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Jump into Fitness'

Jump into Fitness Kit'
(Barnes & Nobles Books 2004)

Helpful Hints
  • Use a pair of good shoes to cushion the balls of your feet, and wear socks
  • Jump on a surface that gives such as a wood floor, a jump-rope mat, or short grass
  • Keep a bottle of water on hand
  • Start with a good jump rope. Avoid cloth ropes which are difficult to turn.

Edward Jackowski: 'Jump into Fitness' THE RIGHT STUFF

No matter what your shape – Hourglass, Cone, Spoon, and Ruler – Edward has designed a fitness regimen that is a good workout for all. He wants everyone to jump rope because the many benefits with results that can be seen immediately.

“Jumping rope is the only exercise that streamlines your entire body,” Edward says.

Jumping rope burns fat throughout your entire body and works both the upper and lower body simultaneously. As a result, you’ll have better muscle tone and better muscle definition all over.

In addition, jumping rope has a positive effect on your performance in whatever sports or activities you enjoy. You’ll be able to move faster and with better coordination, balance, and agility. Plus, jumping rope frees you from expensive equipment, gyms, and trainers. It’s totally portable so you can workout anywhere.


Edward was introduced to the many uses of jump rope by his Dad back in junior high. He says it helped him develop his footwork as a defensive back, helped bolster his stamina for basketball, as well as improve his eye-hand coordination for his golf swing. These benefits helped propel him into collegiate sports.

When he began his company Edward initially used the jump rope to improve his clients’ aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health. He also noticed that as his clients’ athleticism improved with jumping rope, it also helped them trim the fat on their arms, hips, buttocks, legs and calves. Regular jumpers were losing fat and weight throughout their entire bodies. One additional benefit: They completely reshaped their bodies, especially the upper arms and legs.

Although jump rope has been around for years – primarily for developing footwork and improving endurance for athletes, especially boxers – Edward did research on why it was so beneficial. He found many reasons why.

Jumping rope burns more calories than almost any other form of exercise, and anyone can do it. It is one of the best fat-burning aerobic activities and weight-loss tools available. It’s safe and effective for every body type. It burns fat throughout the body. Ten minutes of jumping rope can burn as many calories as 30 minutes of slow jogging! But unlike jogging, when performed correctly, jumping rope puts a lot less stress on your knees and back as well as exercises nearly every muscle in your body. It even reduces cellulite, and in some cases, eliminates it altogether. It is one of the best exercises to combat osteoporosis, because it is a full-body, weight-bearing exercise.

Seeing all of the benefits, Edward began developing exercise routines centered around the jump rope. “No matter what piece of exercise equipment is invented in the future,” he says, “the jump rope will remain the single most powerful exercise tool.”

Edward grew up in the Catholic Church and says God plays a major role in helping one succeed in fitness. On days when you are discouraged, when your self-esteem is low, when you are lacking confidence, or when life throws you a curve, pray to God and He will help you do what is hard to do.

“When your life gets off-track, then say a prayer and ask God to give you the strength to get it done,” Edward says. “That’s what I do.”

As a student taking a business entrepreneur class at college in 1985, Edward borrowed $400.00 from a fellow student to pursue his dream of creating an innovative fitness company, and established EXUDE. His dream is now one of the largest motivational one-on-one fitness companies in the country.

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