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Experience God’s Life-Changing Blessings of Wisdom, Favor and Anointing Today!

How would your life change if you had specific insights that enabled you to chart your course for a truly blessed life?

What would you attempt if you had God’s favor with you to accomplish all you did?

How would your circumstances differ if you had the inspiration and power of God’s anointing actively at work in your life every day?

In this latest release from CBN, Pat Robertson shares with you wonderful verses from the book of Proverbs regarding wisdom, favor and anointing. Pat teaches what these three blessings have meant to him and why they have been his cornerstone prayer requests over his life and ministry.

Be Inspired By Excerpts from The Transforming Word III

Discover the keys to Pat Robertson’s lifetime prayer requests and the testimony of how God answered with wisdom, favor and anointing!

The anointed teachings and inspired reading of Proverbs will deepen your faith and strengthen your Christian walk as you are filled with the revelation of God’s unchanging promises. As you hear, speak and align yourself with key biblical principles, you will experience a new level of faith to ask boldly and receive fully all God has for you!

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Special Bonus: In addition to the Transforming Word CD, you’ll also get The Three Blessings, a special DVD teaching by Pat, revealing the prayer disciplines he has practiced over the years and how God has been faithful to provide the things that he has asked of Him.

You can have the same riches of His blessings to fill your life too. As you watch this signature teaching, you’ll experience a deeper understanding of how you can have wisdom in all your decisions and know the Lord’s plans for you, how everything you set your hand to do can have the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and how your life and circumstances can be filled to overflowing with the favor of God.

(As a bonus, you will also receive a DVD copy of The Three Blessings and lifetime streaming access.)

Hear How Others Are Being Blessed by Transforming Word III

A Living Testimony to The Three Blessings.

In 1960, Pat and Dede Robertson arrived in Tidewater Virginia with three little children, $70 in cash, and a command from the Lord to claim the airwaves for God’s purpose. Living by faith and standing on powerful biblical principles—the fledgling CBN Ministries began broadcasting from an old TV station that barely reached the end of the block. Today, CBN reaches all corners of the globe with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and impacts hundreds of millions through its broadcasts and humanitarian outreaches every year.

The promises of God, found in His Word, carry the undeniable power to change our circumstances and lives!

(As a bonus, you will also receive a DVD copy of The Three Blessings and lifetime streaming access.)

When you partner with CBN you’ll help take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world—and help rescue many hurting people through humanitarian relief, orphan care, medical treatment, community building, and so much more!

Product Shot of The Plan DVD

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(As a bonus, you will also receive a DVD copy of The Three Blessings and lifetime streaming access.)

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