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Arlene Pellicane



Former Associate Producer, Turning Point Television

Masters in Journalism, Regent University

Has been featured on Robert Schuller’s Hour of Power


Arlene Pellicane: Lose Your Baby Fat


Arlene and her husband, James, struggled with infertility but eventually had their first baby in 2004 when Arlene was in her 30s.  Today, she has two children and one more on the way.

She didn’t exercise much until she hit her 30s but after being pregnant, Arlene decided to write a book to encourage women to lose their baby weight. 

Today she goes to spin class twice a week and works out with her toddler and infant throughout the day.

In addition to her e-book, where Arlene demonstrates exercises for new moms, she came up with a revolutionary 31-day audio course, Losing Weight After Baby: 31 Days to a New You.  In this program available through her website, Arlene offers free podcasts, articles and videos to assist the new mom on her weight-loss journey.

Arlene understands how new moms might be too busy to read, so each day an encouraging audio email that includes tips for losing weight is sent to each participant.  Topics include why Arlene believes it is important to keep a food journal, how to create an environment for losing weight and utilizing the power of visualization. 

“Just imagine all those pregnancy pounds gone,” says Arlene.  “You can do it by eating healthy portions, nutritious foods and by exercising.”


Many moms feel guilty about not exercising.  However, it is important to set aside time to workout, even if you have to sneak it in everyday. 

At your house, Arlene says to keep moving.  Whether you are sitting in front of the computer or driving in the car, Arlene says it’s good to be active.  She reminds new moms that one of the best ways to beat the baby blues is to get moving! 

“Let it be something you do for yourself out of love, not out of obligation,” says Arlene.  Exercising will help new moms feel more alert and alive. 

Being a new mom can be overwhelming.  Arlene says it is important to try to do two things: set aside a specific time for exercise. 

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