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Michael Medved on 'The Da Vinci Code'

The 700 Club


Michael Medved says The Da Vinci Code book and movie constitute a direct assault on Christianity, but there are three powerful reasons that even non-Christians- like himself- should reject this pop culture phenomenon. First, the story promotes conspiracy theories –describing an ancient plot to conceal the true nature of Jesus – and conspiratorial thinking encourages paranoia and powerlessness. Second, the book shamelessly endorses paganism and goddess worship—suggesting you can enjoy elevated spirituality without the inconvenient moral demands of Christianity or Judaism. Finally, Da Vinci undermines Christian commitment: pastors report numerous congregants whose faith has been shaken by this allegedly harmless adventure story. Anything that damages Christianity in this country hurts the society at large, because on so many issues –the family, poverty, crime, civility, self-reliance—our churches play an indispensable role in national survival. People of good will, regardless of personal beliefs, should protest commercial entertainment that insults the faith community on which America deeply depends.


The Da Vinci Code was written by Dan Brown in 2003, and as of May 2006 has sold over 60 million copies and been translated into 44 languages. It is the second book of a trilogy by Dan in which Robert Langdon is the main character. Robert is the Professor of Religious Symbology at Harvard who sets out to solve the murder of renowned curator Jacques Sauniere of the Louvre in Paris. The plot involves a conspiracy by the Catholic Church to cover up the “true” story of Jesus. That truth supposedly is that Mary Magdalene was married to Jesus and they had a child. Supposedly the Vatican knows the truth but covers it up to keep itself in power. Dan Brown’s previous 2000 book, Angels and Demons, was set in Rome and concerned the Illuminati.

The movie was produced by Sony’s Columbia Pictures and directed by Oscar-winner Ron Howard. It opens nationwide on Friday, May 19th, and stars Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon, Audrey Tautou as Sophie Neveu, and Sir Ian McKellen as Leigh Teabing.

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