about how he could help Pat gain back strength and rebuild muscle in his knees. So Dr. Warne, also Pat's strength trainer, designed an exercise program that included weight lifting to help gradually build his legs back up.

Working with Dr. Warne, Pat worked out at the gym on an incline leg press machine with weights up to 570 pounds. He worked up to 800 pounds, then 1,000 pounds. Then one day he was able to leg press 1,500 pounds one time. Then over the succeeding months, he trained with multiple reps of 1,200 pounds, 1,300 pounds, and 1,400 pounds.

One Saturday morning, Dr. Warne said, “I’ll get you bragging rights. Let’s go to 2,000 pounds.” Then he worked up multiple reps of 1,400 pounds, 1,500 pounds, 1,600 pounds, 1,700, pounds, 1,800 pounds and 1,900 pounds. When 2,000 pounds was put on the machine two men got on either side and helped push the load up, and then let it down on Pat, who pushed it up one rep and let it go back down again.

Pat attributes the energy in part to "his age-defying protein shake." His shake contains ingredients such as soy protein isolate, whey protein isolate, flaxseed oil and apple cider vinegar.

Dr. Warne says for maximum results when strength training you should follow the Increase/Decrease Rep formula. With each set - increase the weight and reduce the repetitions. Begin with a weight that is comfortable for you and complete 12 reps. For the next set, add some additional weight and do 10 reps. Add more weight and do 8 reps. Now, add additional weight and do 6 reps. Then, reduce the weight and finish with 12 reps.

Strength training is a type of weight training that emphasizes low weights and high reps, as opposed to the "bulk-up" type of weightlifting. Strength training is important for weight loss it helps to raise your metabolism so you can burn more calories effectively, burn fat, build strength muscle and keeps your bones and connective tissue strong. If you don't know much about weight training, Dr. Warne suggests that you consider hiring a personal trainer to help you set up your program. And of course, prior to beginning any exercise program always consult your physician if you have any medical conditions or are pregnant.

With strength training it is important to exercise all muscle groups to help prevent injury. The following are some sample exercises for each muscle group to consider when strength training:

(1) Chest: bench press, chest press machine, pushups, pec deck machine;

(2) Back: seated row machine, back extensions, lat pulldowns;

(3) Shoulders: overhead press, lateral raise, front raise;

(4) Biceps: bicep curls, hammer curls, concentration curls;

(5) Triceps: tricep extensions, dips, kickbacks;

(6) Quadriceps: Squats, lunges, leg extension and leg press machines;

(7) Hamstrings: deadlifts, lunges, leg curl machine;

(8) Calves: calf raises; and

(9) Abdominals: crunches, reverse crunches, oblique twists, pelvic tilts.

Disclaimer: Consult with your physician before starting this or any new health or exercise regimen.

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