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Stand and Pray: Pray for your Home, Neighborhood and Nation.

In times of peril and great need, the people of God have stood together and stood strong.

Join CBN as we stand and pray, for we know that God’s love for us is limitless, His power is boundless, and He has declared that the healing of our lands, our communities, and our nation do not rest in the hands of government or circumstance, but in the prayers of the saints!

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For over 58 years, CBN has been committed to prayer and intercession—sharing biblical truths and a powerful message of unified prayer. Each year we are honored to pray with the millions of callers who phone our prayer centers for ministry and also provide free spiritual materials, DVDs, and media resources to people from all over America.

Because CBN is a nonprofit, we rely on partnership from people like you to continue helping those in need through humanitarian outreach to those suffering the effects of the recent health pandemic—through food-delivery and hunger relief, health supply distribution, media evangelism and phone ministry.

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