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Discover Keys from Psalm 23 that bring Protection, Comfort and Peace

Now from CBN, Gordon Robertson records for you his latest audio teaching: The Lord Is My Shepherd: A Psalm of David.

Gordon shares personal stories from his own life about Psalm 23 and what it has meant to him.

Get this new audio teaching—Gordon takes you deeper into the heart of Psalm 23—uncovering fresh insights and practical steps you can apply today. Gordon paints a stunning portrait of Jesus as the wonderful Good Shepherd watching over you.

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In The Lord Is My Shepherd, you’ll discover:

  • How the shepherd was used as a secret symbol by Christians in the early church—and how it was recently found engraved on an ancient ring buried in Israel
  • How Psalm 22 adds deeper meaning to the 23rd Psalm
  • Insights from an encounter with a shepherd during a visit to Pergamon, Turkey
  • How does God make us "lie down in green pastures"?
  • Keys to finding peace in the midst of struggle and how to rejoice over it

Do you struggle with fear or anxiety? Are you facing an overwhelming situation? Do you need guidance and direction in your life?

Peace and clarity can be yours! Discover the wonderful blessing of knowing the Good Shepherd who cares over you.

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